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So Glad Facebook Added the Edit Option!

Edit Facebook Page Post feature


So I’m scanning my Facebook news feed, going back through posts and I come across our TabSite page post from earlier in the day and I immediately go “Oh no!”

There before me is a typo in our Facebook page post!  It’s in the first line, the third word overall, and it stands out!  It was supposed to say “Have a listen” and says “lsten” instead of “listen!”  What a pain….or not.

Thankfully, Facebook has now rolled out the ability to edit posts!

This was previously only available on post comments and on Photo descriptions, so I would have had to delete the entire post to get rid of the typo.  Recently, however, this new “Edit” feature was announced by Facebook.  I immediately went to the TabSite Page and was thrilled to see I had the new “Edit” option!

Here’s how it works:  On any post (starting first with link posts it seems! I don’t have it yet on status posts, but photos have had it for months) you can click the drop down arrow in the top right corner. This opens a menu of selections, with one option being the new “Edit” feature. Simply click the “Edit” option.


This opens up a box where you can make changes to your text [shown below].


Once you have edited your text, simply select the “Done Editing” button and your post is updated as shown below.  Note that there is now a “Edited” link added next to the time.


The “Edited” link is there for the public to click on to see revision history.  This allows the public to see what is said before and what it says now.  This prevents the old “bait and switch” type trickery where someone makes a post, allows people to comment, and then switches the entire meaning of the post using the “Edit” tool.  This is a great safeguard implemented by Facebook.


So there you have it!  A quick run through on the new “Edit Post” Feature. View  Video!

This feature is currently being rolled out for web version users of Facebook and their Android app.  Facebook has stated that the same feature will be coming to the iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) version of their app in the near future.

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