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5 Ways Authors can Use Facebook to Market Books

Over the last 7 years, Facebook has become the dominant online social network, with everyone from teens to grandparents participating.  They share updates and photos, join groups and spend significant time on the network interacting. With users being so active and with every major buying demographic on, Facebook is an excellent marketplace for personalities to reach their audience, especially personalities with something to sell – like authors! It’s a perfect place to connect with current Read more [...]

Growing Email Lists: How One Hotel Grew Their List with an App

Does it work?  Can running promotions serve to help your business grow a relevant email list? Here's a success story from Holiday Inn Express & Suites, in South Florida! GOAL: This hotel had the goal of growing their community (Facebook fans) and creating a email mailing list of interested persons for future nurture marketing.  In short, they wanted to: Grow Fans Grow Email list CAMPAIGN: They ran a 14 day Sweepstakes Contest on a tab on their Facebook Page. The opportunity Read more [...]

8 Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases 8 Popular Questions Answered About The New Facebook Page Layout 2014 for TabSite
Looking for answers to all the hot questions regarding the new Facebook Page Layout 2014? It's true - Facebook moved our cheese in March 2014 with a new Facebook Page layout. They promised a quick, yet gradual rollout to all Facebook Pages.  Of course, it's never fast enough for marketers eager to get started! The initial snapshot of the new Facebook page layout was cool - They answered some long-time requests.  For many the one-column Timeline was great news.  But on the other hand, Read more [...]

How to Market your Business on Facebook [Infographic]

Want a simple road map to market your business on Facebook? Facebook offers businesses of all sizes and industries a great way to connect with their ideal audience and to move the awareness and interest dial closer and closer towards the "raving customer" zone! The fast facts:  Facebook has the biggest audience, the most active (by time spent per visit), and the greatest breadth of all audience demographics. This animated infographic (perfect for Pinterest 🙂 ) outlines 7 keys for the Read more [...]

Video Review of a Facebook Page to Help you Learn and Improve Yours

Hey there! It’s time for another Facebook page review! What I’m going to be doing in this video review is taking a look onscreen at a real Facebook business page and going through a number of components from my twelve-point checklist on what you need to do to really update and make sure your Facebook page is using the latest tools and features. This is a Facebook page that was submitted on our TabSite fan page from my invitation to submit pages for review.  My aim in the video is to Read more [...]

How to Improve Your Facebook Page – A Page Audit

Let’s dig into this Facebook page review!  Tire South is the Facebook page that we’re going to be checking out.  You can find them on Facebook at What I’ll be doing in this review is taking a look on-screen in the video at their Facebook page and going through a number of components from my 12-point Facebook Page checklist on what you need to do to update and make sure your Facebook page is using the latest tool and features. My goal is to make this very practical Read more [...]

Stop Worrying About the Competition on Facebook!

Guest post via Jenny Brennan of Virtual Office Worx, originally posted here. Are you worrying about the competition on Facebook? In all honesty this is a natural reaction though, but don’t get so obsessed with “the others” that you lose your focus – this is not a great plan, take it from someone who knows. I’ve spoken to so many business owner’s that spend too much time looking into the next field that it paralyses them from doing anything. I feel that pain because I used to do Read more [...]

Facebook Page Tune-Ups

Is your Facebook Page up-to-date?  Are you maximizing the opportunities available to you? Sometimes it's hard to know what you can be doing better on your Facebook Page.  Recently, I put out a post on the TabSite Facebook Page volunteering to review a number of Facebook pages, going through at least 2-3 of my 12 Facebook Page Tune-Up tips outlined in my eBook as a way to help businesses get started on their review process. Here's the post and some of the Pages that were submitted for review: // Read more [...]

10 Questions You Must Answer To Grow a Vibrant Facebook Community

grow facebook community
Many marketers jump on Facebook and expect instant results. They often see other business leaders seeing success and question why they aren't experiencing the same results. Read more [...]