Two Ways Technology Can Improve Business Operations

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In all forms of business, modern technology plays a key role in many facets of its daily operations. For example, in the healthcare sector, there’s a heavy reliance on key pieces of equipment such as the MRI scanner. This technology provides a non-invasive way to assess and monitor patients, especially those who have sustained traumatic injuries. It can help to indicate the nature and extent of illnesses and injuries and allows specific treatment plans to be formulated. This is just one example of how technology plays a vital role in daily business operations but illustrates the importance of such equipment. 

In this article, there will be a detailed discussion of two specific forms of technology and how they can improve business operations. The importance of using the latest AV technology to shoot business videos for advertising and promotion is explored. In addition, there will be a discussion that highlights the need for data-driven decision-making using the latest BI platforms.



Professionally shot videos


When promoting your business and raising awareness of your brand, it is vitally important to use the latest audio-visual (AV) technology to gain professional results. Whether you’re making adverts for TV broadcasts or short promotional videos for your website, it’s incredibly important to use high-caliber equipment

In 2024, customers expect all promotional videos to be professionally shot and produced in HD or even 4K formats. This requires the use of state-of-the-art camera and video technology along with sophisticated video editing platforms such as Adobe Premier Pro

Many businesses choose to outsource video production work due to the lack of in-house production facilities and specialist technology. Typically, you can find such firms for Video & Photography by searching online for proven marketing video production services

Professional video production firms will be able to collaborate with you to create video promotional materials that are in line with your business brand and the tone you wish to project. Such companies will have access to the latest equipment and technology, ideally with proven experience in creating campaigns for traditional media outlets (such as TV) and online. In short, using the latest AV technology to create high-quality video productions is a vital part of many different businesses’ marketing operations.



Data-driven decision making


In the last decade, terms such as “big data” and “analytics platforms” have become widely understood in business language. As computer processing power has increased at an almost exponential rate, more sophisticated and complex operations can be performed to analyze data. 

Traditionally, high-level decision-making in business was undertaken by senior managers and leaders. They would use their industry-specific knowledge and business acumen to make decisions that would affect the future direction of the company. These decisions often had a significant impact on the future success of the firm but didn’t always rely on high volumes of business data. This meant that a company may not have been aware of a range of economic or industry-specific factors that could impact the success of the decisions. 

Today, technology plays a crucial role in business decision-making. Senior staff and data analysts will use business intelligence platforms to make more informed decisions. Typically, these platforms will take high volumes of business and economic data, often from multiple sources. The data is combined and then subjected to a range of analytical processes. This produces information that can deliver key insights into business performance and plays a key role in shaping the decision-making process. Because such high volumes of data are analyzed, there’s reduced uncertainty in the information that’s produced. 

In short, such IT platforms allow businesses to analyze a range of factors by using the latest industry-specific information. In 2024, it’s fast becoming a vital technological asset when companies are seeking to make a range of high-level decisions that will shape their daily and future operations.