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Thanks for being a Partner!

Your success is our success.  Our aim is to provide you with a growing, flexible platform with tools and resources that can help you help your clients succeed.

In short, TabSite exists to help you boost your community engagement, expand your audience, and capture more leads.  


We’ve always been about helping you build engagement, leads, and ultimately sales. You’ll see that continue as we expand our service as a key tool in your promotion, landing page, and lead capture campaigns.

Key Features of TabSite:

  • Website Embed – Run any app on your website or blog as well as Facebook!  Any plan comes with the ability to run the app on both 1 Facebook Page and 1 Domain.  You can even run web only campaigns if you wish!
  • Smart URL – Mobile users make up over 70% of daily active users on Facebook yet Facebook doesn’t provide a means in the apps or mobile site for users to access the tab apps.  TabSite offers a solution to enable all, tablet, desktop to access your app.  Simply share the Smart URL and we do the work of detecting the device they are on and providing a view they can access.  Read more >
  • Analytics – Much more robust analytics on what is happening with your app including Facebook views, mobile views, web views to help you know where your community is viewing your app, and graphs to show you sign-ups, deals accesses, etc that are specific to each app.
  • More Mobile Features – For example, Contests are now mobile responsive!  So viewers can see all entries (no squinting) and can add mobile specific images to provide the best experiences to your users no matter what device they are on!
  • Redesigned Admin Area – We make it easy to transfer plans to another fan page, or deploy on a different website.  Manage Admins in each plan for team sharing and allowing your designer or agency to manage tabs for your business.  Lots of options you control to make it easy!
  • Multiple Sweepstakes Layouts – You wanted more layouts, but wanted to build your app quickly, and we listened!  The Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes PLUS apps give you ability to now have your form on the right, on the left, or at the bottom (and the tabs are mobile responsive!)  Easily add to your website and suddenly you have a great landing page with powerful lead capture potential!
  • Social Apps like Instagram Video Contests – We have a lot of features! From a Coupon App to the launch of an app enabling your business to host a Instagram Video Contest, we’ve got tools to help you engage!  Instagram use is skyrocketing and your business can take advantage with a Instagram Photo and now also Video contest!  Allows users to tag their instagram video with your requested entry tag and we bring it in as a entry for fan voting.


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