How to Market your Business on Facebook [Infographic]


Want a simple road map to market your business on Facebook?

Facebook offers businesses of all sizes and industries a great way to connect with their ideal audience and to move the awareness and interest dial closer and closer towards the “raving customer” zone!

The fast facts:  Facebook has the biggest audience, the most active (by time spent per visit), and the greatest breadth of all audience demographics.

This animated infographic (perfect for Pinterest 🙂 ) outlines 7 keys for the savvy Facebook marketer to learn from and implement.

7 Tips for Marketing your Business on Facebook

How to Market a Business on Facebook – An infographic by the team at Wyzowl

1. Attraction Content:

Content is still king!  People are on Facebook to connect, engage, and be entertained.

Your content mix needs to fit within this!  Here are some recommendations…

A. Capture Attention

Images, videos, infographics and more.  This helps catch the eye of the user in the News Feed, inspiring them to engage.

B. Be Social

Brands on Facebook need to post in a social way.  There’s a style of writing that is not directly sales speak but communicates socially what you have to offer.  Check out this post by Starbucks for an example of promoting their Pumpkin Spice Latte without directly selling it.

C. Be Helpful

As Jay Baer says, “it’s difficult to be amazing all the time, but you can be helpful 100% of the time.”  Struggling with “what” you can post about?  Be helpful!  A real estate agent’s fan page can’t push the newest listing in the market each day, but they can inform their fans about school redistricting, new businesses coming to town, community resources, and more.

2. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are powerful!  Whether targeting via the Boost Post or more advanced with Custom Audiences, the right ad can be so helpful to your success!

For as little as $10-20 you can reach a ideal audience by location, interest, employment, and more options.  It’s simply a great way to increase the reach of your best posts to your best audience!

Facebook knows a ton about each user.  This sets it a part as a great place to use your ad dollars!

3. Custom Tabs

Custom tabs are power-packed apps to turbo-boost your page!  Remember, we noted that people are on Facebook to engage and be entertained.  So by offering a deal coupon or the opportunity to enter to win a prize or gift certificate, fans can get excited to participate and engage with your page.

The ability to post about a contest on your page and drive interested persons from the news feed to your tab where they can enter and you collect the much coveted name and email address is a win-win potential!  They can have a chance to win or to get the coupon, while your business grows your email list with the ability to nurture market to the fans via email in the future!

4. Partner to Grow

Got partners with big fan bases?  Can you collaborate on a “joint-venture” where you both drive fans to your Page tab where you have a Like Gate to grow your fan base and they enter to win a prize from both?  You can share email addresses if you outline that in your promotion terms!

Work together!

5. Run Contests

Who doesn’t want to win?

As noted in the tab area, contests and giveaways are a great way to promote your business. Whether a contest in the News Feed or a Photo Contest, for example, there are many ways to easily run a contest that can drive engagement and new business!

6. Be Responsive

A little bit of responsiveness and help can go a long way!

Too many pages are not responding to fan comments and questions.  It’s a simple but powerful way to build loyalty and traction.

They ask, you answer!  Keep it simple.  Just do it!

7. Socialize your Website with Facebook plugins

It’s not rocket science….

Add a Like box to your blog and fans can Like your Facebook Page while on your blog!

You can add the the “Like” button, a “Comments” area integrated with Facebook, the activity feed from your Page and more.  Make it simple for visitors to your website to find and engage with your brand on Facebook.  See the Facebook Social Plug-in options >>

Don’t you love that animated Infographic??

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  1. just a question regarding #6 – If your a business page and respond to questions under photos it doesn’t notify the fan of the response (pages automatically set no to notification) anyway around this annoying preset?

  2. I always tag in my reply a and only the people who I’m friends with on my personal page get notified when I tag or reply. The rest of my likers (90%) get no notification

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