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What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

As those of us in the United States stop and celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be neat to have some of my friends and colleagues in social media contribute to a “Thanksgiving” post with a unique focus.

Often we reflect on things we are thankful for in the realms of family and health. My question posed to this group was to reflect specifically on social media.

Social Media was not an “industry” 7 years ago, and now is a central component of online marketing. It has clearly impacted our lives as we work in the “industry” of social and digital media.

So the statement was posed…please reflect on and answer this question: “I’m thankful for ‘?’ about social media.”

And here’s what they said…enjoy!

I’m thankful for …. about Social Media:

vivikaViveka VonRosen
LinkedIn Expert, Speaker & Trainer
Linked into Business

What I am grateful for…

I think back to 10 years ago, and I can picture myself bored and frustrated and questioning life as I sat in the office of the business I used to run. Even thinking about it makes my stomach tighten in a bad way!

While it was a step up from selling cars, (yes – I did get stuck selling cars for a while after moving to Colorado and not getting the job I thought it was going to get! ) it didn’t fulfill the dreams I had for myself as a business person and as a human being.

I remember so clearly the day I was first introduced to LinkedIn from my (now) best friend, Laurie Macomber. Multiple gratitude there – for LinkedIn – for her – for my life 🙂

Since then my Business and my life have not been the same. I love my life. I love what I do. I love speaking and teaching and training on LinkedIn. I love the clients I have met. I love the places I get to travel to and the people I get to meet in my audiences (like Mike :-)) I love the technology.

Hours unicorns and rainbows? Of course not! Sometimes I can be very frustrated with LinkedIn. But I can say truly clearly and unequivocally that I am so grateful for the opportunities LinkedIn and social media has allowed me.

denis yuDennis Yu
CTO Blitzmetrics

I’m thankful that social has given me and others a career and the ability to create careers. For those that are teachers at heart, the social algorithms help spread our messages.


neal shaferNeal Schaffer
Founder, Maximize Your Social | Maximize Social Business | Social Media Center of Excellence | Social Tools Summit
Maximize Social Business

I’m thankful for all of the special friends I have made solely because of the human connections that social media has provided me.

From finding fans of my favorite Japanese musician Yaida Hitomi and them actually buying a ticket for me to save me a seat (!) to meeting people in real life all over the world that have served as local tourist guides or just those that we could help each other professionally or personally, social media has added SO MUCH to my life!

That includes getting to know you, too, Mike! 😉


Antonio Calero
Social Media Consultant and User Behavior Management Specialist
Antonio Calero

I’m grateful to Social Media for the great amount of connections and positive energy it has brought into my life, both at a personal and professional level.

As an individual, social media has allowed me to find and reconnect with friends and family members that time and distance pushed to a remote corner of my memories. It has also brought some good new friends that will now be hardly forgotten.

As a professional, social media has opened an endless world of possibilities to do business. Here I am in my home-office in Melbourne, writing these lines for one of those new friends living in Indiana, who I met in California at a conference where I managed to get clients in several other countries… The World is not enough anymore!

Nothing of this would have been possible in a world without social media, where connections took longer to build and nurture, and were limited to a few people only at a time.

Social media is more than just an evolution of the Internet. Social media is the meeting point where technology meets gregarious behavior: two natural traits of human beings that have evolved with us since ancient times in two separate roads, and that now are merged to let us boost our personal and professional relationships.

So big THANK YOU to social media for making all this possible.


Azure Collier
Content Manager, Social Media and Core Curriculum
Constant Contact

I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built through social media in the marketing community. I’ve met some of the most brilliant people from across the world thanks to social media, and events like the Social Media Marketing World conference.

These people are amazing. They’re kind, enthusiastic, accepting, willing to help others, and they love what they do. They’re focused on helping others be successful, and they leave egos behind.

I am fortunate to have learned from them, and I’ve developed real friendships with some of them. Thanks to this fabulous group of people for being a part of my professional and personal life!

phyllisPhyllis Khare
Social Media Manager School |
Social Media Ninja Tips

Even though cat videos are certainly one of the BEST ways to take a break from work, they are not the MAIN reason I open Facebook each day.

Andrea Sodergren Vahl and I have been enjoying the increasingly enjoyable Closed Facebook Group for our Social Media Manager School members since 2012.

And this Group is the main reason I open up Facebook each day. Somehow we’ve found some of the smartest, funniest, most compassionate people in our industry and gathered them into this space. They live all over the world and connect into one.

iAN CLEARYIan Cleary
Razor Social

When I started my journey with RazorSocial Social Media was extremely important because most of the key influencers I wanted to build a relationship with were in the US.

Engaging on social media channels helped me kick start the relationships, and I’m certainly thankful for this. I followed, became friends, pinned, scooped, commented and did whatever possible to initiate conversations.

The next stage of developing the relationship was meeting people at conferences but without social media the conversation would never have started.

melonie dodaroMelonie Dodaro
Top Dog Social Media

I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. In fact, this year more than any previous year.

Social media has been really good to me over the years; it’s helped me to build a global audience and launch a #1 best-selling book last year.

But this year I’m especially grateful for Facebook. On May 30, 2015, I posted a video on Facebook sharing something deeply personal to me. I had never met my dad. My video went viral with people watching it and sharing it all around the world. Just 72 hours after posting the video, I was speaking to my dad over the phone for the very first time.

Because this story went so viral, I had several television networks offering to fly my husband and me to meet my dad in person in Thailand, where he now resides.

On August 4, 2015, I met and hugged my dad for the very first time. It was the best day of my life.

Click here to see the video that aired in September 2015 on Inside Edition.

melodie and dad1

And if you are ready for a bit of a tearjerker, here’s a video of a song my dad wrote and performed for me while I was in Thailand. Click here to watch it now.

melodie and dad2

juan felixJuan Felix
Felix Relationship Marketing

I am thankful that social media has allowed me to work from home and spend the most precious time with my kids.

And thanks to social media I can work for such notable entities as Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith. As a member of their social team, I’m able to help others with growing their business with social media. The most rewarding work.

Let me take this opportunity to thank people like Mari Smith, Mike Stelzner and Phil Mershon for offering me the opportunity to serve others with social media. I’m also thankful for Erik Fisher, my social team member at Social Media Examiner, who is always supportive of my work.

And thanks to social media I met the most amazing people from all around the world. People who are now my dear friends, who share their family stories and listen to my stories; people who give more meaning to my life, simply because they care about the same things that I do, although they might live on the other side of the world.

I am thankful that social media has introduced me to Mike Gingerich, who I regard as a dear friend, and I somehow felt that even before we met in person at Social Media Marketing World. It’s that wonderful confirmation that feeling that we are connected and care about the same things: a better world and quality time with our family and friends.

And I’m also thankful that social media connected me with Heidi Osburn Garland, a wonderful person, a true example to the world. Someone who dedicates her time and energy to end breast cancer. Amazing.

So, yes, that’s what I’m truly thankful for. Thank you, social media!

Martin ShervingtonMartin Shervington
Speaker and Consultant, Plus Your Life and Business!
Plus Your Business

Every day I am thankful to the people with whom I’ve truly connected and are now part of my life.

It started on Google+ but has extended far and wide in part thanks to Mike Stelzner including me as a speaker at Social Media Marketing World in 2014. Since then I’ve met hundreds of awesome people on and offline who I would now call real friends.

Social Media has also given me the opportunity to find my groove, testing out new ideas and learning from those who are the best at what they do. It is a playground of opportunity, and great to be in good company while learning the ins and outs of the swings and roundabouts.

Thank you for being part of it Mike G. You are a good fellow, as we say this side of the pond.

Marcus SheridanMarcus Sheridan
The Sales Lion

I’m grateful for private Facebook Groups. They allow me to cut through the noise while I mingle with peers who are sharing my same journey.

Through these good folks, I’ve learned dramatically more about what it takes to reach the goals I’ve set for myself.

I’m grateful for Twitter, as it’s the greatest real-time feedback tool in the world. As a professional speaker, I no longer have to wait for feedback forms to read what audiences had to say about my message.

I can speak, step off the stage, and immediately see what resonated and what did not. I can literally tap into the mind of my audience while I was speaking– to the very second. That is powerful.

I’m grateful for live streaming, like Periscope, Blab, etc. These platforms allow me to show the world a more intimate and “real” side of my life, my beliefs, and my personal thoughts. They also allow me to do the same for those individuals I respect and admire. I truly think “Live Content” is a game-changer now that it’s available to everyone.

jen hermanJenn Herman
Social Media Strategist, Jenn’s Trends

I am grateful for the ability to connect with, develop, and continue relationships thanks to social media.

I have made new friends, taken friendships further, and been able to stay in constant contact with friends and family – all because of social media.

Just recently, I was even able to watch one of my good friends get married thanks to a live video feed. So even though I couldn’t be there, I could share that special time with her!

liz azayanLiz Azyan
Digital Matchbox

I’m thankful for the freedom and opportunities social media has created for both my personal life and business.

Being an immigrant, living and working in a country that is not my own, social media has allowed me to build a life and a business out of NOTHING. No previous connections, family, friends and financial support.

I’ve also traveled the world, built friendships with some wonderful people and worked on some amazing projects based around the trust I’ve built on these social platforms! For all of this, I’m incredibly thankful.

Social Media Consultant, Strategist, and Speaker – Author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies
Andrea Vahl

I’m thankful for how social media can change our lives. We can build a business with very little marketing budget, get support from like-minded people, or raise funds for a good cause.

When I came out of college, the thought of being an entrepreneur seemed overwhelming. But now I have used social media to build my business into something I never imagined. I’ve met the coolest people, shared moments in their lives, and been entertained. Social media makes the world a more connected place.

christianChristian Karasiewicz
Social Media and Facebook Marketing Pro
Social Chefs

When it comes to social media marketing, I could say I’m thankful for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s no question that each of these has been tremendously helpful in building my business.

What I’m most thankful for though extends beyond just a single social network. It’s the relationships that social media has helped me to build and maintain.

For example, Mike Gingerich and I met on social media a number of years ago. Had it not been for social media, we probably would have never crossed paths. We’ve had the chance to work together on various projects and record numerous podcasts together.

Social media has also helped me give back through the many Facebook Groups I’m a part of and post regularly in. I’ve also had the opportunity to reconnect with friends from years past and make new ones thanks to social media.

So when it comes to what I’m thankful for, it’s the relationships that are important to me. Without these connections, my business would not be where it is currently at. I also wouldn’t have had the many opportunities that

Now Marketing Group

I often say, “Relationships are more powerful than marketing.” That’s why I’m thankful we can use social media to grow, build and nurture relationships.

With the click of a button, people can like, comment, or share content they find interesting. As for businesses, social media has become a significant game changer. For the first time in marketing, people can actually maximize using their brains over their budget.

It’s crazy to think Facebook is only a little over 10 years old! After being one of the first widely used social media platforms, Facebook continues to be the pioneer in the social movement.

Social Media has changed the way we communicate! We are now able to speak in the same language that our clients and customers do. For businesses, this means the ability to find exactly what the clients are interested in, what they need and what they like.

I am thankful for social media because of the game-changing relationships it can create!
Marketing in the past was a one-way conversation. Now you can build relationships and have a dialogue. For the non-traditional industry, this is huge!

jay baer

While things like radio or television advertisements are not appropriate for certain industries, social media isn’t restricted the same way. In fact, social media is great at showcasing the uniqueness of businesses. Showcasing team members and recruiting new employees are great ways to use it to highlight work life.

Non-traditional businesses can use social media to have a conversation about who they are, what sets them apart, and use it to nurture their leads. Highlight aspects of your business, share information relevant to your clients, and become an informational source.

Social media has also made it easy for start-ups or for people who don’t have a marketing budget to still be able to create relationships. Not only is social media the best way to build relationships, but it’s also free! It’s opened up so many opportunities for small business and new thought-leaders to be able to reach their clients.

Look at Gary Vaynerchuk – how would he reach his audience 15 years ago? His Facebook page has almost ½ Million likes, and his weekly visits to videos, podcasts, and social media are more than that!

gary vaynerchuk

Now you can easily connect like-minded individuals to build relationships. You have the ability to learn and grow from each other and most importantly support one another. Social media=relationships and I am thankful for it.

Peg FitzpatrickPeg Fitzpatrick
Author and social media strategist
Peg Fitzpatrick

I’m thankful for being connected with so many people across the country and world that I never would have met if it hadn’t been for social media. At a different variety of connection levels from casual to co-author to best friend, I’ve made every level of new contact. If you put effort into building real relationships, you get real results.

donna gillilandDonna Gilliland
Software Trainer and Speaker

In 2004, I ventured onto my first social media network – Facebook. Over the years social media has connected me with people from all over the world. I have built lasting friendships with amazing people.

Social has also connected me with business opportunities to speak, teach, and write. All began through engagement on social media channels.

Prior to a speaker’s conference, I tweeted about attending and Gina Schreck responded to invite me to her session. We have been friends ever since! I met Mari Smith at this same conference but engagement began on a social channel. I met my friend Phyllis Khare online first and later in person when she did an event for a small group of my students.

I am thankful that social media has connected me to so many wonderful people! There are too many to list, but I have to tell you about a few. Gina Schreck, thank you for always making me laugh and for the fun times we have had co-teaching online together. You are a giver with a big heart. Mike Gingerich, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. You are a true professional, genuine and a kind person.

Phyllis Khare, thank you for your giving way and for fun times, like testing out Google+ features together. I have learned much from you over the years through your education programs and books. I am still learning from you. Mari Smith, you are a genuine engager, helpful, giving and heartwarmingly kind. Thank you for helping so many people with your educational programs, including me. You give 150%.

Julie Perrine, I admire your work and value your friendship. You have a kind and giving heart. I am honored to work with you. Andrea Vahl, you are a smart and hilarious woman with a willingness to help people learn and succeed. I have personally learned from you. I am thankful to know you and have your friendship. Viveka von Rosen, I will never forget when you spoke from remote to my students, a group of Executive Admins, about why LinkedIn was important to their careers. Or the time, I interviewed you about your book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, which we conducted on a Google+ Hangout while you were hanging outside because your home was being worked on from the inside. You are always the giver!

I am thankful for knowing all of you and so many others.

Final words of thanks

mike gingerichMike Gingerich
President of Digital Hill Multimedia
Co-founder of TabSite & Waftio
Podcast Show: Halftime Mike

As for me, I’m thankful for each person above and so many more that I’ve met over the past few years online.

It’s been such a unique journey, “virtually” meeting folks online and then meeting at conferences and feeling like you were seeing an old college buddy again!

I’m thankful for the camaraderie, the shared support and willingness of so many to help and partner together; and I’m thankful for this new arena of business marketing that so much flows with my instincts and natural inclinations!

For me, a key joy is meeting people from all over the world through social media.  It’s so rich to have friends in the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, England, Wales, Spain and more!

Thanks for adding value to my life and business!

Thankful reflections….It’s a good discipline and habit to engage in….stop and reflect on the things you have to be thankful for today!

How to Use Instagram for Business

8-ways-to-use-instagram-for-business header

8-ways-to-use-instagram-for-business header

Have you heard all the buzz about Instagram? Does that have you wondering how to use Instagram for business? In this infographic from you’ll learn how to use Instagram for your business.

When most people think of Instagram, they probably think of selfies, kids pics or the neighbor’s vacation. It’s also great to use as a business tool.

Instagram is perfect to show prospective clients your products, the production process and the faces behind the product.

Share the philosophy of your company by sharing quotes images.

Run a contest to farm for email addresses.

Your imagination is your only limit with Instagram.



Game Plan for Facebook Marketing Course

It’s time to take your Facebook Marketing to the next level!

If you know you need more than what you are currently doing on Facebook, let me help guide you to the next level!


Geared for the marketing professional wanting to enhance their skills and tactics with Facebook Marketing.

Session 1: Posting strategy (content, attraction, lead capture, tools, methods)

Session 2: How & When to Use Ads: Ad Spend mix, Local Ads and Demographic targeting Ads

Session 3: Integrating your Marketing: Web Content & Email Nurture Campaigns with Facebook

BONUS Session: Growing Web Traffic with Facebook & Social Media

Each session is 60 minutes with Q & A.

Course starts June 17.  Registration Door closes on June 12!

Click below for course details.


FB Game Plan Course
Includes all 3 Sessions + Bonus
3 Online Web Facebook Sessions
1 BONUS Online Marketing with Facebook Session
Tactical advice for next steps!


Course + Private FB Group
All 3 Sessions + Bonus + Private Group
3 Online Web Facebook Sessions
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Game Plan for Facebook FREE eBook
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Course + FB Private Group
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All 3 Sessions + Bonus + Private Group
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3 Online Web Facebook Sessions
1 BONUS Online Marketing with Facebook Session
Private Course-Only Facebook Group
Game Plan for Facebook FREE eBook
One 45 Minute Skype Consulting Time with Mike
Tactical advice for next steps


12 Step Blog Post Optimization Checklist

12 Step Blog Post Optimization Checklist

12 Step Blog Post Optimization Checklist

Want your blog to be found and read?

It’s all in the way you optimize and market your blog posts.

This infographic gives you a 12 step checklist to getting your blog posts found by potential customers and influencers.

Here are a few ways to market your blog that not everyone knows about and even less take advantage of on a regular basis.

Comment on other blogs – Commenting on blogs, whose subject matter is within your area of expertise is a great way to build strong backlinks and develop relationships.

Search social media sites like Twitter and reddit for your blog post topic. Then share your blog post with people who are asking for help.

Post your article in social media groups and online forums. Preface the article with a thought provoking question, followed by a short narrative or comment, then ask readers to provide feedback or a discussion.

12 Step Blog Post Optimization Checklist

From our friends at

Thoughts on this?

Let me know!

Social Media User Demographics

Social Media User Demographics

Social Media User Demographics

What social media network is your audience on? Here is a great infographic from showing these demographics for the top networks, Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbler. These user percentages are based on total internet users.

  • % of Internet users on the network
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Location


  • 71% of all Internet users have Facebook accounts.


  • 76% of Black internet users have Facebook accounts.
  • 73% of Hispanic internet users have Facebook accounts.
  • 71% of White internet users have Facebook accounts.

Social Media User Demographics


  • 18% of all Internet users have Twitter accounts.


  • 18% of Female internet users have Twitter accounts.
  • 17% of Male internet users have Twitter accounts.

Social Media User Demographics -Twitter


  • 21% of all Internet users have Pinterest accounts.


  • 27% of internet users ages 18-29 have Pinterest accounts.
  • 24% of internet users 30-49 have Pinterest accounts.
  • 14% of internet users 50-64 have Pinterest accounts.
  • 9% of internet users 65+ have Pinterest accounts.

Social Media User Demographics - Pinterest


  • 22% of all Internet users have LinkedIn accounts.


  • 12% of internet users that have High School educations have LinkedIn accounts.
  • 16% of internet users that have some College have LinkedIn accounts.
  • 38% of internet users that have a College education or higher have LinkedIn accounts.

Social Media User Demographics - LinkedIn


  • 17% of all Internet users have Instagram accounts.


  • 18% of internet users that make less than $30 a year have Instagram accounts.
  • 20% of internet users that make $30-49k a year have Instagram accounts.
  • 15% of internet users that make $50-74k a year have Instagram accounts.
  • 16% of internet users that make $75k+ a year have Instagram accounts.

Social Media User Demographics - Instagram


  • 6% of all Internet users have Tumbler accounts.


  • 75% of internet users that live in an urban area have Tumbler accounts.
  • 69% of internet users that  live in a suburban area have Tumbler accounts.
  • 71% of internet users that  live in a rural area have Tumbler accounts.

Social Media User Demographics - Tumbler

The PR Metrics That Matter

PR Metrics That Matter

PR Metrics That Matter

PR is a subject that we don’t talk a lot about here or on, so I wanted to share this helpful infographic with you. PR and content are very similar, and some people may think they’re the same thing, but this infographic gives us a clear description of PR and how to measure its impact on your bottom line.

Just like content marketing the 2 main reasons for PR are:

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Visibility

PR is “earned media”. Earned media is information that comes from a trusted source. It doesn’t come from you. Why is earned media so important? 92% of buyer trust earned media more than any other type of advertising! What type of posts/information make up earned media? Ratings, reviews, recommendations and  stories about the customers experience with the company.

How do you measure your PR efforts and successes? What are your PR metrics?

  1. Determine your goals. – What is your endgame? More leads, more engagement from your customers or build your list?
  2. Develop campaigns that support these goals. – Your campaign may include press releases, expert opinions about your product or service and news about the company.
  3. Monitor your campaigns. –  Use technology to track mentions and interactions with your brand or service.
  4. Measure your results. – Collect the data and put it into a form that you can look at and see the changes over time. This is the step that most small businesses miss. They commit the results to memory and can sometimes miss small victories.

What should you measure?

This infographic is brilliant. It gives you specific items to measure and how to track the items. By following the steps on the infographic, you’ll quickly build a PR measurement system you can use to track your new referral links, increased website traffic and new signups or leads.  You’ll be able to track your ROI.

PR Metrics That MatterThanks to for this awesome and informative infographic.


Agency Webinar on TabSite Features


 Trying to grow your Digital Marketing Agency?

Have clients with multiple locations, franchises, or simply need a way to manage multiple client accounts?

Join TabSite co-founder Mike Gingerich for a overview and demo of the Small Agency and Enterprise systems at our Agency Webinar.

No one app is focused on entirely, rather the focus is on showing the key tools and ways to engage your audience on web, mobile, and Facebook to grow your email list generate more qualified leads.

Live webinar was July 17, 2014.  View the video replay below!

 On the Tour:

  • Agency & Enterprise Features
  • Manager area tour
  • Building an App
  • Publish to web feature
  • Plan and Account Areas
  • Mobile specific App features
  • Analytics
  • Account Management
  • Adding the same app to multiple websites / pages

View Video Replay

TabSite I Promotions Apps to Grow Leads and Engagement' - www_tabsite_com_webinars

Increase Social Traffic on your Website with Web Embed Options

Grow leads and boost engagement with TabSite for Web and Facebook

We’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback on the latest TabSite updates.
Thanks so much!

For those digging in and trying to maximize, here are 3 Key Features to help you grow business.

Embed a App on your Website

You own your website.  You want more traffic on your website.  So use the Web Embed feature in any app to bring your community new, engaging items ON YOUR WEBSITE.

Here’s a image of the view of a Instagram App embedded on a website.

The Marauders Open on Instagram - RLT & SV Prowlers' - www_desluipers_nl_tennis_de-sluipers-open_de-sluipers-open-op-instagram

It’s simple.  When you click “Publish” in the app, we give you the option to specify your website domain and get code to paste into your website page.  

Use WordPress? Simply go to the “text” view in WordPress (code view) and past the embed code, then publish your web page!


Showcase a Pinterest Board

Active on Pinterest?  Embed a Pinterest Board or your Instagram account on a web page.  People can follow, share, etc. right from there!

We have our Pinterest Board of app examples by users here at

gallery-pinterest-web embed

Run a Contest! Website & Facebook

Take it up a notch with a Instagram Photo or Video Contest, a Sweepstakes enter-to-win or a Pin Deal coupon where your visitors can access on your website (or Facebook….or on both)!

Bringing the app to your website gives you:

  • More control over user experience
  • More traffic to your website
  • More opportunities for lead capture on your site

web embed on sunnydawnjohnston.com_intuit-which-celebrity

You own your site, use it!  Use the TabSite Apps to bring more interactive tools to the web visitor!

View all TabSite apps >

Do you have questions?  Comments?  Fire away!



Alternatives to Wildfire Apps as Google Reassigns Role

alternatives to Wildfire by google

Did you catch the news?  Google announced last week that its WildfireApp platform will stop taking any new clients and instead focus on its Double Click advertising program.

This means Wildfire is moving out of the App arena.

The official statement on Wildfire’s blog reads:

“The Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, which helps businesses manage their posts and content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, will continue to be supported, but further investments will be limited: we won’t be building new features or signing up new customers. Our focus will be on integrating Wildfire’s technology with our ad technology platform and building new feature.”

For those that depended on Wildfire to host Facebook apps, you’ll need to be looking for an alternative to Wildfire.

We can help! 🙂

TabSite Makes it Easy!

  • No coding!  Easily create apps to host contests, sweepstakes and more
  • Capture Leads! (And use them in future marketing)
  • Apps work on Mobile devices
  • Lots of options for Deals, promotions, contests, and more!

Why us? 

  • No fan limits!  We don’t penalize you with higher costs if your fan page count sky rockets!
  • Easy to setup and deploy.
  • Great support to answer your questions around the clock!
  • Great apps starting at $19 per month.
  • White Label Apps available
  • Enterprise services for agencies and large companies
  • Partner Program for Social Media Consultants and Web Designers

Check us out!

Try the TabSite 14 Day Free Trial on a Page today! >> 14 Day Free Trial

How to Become a Successful Social Media Manager


Here’s  great resource for all of you out there that manage social media for clients! If you want to grow your skills, learn from experts, and ultimately make more money managing social media for clients, then this is a great opportunity!

I have seen the work of these two ladies and can attest to their professionalism!  Both authors, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare have been managing and leading social media campaigns since…. well, since there was social media!

I’m in no way being reimbursed for this share, I simply like what these ladies are doing and want to support their school!  Social Media Manager School has a free course anyone can take now, as well as a more advanced course and community group starting October 9.

I know I learn from others all the time, and one of the keys for me has been participating in groups, communities, and training’s by other social media marketers. Group collaboration works best!

Here’s a great Infographic from Social Media Manager School on what it takes to succeed and keys that you need to master to really up your game! Are you up on each area?

So whether you have been managing social media for years or are just getting started, go check-out the areas you need to master below and go to Social Media Manager School to learn more.