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SEO Cheatsheet for Social Media [Infographic]

SEO Cheatsheet for Social Media-315
With the Internet, both businesses and leads were given more options than print had ever offered. With a little online research, leads can connect to the businesses they choose. To better position your business online, it has to be discoverable. Proper SEO techniques help increase brand visibility in the search engine. The Do's of SEO Here are some tips to improve your SEO on 3 popular platforms. Facebook Make your brand name stand out. Empathize your brand's offerings. Pinterest Read more [...]

Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

This amazing social media cheat sheet infographic is from our friends over at This year, don't just follow trends; stay ahead of the pack instead. Go beyond Facebook and Instagram, and get to know these up-and-coming platforms... Snapchat A big hit for personal use in 2016, so business is taking interest. As many as 60% of smartphone users are on Snapchat, resulting in 10 billion video views daily for Snaps as opposed to Facebook's 8 billion. Wanelo  Imagine all the stores Read more [...]

Science of Posting on Social Media Infographic

science of posting on social media
Thanks for our friends over at Adweek for compiling this data on the science of posting on social media and putting it into this beautiful and understandable  infographic. Recent studies have shown that the best number of tweets to send out per day is 3. To get the most engagement out of your tweets, you should tweet between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The worst time to tweet is any day after 8 p.m. These findings aren’t surprising if you think about it. Social media users Read more [...]

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media
As those of us in the United States stop and celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be neat to have some of my friends and colleagues in social media contribute to a “Thanksgiving” post with a unique focus. Often we reflect on things we are thankful for in the realms of family and health. My question posed to this group was to reflect specifically on social media. Social Media was not an “industry” 7 years ago, and now is a central component of online marketing. Read more [...]

How to Generate Income on Pinterest

How to Generate Revenue on Pinterest
Thanks to our friend, Neil Patel over at for this excellent infographic on how to maximize Pinterest for profits! This is good stuff you want to scan through! For many people, social media is one a great place to meet new consumers and gain followers. One of the most popular and overlooked social media sites is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online bulletin board that lets users save photos and pictures. Users have multiple boards and can favorite and follow photos, boards, Read more [...]

Increase Social Traffic on your Website with Web Embed Options

We've been thrilled with the positive feedback on the latest TabSite updates. Thanks so much! For those digging in and trying to maximize, here are 3 Key Features to help you grow business. Embed a App on your Website You own your website.  You want more traffic on your website.  So use the Web Embed feature in any app to bring your community new, engaging items ON YOUR WEBSITE. Here's a image of the view of a Instagram App embedded on a website. It's simple.  When you click Read more [...]

4 Ways Businesses Can Grow Pinterest Followers via Facebook Fans

Pinterest continues it's rapid growth in users with over 70 million people now using this social network and nearly 79% of them active regularly on the plaform. For the online marketer, Pinterest is a powerful media for referral traffic to websites. Is your Pinterest following as strong as your Facebook fan base? No?  We'll show you how to change that! Are you aware of the traffic-to-site power of Pinterest? No?  Well, About 80% of all “pins” are actually re-pins rather than Read more [...]