Partner Program

TabSite Partner Program:

Agencies and Social Media Marketers can EARN MONEY MONTHLY!

TabSite is pleased to offer a Partner Program to agencies and individuals where you are able to earn money each month for active TabSites (individual fan page plans) signed up through your unique Partner Program URL.

Agencies can earn from using their own Partner URL when subscribing to a TabSite plan for a client, and there is also the potential to earn from simply sharing your Partner URL and having new users or those upgrading use your Partner URL.  This earns you 20% recurring commission for the life of that subscription!  For those wanting their own private platform and to earn more income, they can use the Enterprise Agency service. >>


Currently the Partner Program is open to any person or business that wants to offer or use the TabSite software with their client base. Approved Partners will earn 20% of the recurring income for each TabSite, and payment will occur via PayPal the month after your accrued earnings reach $50.

(Example: if you sign-up one client for the $190/year TabSite, you earn $38 immediately. Then if you sign-up another client for a $19/month TabSite plan, you earn $3.80/month, so for that month your earnings would be $41.80. Each month when your accrued earnings from TabSite accounts reaches $50, we will send you payment via PayPal [U.S. or International] or by Check [U.S. only].) Payments are sent within 2 weeks after the month end that you have reached $50 in accrued earnings.

Partner Program revenue earning is ongoing as long as the TabSite account (Bronze-Platinum) is active and payment has been made to us on the account. Any upgrades must use the Partner URL to remain in your Partner Portal.

The TabSite Partner program allows agencies, social media marketers, and entrepreneurs to have a residual earning mechanism that keeps earning you money over time!


There is a form linked to below to enter.  As part of the Sign-up process you will create a unique Partner Program URL which will be yours to use to sign-up new clients. You must use this URL to have TabSite accounts credited to your Partner Program account.

Partners will be able to view earnings, load a Sign-up page logo image, view accounts and keep your contact/payment information up to date in the TabSite manager area via  a Partner Program link in the left menu.  Click button below to sign-up!


For complete Partner Program terms, please click here.

Agency Enterprise White Label Platform of your Own:

Are you a larger agency wanting your own private label system including backend manager that reflects your branding?  Consider the TabSite Agency Enterprise solution.  Learn more.

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