How Facebook is affecting our minds [Infographic]


With 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June 2019, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform around. This isn’t a surprise considering how Facebook is designed to be addictive in many ways. Here are some ways Facebook is affecting our minds. 4 Ways Facebook is affecting our Minds 1) A notification — whether’s […]

[Infographic] Best Practices For E-Commerce Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing your e-commerce store, there’s no other channel more valuable than email. Unlike other channels, your email list is under your complete control, and this curated list of high-intent customers often leads to an impressive ROI. While there is no end to the articles you can find on optimizing your e-commerce […]

How to Find and Reach New Audiences for Your Website

Reach New Audiences

Every business aims to grow and build its audience in the long term. However, reaching out to new audiences is always going to be a challenge. If you are going to be successful, you need to demonstrate a good understanding of exactly who you are reaching out to. Here’s how you can reach out to […]

The Cloud: Why This Tech is So Crucial to the Modern World

The Cloud

It has taken many personal users and businesses plenty of time to become comfortable with the idea of uploading their valuable information onto Cloud technology. The notion of it being a virtual storage space is often associated with insecurity as it has no firm boundaries to prevent information being accessed. However, the opposite is true. […]