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5 Ways Authors can Use Facebook to Market Books

5 Ways Authors can use Facebook to Sell Books

Over the last 7 years, Facebook has become the dominant online social network, with everyone from teens to grandparents participating.  They share updates and photos, join groups and spend significant time on the network interacting.

With users being so active and with every major buying demographic on, Facebook is an excellent marketplace for personalities to reach their audience, especially personalities with something to sell – like authors! It’s a perfect place to connect with current fans, build new supporters and an inexpensive or even free way to boost sales.

5 Facebook Strategies for Authors

5 ways authors can use facebook for marketing

1. Share Your Story

Creating an “author” Facebook Page separate from your personal account can keep your literary world apart from your “regular” Facebook profile. This is a first and most basic business move to help yourself as an author.

Your author/book page, which can be accessible by anyone, includes more biographical information like your background, published items and where the book can be found online.  It can even include your upcoming book signing events.

Top selling fiction author Sidney Sheldon’s page, for instance, offers pictures and links to his newer books and series plus different places to find him online.

Sidney Sheldon' - www_facebook_com_SidneySheldonBooks

This lets interested visitors go right to your official page. Plus, personal pages only allow 5,000 friends, but there’s no limit to author pages.

2. Grow Community with Content

Facebook is NOT a “If you build it, they will come” once and done tool!

You must be committed to being active and regularly sharing on your Page!

Because of Facebook’s algorithm, the more you post, the more you’ll start showing up on the streams of your fan’s pages. Likewise, if you only post once or twice a month, you’re far less likely to be seen unless people check your page occasionally on their own.  The great posting masters at PostPlanner note that far too often pages post LESS than is helpful for their community.

By posting regularly, like 3-6x per day, an author can increase the conversation opportunities and by doing this they increase the potential to reach friends of those engaging,  a win-win scenario!

Here’s 8 great tips on Facebook posting strategy from the guys at PostPlanner  to consider.

3. Reach your ideal Audience

Social researchers say only about 10-20 percent of your posts get seen by all your fans – it’s a complex formula that Facebook created to try and give users content they think is most relevant to them based on past interactions.

So, one way to ensure you get your message out there is by using Facebook Ads.

You can “Boost” individual posts or promoting your page, which means paying money to expand your reach. In the big picture, the price tag is usually small, maybe $10-$20 to get key posts the exposure you need, according to Authority Publishing.  Facebook’s demographic info also lets you choose which age group, gender and locations can see your boosted/promoted messages.

This is the KEY! Target your ideal audience specifically.  Don’t go general and large in your targeting.  Aim for reaching 5,000-8,000 people max who are your ideal people.

4. Crowdsource to Grow Engaged Connections

Another great way to build loyalty and a stronger bond with your fans is to crowdsource your needs.  This is great because it gets your community involved!

crowdsource images

For example, posting possible book covers and having fans give feedback on the colors and style is an awesome and inviting way to crowdsource valuable feedback and also to gain the ownership of your community.

If they have had the chance to give input and be heard, (particularly if you respond to comments on the post!) then there is more awareness and readiness for them to purchase when the book comes out.

Crowdsource ideas:  Book covers, titles, Signing locations, launch ideas

5. Drive Leads to Apps for Sales

Along with promoting yourself as an expert in writing, you also want to get your fan base excited about your current and next projects, so it can be a great ongoing story to chronicle the whole literary process from early drafts to where they can buy the finished product.

Maybe offer opportunities for your fans to read a sneak peek of a chapter prior to publication, or maybe even a chance to win a signed copy. Editionguard, designed for e-book publishers, suggests putting up photos as well, but also blending “here’s my book – buy it!” posts with less promotional posts.

Here’s a example of an author that offers a sales page for current and coming books on her Facebook page.

tab app with tabsite for authors

Simple apps like TabSite offer ability to create these landing pages for Facebook and the web.

That’s a wrap on 5 ways authors can use Facebook for marketing. Use these Facebook marketing strategies for authors to take your marketing to the next level. The ideas could help you attract more followers & stay engaged with your fans to ultimately help you sell more copies of your book.

Now it’s your turn…

Any questions or ideas you would add to this list?

Growing Email Lists: How One Hotel Grew Their List with an App

Does it work?  Can running promotions serve to help your business grow a relevant email list?


Here’s a success story from Holiday Inn Express & Suites, in South Florida!

This hotel had the goal of growing their community (Facebook fans) and creating a email mailing list of interested persons for future nurture marketing.  In short, they wanted to:

  • Grow Fans
  • Grow Email list

They ran a 14 day Sweepstakes Contest on a tab on their Facebook Page. The opportunity was to enter to win a free stay at their Florida Keys location.  They included a “Like Gate” on the tab so that visitors needed to Like their Facebook page in order to be able to enter.


They created a number of Facebook posts to promote the contest over the 14 days. These posts were scheduled for the news feed at key times.  They did posts for the following:

  • Posts to announce the upcoming contest
  • Posts to announce the launch
  • Follow-up reminders to encourage fans to enter
  • And of course posting of the winner

They also used Facebook Ads and spent up to $10 a day for multiple days during the contest time period.  They used the Facebook Ad Manager and the “Clicks to Website” option to direct Facebook viewers to their tab. The ads helped them reach not only their fans but their ideal target community.


  • 454 New Facebook Fans!

  • 394 New Email Addresses added!

  • Plus loads of view, shares, and active engagement.

All in just 14 days.


Quote from the Contest Manager:

“I was pleased with the outcome of this contest as this was a great way to capture QUALIFIED leads…knowing that email is valuable. Thanks for your help. My client is very happy. I am meeting with another client today to discuss this type of opportunity as well. I am a fan of TABSITE!

Yes, it is possible to really grow your email list with a contest or promotion!  The keys to this campaign success were in the planning, including:

  • Plan posts out that will announce, encourage, and remind
  • The promotion needs to connect with your business and service
  • The time length cannot be too extended
  • Facebook Ads are a valuable way to reach more of your ideal audience

How about your company?  Are you looking for promotional tools for contests, coupons, and deals?  Have a look at the TabSite apps for web, Facebook, and landing pages.


8 Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases 8 Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014 for TabSite

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases 8 Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014 for TabSite

Looking for answers to all the hot questions regarding the new Facebook Page Layout 2014?

It’s true – Facebook moved our cheese in March 2014 with a new Facebook Page layout.

They promised a quick, yet gradual rollout to all Facebook Pages.  Of course, it’s never fast enough for marketers eager to get started!

The initial snapshot of the new Facebook page layout was cool – They answered some long-time requests.  For many the one-column Timeline was great news.  But on the other hand, applications and components Facebook Page admins valued for years were seemingly moved, displaced, and even scrambled.

The location of Facebook tabs, for one.

You have probably seen some converted pages, and may have even become nervous trying to figure out how the conversion will go for your Facebook Page.

Lets put your mind at ease about this new Facebook Page layout for business, shall we? 

Eight Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014

1. How can I apply the new Facebook Page layout to my own Facebook Page?  My friend’s page has already been updated, and I find it a lot more practical.

Some Facebook Page admins saw buttons to click inviting them to be added to the update list.  This was suppose to get you on the list to step ahead of other Facebook Pages for the conversion to occur.  Others did not see this button.  Yet that did not necessarily keep their Facebook Page from being updated to the new Facebook Page layout!

Facebook did provide dates to admins when their Facebook Page would be viewable in the new format to all users.  Some at the end of May 2014, others with June 6, June 13, and possibly other dates.

The short answer is that this is a gradual rollout and your Page will have the new Facebook Page layout eventually.  (hopefully soon)  🙂

2. Is it possible to go back to the “old” format?

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains for TabSite how highlighted posts work on the new Facebook page layout 2014

Unfortunately, there is no way to go back – The new format is the new reality.

It may take a little getting used to at first, but after a few weeks, you should come to enjoy the new
Facebook Page layout.

Like with other Facebook changes, you need to adapt and learn to maximize the “new”!

3.  I really dislike how highlighted posts do not appear across my entire Facebook Page in this new layout.  Help?

Highlighted posts will not stretch across the entire page as they did before.

You will continue to see the blue ribbon and white star in the upper right of a highlighted post.  However, now that the Timeline is one column, the post will remain it’s regular size on the page with the new Facebook Page layout.

4.  How do I use Facebook as my Page?

Very important question!  No one wants to lose the ability to network as their brand name and interact as their Facebook Page.

Where there used to be a few options of changing this setting.  But the Admin panel functions are located “under the hood” now, and the option under “edit” above the Facebook Page cover is not there anymore.

Keri jaehnig of Idea Girl Media partners with TabSite to provide answers to the most popular questions asked about the new Facebook Page Layout 2014It appears the best way to log in as your Facebook Page is in the upper right hand corner of your screen in the blue strip to the right of your name.  The graphic points this out well.  Note that once you head back to log in as yourself, or another Facebook Page, you are immediately directed to that location on Facebook.

5. My Facebook Page is now only showing three reviews and prior to the new layout we had many, and were able to scroll down to read them.  How can I read the reviews under the star ratings?

As the new Facebook Pages layout rolls out, this is one area that will probably see tweaking for some time.

There has been talk of hopeful star rating available to all pages.  Others think that the reviews button will be added back in and we’ll be able to scroll through a list as we could before.  We’ll have to stay tuned to what Facebook does here.

Reviews are online equity, and you want to be sure you record them in some way that gives you continued access and see nothing that happens with any future Facebook adjustments hinders that.

Tip: While you may still be able to access the “old” Facebook Page format, record those reviews in text and image format so you can use them in a variety of ways into the future.

As we see here at the Petopia Facebook Page, hovering over the stars gives you a view of how their star rating are broken down.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media shows readers of TabSite how the reviews function works on the new Facebook page Layout 2014

By clicking the stars you are led to a different Reviews page where all the reviews are journaled, along with any comments from the Facebook Page Admin and other users.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains how Reviews work on the new Facebook Page Layout 2014 for TabSite

6. Will the message button still be there?

Great news – If you have enabled the Direct Messages function on your Facebook Page, it’s still there with the new Facebook Page layout!  In addition, the buttons you were used to seeing there are still the same.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media provides examples for TabSite on how the direct message and scheduler features work on the new Facebook Page Layout 2014A fun bonus: If you use the Facebook scheduler to schedule posts for your page, just below the box where you can post a status update directly to your page, you get a snippet summary of the number of scheduled posts ready for your page, and the time when the next scheduled post is due to be released to your Facebook Page.

7. What about Facebook Apps And Tabs?

This is perhaps the most talked about regarding the new Facebook Page layout 2014!

With the new Facebook Page layout, tabs are assigned new options.  In some ways, they get even more visibility.  Regardless, it’s to your advantage to be strategic.

NOTE: All tabs connected to your Facebook Page and in active mode will be visible to viewers of your page.  This is different than the previous limit of twelve viewable apps.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains the Tabs functions for TabSite on the new Facebook Page layout 2014

Facebook Tabs will appear in the white strip below your Facebook Page Timeline Cover – Four seen in the strip, and then the rest in a pull down menu when you click “more.”  When you click to “Manage Tabs: you can drag and drop their order.  This, in turn, is what determines which Tabs are identified in that white strip.

You will also see Facebook Apps in he left column on your Facebook Page.  The default setting will let you see these under the “People” and “About” sections in that left column.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains for TabSite how tabs appear on the new Facebook Page layout 2014Notice that you can still use customized icons – For the first three in your preferred order.  The size of these thumbnails is 111 x 74, just as before.

Click here for: New Facebook Page layout dimensions.  Keep in mind that simple and clear is best for the image information on your Facebook Tabs.

8. Can I control the order of the boxes on the left?

Yes! You can customize the way your Facebook Fans will see the left column on your new Facebook Page layout!

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media shows you how to manage sections in the left column of your new Facebook Page Layout 2014 for TabSiteAt the top of any of the sections in that left column, hover over the area just to the left of the arrow.  The option to “Manage Sections” will appear.  Click this, and you will see a pop-up box that looks like this:

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases the drag and drop features for managing sections in the left column of the new Facebook layout 2014 for TabSiteThe top two categories will not move, but you can drag and drop the others to your preference.  In doing this, think of what material you want your Facebook Page visitors to find first, and what is most important for them to be attracted to.  Put that as high as you can in the order.

Once you have these sections where you want them you have then customized your own new Facebook Page layout!  Cool, huh?

BONUS TIPS For Navigating The New Facebook Page Layout 2014

As Facebook adjusts and tweaks the new Facebook Page layout, we will probably find or have access to additional features we did not at first.

Tip:  When you click the arrow at the right of your left column section headers, you are led to an insights screen for that category for your Facebook Page.

Tip:  Featured Likes – They do not appear to be featuring the likes you may have checked to feature in your Facebook Page admin panel before the conversion.  Instead, the most recent likes are listed in the “Liked By This Page” section.  This may change as we see improvements.

Tip:  Your Facebook Page Admin panel is available by clicking different buttons now, and insights seem available in more comfortable doses.  Don’t be afraid to “get your fingers dirty” and click to find new ways of accessing your Page’s functions and insights on the new Facebook Page layout.

If you are a social media manager and manage Facebook Pages on the go, you will want to be aware of how Facebook mobile page design changes impact managers, and digital marketing recommendations from the pros for 2014.

Your Turn

The questions answered were submitted by real people just like yourself…

Are there questions you have about the new Facebook Page layout that were not answered above?

What new options are you most looking forward to using on your Facebook Page?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!  🙂

How to Market your Business on Facebook [Infographic]


Want a simple road map to market your business on Facebook?

Facebook offers businesses of all sizes and industries a great way to connect with their ideal audience and to move the awareness and interest dial closer and closer towards the “raving customer” zone!

The fast facts:  Facebook has the biggest audience, the most active (by time spent per visit), and the greatest breadth of all audience demographics.

This animated infographic (perfect for Pinterest 🙂 ) outlines 7 keys for the savvy Facebook marketer to learn from and implement.

7 Tips for Marketing your Business on Facebook

How to Market a Business on Facebook – An infographic by the team at Wyzowl

1. Attraction Content:

Content is still king!  People are on Facebook to connect, engage, and be entertained.

Your content mix needs to fit within this!  Here are some recommendations…

A. Capture Attention

Images, videos, infographics and more.  This helps catch the eye of the user in the News Feed, inspiring them to engage.

B. Be Social

Brands on Facebook need to post in a social way.  There’s a style of writing that is not directly sales speak but communicates socially what you have to offer.  Check out this post by Starbucks for an example of promoting their Pumpkin Spice Latte without directly selling it.

C. Be Helpful

As Jay Baer says, “it’s difficult to be amazing all the time, but you can be helpful 100% of the time.”  Struggling with “what” you can post about?  Be helpful!  A real estate agent’s fan page can’t push the newest listing in the market each day, but they can inform their fans about school redistricting, new businesses coming to town, community resources, and more.

2. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are powerful!  Whether targeting via the Boost Post or more advanced with Custom Audiences, the right ad can be so helpful to your success!

For as little as $10-20 you can reach a ideal audience by location, interest, employment, and more options.  It’s simply a great way to increase the reach of your best posts to your best audience!

Facebook knows a ton about each user.  This sets it a part as a great place to use your ad dollars!

3. Custom Tabs

Custom tabs are power-packed apps to turbo-boost your page!  Remember, we noted that people are on Facebook to engage and be entertained.  So by offering a deal coupon or the opportunity to enter to win a prize or gift certificate, fans can get excited to participate and engage with your page.

The ability to post about a contest on your page and drive interested persons from the news feed to your tab where they can enter and you collect the much coveted name and email address is a win-win potential!  They can have a chance to win or to get the coupon, while your business grows your email list with the ability to nurture market to the fans via email in the future!

4. Partner to Grow

Got partners with big fan bases?  Can you collaborate on a “joint-venture” where you both drive fans to your Page tab where you have a Like Gate to grow your fan base and they enter to win a prize from both?  You can share email addresses if you outline that in your promotion terms!

Work together!

5. Run Contests

Who doesn’t want to win?

As noted in the tab area, contests and giveaways are a great way to promote your business. Whether a contest in the News Feed or a Photo Contest, for example, there are many ways to easily run a contest that can drive engagement and new business!

6. Be Responsive

A little bit of responsiveness and help can go a long way!

Too many pages are not responding to fan comments and questions.  It’s a simple but powerful way to build loyalty and traction.

They ask, you answer!  Keep it simple.  Just do it!

7. Socialize your Website with Facebook plugins

It’s not rocket science….

Add a Like box to your blog and fans can Like your Facebook Page while on your blog!

You can add the the “Like” button, a “Comments” area integrated with Facebook, the activity feed from your Page and more.  Make it simple for visitors to your website to find and engage with your brand on Facebook.  See the Facebook Social Plug-in options >>

Don’t you love that animated Infographic??

Video Review of a Facebook Page to Help you Learn and Improve Yours


Hey there! It’s time for another Facebook page review!

What I’m going to be doing in this video review is taking a look onscreen at a real Facebook business page and going through a number of components from my twelve-point checklist on what you need to do to really update and make sure your Facebook page is using the latest tools and features.

This is a Facebook page that was submitted on our TabSite fan page from my invitation to submit pages for review.  My aim in the video is to make it very practical for you so you can get some tips out of this to use for your own Page!

Page Review: M.D. Hair & Beauty in the U.K.

Items Covered in this Facebook Page Audit:

  • Cover Image
  • “About” section
  • Notes area
  • Tabs
  • Incentive offers
  • Email sign-up for Lead Capture
  • Attraction Posts
  • Connecting with Special Events

So, hopefully, this video gives you some tips for your Facebook page that you can think about and implement on your own site.

260-giftAgain, grab the full 12 Point Free eBook Checklist

Read Full Transcription: Facebook Page Review video transcript M D Beauty

Any questions on items I cover? Let me know!

How to Improve Your Facebook Page – A Page Audit


Let’s dig into this Facebook page review!  Tire South is the Facebook page that we’re going to be checking out.  You can find them on Facebook at

What I’ll be doing in this review is taking a look on-screen in the video at their Facebook page and going through a number of components from my 12-point Facebook Page checklist on what you need to do to update and make sure your Facebook page is using the latest tool and features.

My goal is to make this very practical for you, so you can get some tips out of this you could use for your own Page!

The Page Review:


Cover Image:

Recommendation:  No need to be redundant and not use your cover image space well by repeating TireSouth in the cover image since it is in the Profile already.

Instead, do something that points out the tabs below them such as “Click below for the sweepstakes contest” (or the financing options, etc.)

Idea 2: Rotate cover images more often.  You could use the same basic image and yet different call outs differently so that you are highlighting different tabs.  Maybe swap those out once every two weeks for instance just to mix it up a little bit.

About Area:

Add more detail to your “About” section. Your About section is indexed by searched engines, like Google and Bing, and it’s also indexed by Facebook for Graph Search. So you can help yourself out by filling out more detail, like what do you offer in terms of brands of tires and types of services.


Let’s jump back to the main page then and dive into the tabs.

Great use of tabs to share information on locations, using Like Gate to gain Likes for the Page, and using WebSite ReSizer app to include financing form on Facebook.  Nice!

Only thing I would perhaps recommend after reviewing your posts is that you need to have a posting plan that involves regularly sharing a post to the news feed about this opportunity on the tab and which drives them via the Smart URL to the tab.

Make sure you’re doing that because that’s how more people are going to be aware of your financing tab (etc) on Facebook because Facebook users spend the majority of their time in the News Feed and so you want to reach them this way and alert them to your Facebook tabs.


So you have a sweepstakes contest going where there is the opportunity to win a free $100 gift card in your monthly drawing by simply entering.

Nice graphics and very well done! It is TireSouth branded I’ve got a quick intro of what it is, what the details are, and a form for users to complete to enter. Nicely done! This is a great lead capture tool!

The only thing I would add here is that you want to use the minimum number of fields possible because this helps get the maximum number of entries!  The more fields you have, the less people will fill it out. If it is quick and simple, many people will do it. I know you’re trying to get demographic  information on them here, but you may want to start with a little less, maybe it’s a name email address and how did you hear about us.

So that is one suggestion that is possible to narrow this down because you have a higher dropout rate and less people completing it simply when you add more fields to it. People are in a hurry and are busy, so you want a low barrier of entry but enough that it is valuable to you.

Doing this type of giveaway is very valuable, particularly if you get the name and email address, because that email address is GOLD.  As you do capture those email addresses then make sure you are using email marketing services and following up with them after that.

Instagram Tab:

Let’s go to the Instagram tab and take a look what you have on that tab. Alright, so you are pulling in your Instagram feed which is a great cross-pollination between your Facebook page and Instagram, enabling your fans to discover you there.

Again, post about this in the News Feed so people would know about the tab because you want to build that following up on Instagram.  Quick note:  I see on instagram you have 221 photos, 715 followers, and you are following 0. Okay, this is not about instagram, but I’ll give you a quick tip – go follow some people on instagram, that’s how you are going to engage with more people and connect better and really make instagram work for you!

Employee Spotlight Tab:

You have an employee spotlight, nicely done. You’re just letting people know about your team and putting real human faces to your company. Good job.  Post those spotlights to the News Feed when you update the tab!


You do have some reviews, what is essential is that you are responding to those! Respond to those reviews so that people feel cared for and that people are seeing a response.

Posting Notes:

I see you are a sponsor of the high school mustang baseball program, I like that.

I like that as well because you know you cannot talk about tires and wheels everyday in every post all the time. People are not in the buying mode for wheels and tires everyday so you need other items to post about!  This is a good example of attraction marketing on Facebook which is so important. You need to be social and you need to engage with the community.  As a retail store, you have locations in your community and here you are talking about it. So that is a great thing to do!

Now just make sure to make a follow up. I think it’s going to be okay, since your stores are community based, to put in some news like “Hey there’s the season opener coming” kick-off post and if they make the playoffs, or somebody has a great game, be sure to add that to the mix of your posts.  It shows that you connect with people and it’ll be social. That will get likes and more comments, and ultimately attract more traffic to your page.

Recent Post: “Have you taken advantage of our 10% off service?”

Great! So you’ve got that 10% off, you are using the Smart URL leading mobile and web users to your tab.  The only thing I see is that there is no traction on that post so these are post that you might want to consider doing a little bit of boosting with.

You can use the Boost post feature. I want to encourage that when using this, don’t do the fans and friends of fans, rather do more location direct targeting, and target your regions specifically in your sales radius. For five bucks you can ramp up your marketing on that post and get seen by people in your area that you serve!

That’s a summary of some tips for this Facebook Page!  Be sure to listen to the video as I cover more than I outline here!   Hopefully for TireSouth and others this gives you some great tips to go forward with.

If you want the full complete 12-point checklist, click here or the gift box on the right side to download your own 12-point list to enhance your Facebook page.

Well done TireSouth!

Stop Worrying About the Competition on Facebook!

Guest post via Jenny Brennan of Virtual Office Worx, originally posted here.

Are you worrying about the competition on Facebook? In all honesty this is a natural reaction though, but don’t get so obsessed with “the others” that you lose your focus – this is not a great plan, take it from someone who knows.

I’ve spoken to so many business owner’s that spend too much time looking into the next field that it paralyses them from doing anything.

I feel that pain because I used to do the same, but this year I am GOING FOR IT!

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  • What is my competition doing?
  • How many fans do they have?
  • How much business are they generating from Facebook?
  • How much time do they spend on their Facebook Marketing?
  • Do they “buy” likes? (I’ll come to this later)
  • How much do they spend on ads?
  • What content are they sharing?
  • Where do they get their content?

Every time I get asked one of these questions I think of one of my favorite quotes-:


Of course you can learn from your competition, but don’t get so focused on them that you forget about what you need to be doing.

Here are 5 ways that will help you to stop worrying about the competition and take control of your own Facebook Marketing.

#1 But My Competition Is Doing Better – STOP

Really? How do you know that for sure. You don’t know how many leads they get from Facebook or how many of these leads are converting into paying customers.

We all have a different perception of success.  If you see a competitor page with 1000′s of Likes is this what you are bench-marking yourself against?  Their likes may not be high quality, and many page admins get caught up in the vanity of numbers. So what “CAN” you learn from the competition?

About Section – Look at your competitions “About Section” and see if you have filled yours in effectively. This is a great piece of real estate that tells people more about you and your business.


Update Frequency – Analyze the number of updates that your competition post. Posts only have a short time to be seen in the news-feed, so frequent posting is advised – but don’t over post or you’ll alienate your fans

Engagement – How much engagement do they get? Engagement really is key to success on Facebook, this is where you have an opportunity to build a relationship with your fans. Look at the number of engagements your competition gets per post and what type of posts they get the engagement on. Users on Facebook like to be entertained, educated and responded to.

The engagement on this post cost me less than €5 and I received 23 website clicks, 6 new relevant likes and 5 new email subscribers – not too shabby!


Custom Tabs – Are your competition using custom tabs? What added value do they have that you don’t. Giving away a free e-book or special offer is a great way to build your email list and further develop the relationship with your fans. Include a sign-up form for people who want to hear more about your business.


Competitions – How many contests are your competitors running? Are they timeline contests or run on apps. Contests are a great way to engage and reward your fans

The new feature on Facebook called “Pages to Watch” let’s you  add your competitions pages. This will give you a weekly overview of how many likes they are building by, but not much else. Personally I don’t find it a ground breaking addition and I fear people might get obsessed with the numbers game.


You will find this option in your admin panel then simply add the pages you want to watch.


The main reason I don’t like this feature is because Facebook are prompting you to advertise for more likes based on the numbers your competition have (see the bottom of the graphic). I’ll cover this a bit later, but you really should focus on attracting quality fans that will “LIKE” your page.

There are some great third party tools that you can also use to analyze your competition.

#2 Plan

Having a plan is going to be the secret to your success. Here’s a post I wrote in early January “Social Media Planning 2014 – 5 Hot Tips To Help Market Your Business”

Points you can list before you start :-

  • What are my goals? Increase sales by X% – Increase Engagement by X% – Build fan base by X% – Build list by X%
  • Audience – Who are they and do they spend time on Facebook?
  • Frequency – How often will I post and do I have the resources?
  • Content – What content can I share that will entertain, add value and educate my fans?
  • Budget – What is my Facebook ads budget for the year – it’s imperative that you have one no matter how small to start. This is due to the newsfeed changes, but as you can see from my example above a little can really go a long way!
  • Design – Who will set-up and design my page – what ongoing design costs might I have?
  • Competitions – How often will I run them and what prizes will I give?
  • Lead generation – What strategies will I use to drive traffic to my website, increase sales and build my list? Will I use automation tools?

Once you have brain stormed this one you can start to create a content calendar to keep you on track. 

#3 Your Audience

Stop focusing so much on the audience of your competition. If they are doing well and have a highly engaged audience the chances are they worked hard for it, so don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle!

Here are some things you need to think about:

  • Is your audience on Facebook? – Test this by breaking down your target market in Facebook’s Ads Manager.
  • Are they inherently social? If they are social you need to create content that will get them talking, liking and sharing
  • What kind of a journey are you taking your fans on?
  • What is your ultimate goal?
  • What are their interests?
  • How can you help them?

If you can answer these questions your well on the way to finding your perfect audience.

#4 Focus On “YOUR” Page

Focus is a key word that even I have to remind myself to remember. If you lose focus on your own marketing efforts because your so wrapped up with the competition, you are missing out. There is plenty of room in this big online world for everyone and relationships are built on the experiences you share with your fans.

Break down your focus into the following headings :-

Content Creation – How much can you create yourself? If you are a restaurant owner you are constantly creating so taking images and sharing them with your fans will be easy. If your B2B you need to be creating content that will help your audience, whether it be video, blogging or podcasts

Content Curation – What third party content will help your fans? Sharing other people’s content is a good strategy to building your network with influencers in your industry

Scheduling – How much content do you need to schedule. This goes back to what we covered earlier with post frequency. You need to make sure you’ll have enough content to go round without losing quality on your page.

Insights – Focus on your insights. What are your fans really engaging with and how will you create more of that content?  Great post from Emeric Ernoult CEO at Agorapulse on how you can Improve your Facebook Marketing using Insights 

Tone & Personality – Be true to who you are and what makes you tick. Show some personality on your page, your fans will appreciate it

#5 Pay to Play – The free party is over…

Right I’ve said it. Facebook is no longer a FREE advertising platform. In fact it never really was. If you were managing your own page or outsourced it to a marketing company or paid someone in-house – the fact is you were paying for their time.

Facebook Ads are highly targeted and the cheapest way I know to market a business – once you know how! Your competition may have 1000′s more fans than you and the truth is they are likely advertising on Facebook to build their audience.

In the early days of advertising we would place an advert in the newspaper or on radio and hope that our target audience was a percentage of the readership, and we would hope that that percentage might pick up the phone or come to our shop and buy. Don’t get me wrong both forms of advertising can work, and if you have the budget to compliment your Facebook efforts with traditional advertising then good for you.

Facebook Ads are great because they are:

Targeted – I can target people who are interested in my services & products

Custom Audiences – I can upload my customer list, create a custom audience and take it a step further create a lookalike audience and target people who look like my customers – #Strong

Value for Money – If I target well I can get great value for money attracting the right type of fans

When you identify your perfect audience you can start an ad campaign that has a number of objectives

  • Attract new fans
  • Engage my fans
  • Convert my fans
  • Drive traffic to my website

On an ongoing basis you can focus on the first two. Don’t forget about your content though and how it ads value to your fans or the strategies you can use to convert them. I always use the 80/20 rule – 80% third party non-selling content and 20% promotional content – this may vary for you and your competition.

I’ll be writing about each of these topics in the coming weeks in more detail and giving you examples of what has really worked for me. Once you’ve analyzed your competition please follow steps 2 – 5. I’d love to hear how your doing so please share your facebook page in the comments below and let’s connect.

In the meantime don’t forget to shine your fans will love you for it  Jenny 

Facebook Page Tune-Ups

Is your Facebook Page up-to-date?  Are you maximizing the opportunities available to you?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can be doing better on your Facebook Page.  Recently, I put out a post on the TabSite Facebook Page volunteering to review a number of Facebook pages, going through at least 2-3 of my 12 Facebook Page Tune-Up tips outlined in my eBook as a way to help businesses get started on their review process.

Here’s the post and some of the Pages that were submitted for review:


Things I look over can include some of the following:

  • Effectively using the Cover Image as a Call to Action
  • Concise Tab Images to convey urgency to click
  • Using the Page short description smartly
  • Types and frequency of posts
  • Optimizing for Graph Search
  • Activating Page features and more!

Well, let’s get started on the first review!

Facebook Page: Classic Oak Designs

Classic Oak Designs Facebook Page

Classic Oak Designs Facebook Page

Page Category:
Classic Oak Designs is doing a number of things well!  They are a retail location and they have their Page category correct (see #1) so that their address and hours are displayed.

Tab App Images:
Their tab app images are simple and clear. I know what to expect when I click each by the simple and clear names like “Find Us!”

Message Feature “On”:
I always recommend that Pages have the “Message” feature turned on for their Pages.  This lets visitors message you directly.  Classic Oak has done this and that’s a good thing!

Varying Post Types:
post-www_facebook_com_ClassicoakdesignsClassic Oak is doing a good job with this!  I see image posts, text posts, and also questions posed (see example).  I even see posts that are related but off topic, meaning they are not about the business but about the area. For example, since Classic Oak is a Chicago area business it makes sense to tie in Mike Ditka and his special event held during the Chicago Bears game recently.  It is important to mix up post types and measure the time when you post and the type of post you used in terms of reach and engagement to evaluate what is working.


Here’s a few things that might help improve the page:

  • Add a call-to-action to the Cover image photo – Offering something that invites the user to take an action that is useful to your business. 
  • Mix in posts that direct fans to your Tab Apps.  Most Facebook users spend the bulk of their time on Facebook in the new feed, so to drive fans to your tabs you will need to post about them at different times.
  • Offer an incentive on the email sign-up tab that is immediate for the visitor to receive.  This is a KEY in lead capture and growing your list.  This may be the most important tab on the Facebook page!  The email sign-up is important to have to grow leads to nurture via email drip campaigns, and driving traffic to it is critical to keep in mind. Perhaps something the user can download and print immediately is a way to get more opt-ins.  Something like “Sign-up for our emails and we’ll give you a 20% off coupon to use now!”
  • Consider “How To” posts.  Since furniture is the focus, how about some tips on how to take care of your furniture, clean-up spills or other items of value?  If this is done well and in the form of a question or something that invites a response, then it can add value and engagement to the Page!

So, well done Classic Oak Designs!  Thanks for participating!

Do you want to review the entire 12 Items on the Facebook Page Tune-Up list?

Download your own copy now by going here!

10 Questions You Must Answer To Grow a Vibrant Facebook Community

grow facebook community

grow facebook community Many marketers jump on Facebook and expect instant results. They often see other business leaders seeing success and question why they aren’t experiencing the same results.

The truth is that although some Facebook marketers may make it look easy, chances are high that the ones that are driving real business results did not just get lucky. Many have been in the trenches for months and years doing research on their community, testing different methods to drive engagement, integrating social media into their business and list goes on.

Knowing who is in your community is key to success for any and all Facebook marketers. Often times who you think is in your community is far different than who really is or who you wish was in your community.

As part of our “Get a Grip” Series on Facebook Marketing where we help marketers look at key aspects of their Facebook strategy, this post helps Page Admins dig deeper into the core behind your actual marketing.  This is IMPERATIVE in order to ultimately be successful.

It could be you are still in early growth stages of developing your community or you could be several years into leveraging Facebook to meet business goals. Regardless of the size of business, how many fans you have, or how long you have been doing Facebook marketing it is important to know your audience.

10 Questions You Must Answer to Grow a Vibrant Facebook Community 

1. What are your goals and objectives?
Hopefully when you started using Facebook you set goals, objectives and a plan to attract, connect with and engage your target audience. If you didn’t, well no better time than the present.  As we always recommend, you must take time to plan and set goals for what you want to accomplish.

2. What is your target market?
If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to clearly define your target market. Who do you want to attract? Define the specific demographics of your target market. Who are they? How old are they? What specific industry or niche do they work in? What is the role they have at work? Do they work?

3. What is the online behavior of your target market?
When are they online? What social network sites do they frequent and why? How often do they frequent them? Do they read blogs? Do they prefer video, audio, text or all of the above?

4. What language does your ideal customer talk in?
What is the tone of their conversations? Are they more casual or formal? Are they using simple language or more complex? Do they use acronyms or will they be confused by them? Do they talk the same language and in the same tone of which you have been speaking to them?

5. What problems does your target market have and how can you help them solve them?
What keeps your ideal customer up at night? How can you help them sleep better? How can you help them solve their problems so they can focus on their core business

6. What are the core benefits you offer to your ideal customer?
How can you help them drive higher efficiencies in their life or business? How can you help them achieve more?  How will they benefit in purchasing your products or services

7. What core benefits do you offer that are different than what your competitors offer or what they can get from replacement products or services?
What do you offer that is unique? How is your product or service more valuable than the others? What can you do to drive higher value in the eye of your ideal customer?

8. What can you offer your ideal customer for free to attract them to you and your brand?
One of the best things you can do to grow a Facebook community is to share your best content. Don’t hold back. What information can you share with them to help them meet their business or life goals? You can provide free blog posts, downloadable worksheets or white papers. You can offer training in the form of video, audio or a combination of both.

9. How will you measure success?
It is imperative that you set goals and metrics for how you will measure results. How will you know if you were successful if you don’t know what successful looks like? Truth is you won’t.

10. When all else fails, ask your community.
If you struggle with the answers to any of the above questions, try asking your community for answers. People love to answer questions. If you don’t know what they want, ask them. If you don’t know what problems they need solved, ask them. If you don’t know what keeps them up at night or how you can help them, ask them.

Thoughts on this?  Any areas that you would recommend adding?


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