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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Website Leads

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Website Leads
While platforms like Twitter and Facebook are frequently mentioned as excellent marketing tools, Instagram is quickly becoming an effective way to get more leads. Here are some tips to get you started: Add Links and Track Them Instagram is a great opportunity to get leads to your site is by driving traffic through a well-placed link. To track and measure the effectiveness of links, use services like as or Google URL builder. Knowing how many people visited your site through the link lets Read more [...]

How to Integrate Facebook Ads with Lead Capture

Landing pages don't have a lot of content because they're not meant to attract target audiences -- they're meant to convert them. You have to direct visitors to your landing page if you want to capture leads and make conversions. Waiting for the landing page to rank on search engines isn't going to happen. Turn to Facebook Ads How will you direct visitors to your landing page? One of the most efficient is via Facebook Ads. With more than 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s Read more [...]

Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

This amazing social media cheat sheet infographic is from our friends over at This year, don't just follow trends; stay ahead of the pack instead. Go beyond Facebook and Instagram, and get to know these up-and-coming platforms... Snapchat A big hit for personal use in 2016, so business is taking interest. As many as 60% of smartphone users are on Snapchat, resulting in 10 billion video views daily for Snaps as opposed to Facebook's 8 billion. Wanelo  Imagine all the stores Read more [...]

How To Use Facebook Live Video

How To Use Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live video is an exciting new way to promote your business. The concept is very basic, but the results are powerful. At the tap of your finger, you now have the ability to create live video content within a Facebook post on a Page, Group, or personal profile. Your audience will embrace the opportunity to engage with your brand in a new way. They'll share in the excitement created by spontaneous streaming content. It should also come as no surprise that Facebook is favoring live Read more [...]

Building a Blog Audience

building a blog audience
Once again Neal Patel hits content marketing strategy out of the park! His Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience is brilliant and a must read. Here's an excerpt from Chapter 8 ... Creating great content isn't enough to attract visitors to your site - if anything, it's just the beginning. The next step is to reach out to your target audience. Fortunately, there are many ways to do it, and one of these is to use content syndication networks for your campaigns. Networks like Outbrain, Read more [...]

Use the Content We Crave to Attract More Web Traffic [Infographic]

Use the Content We Crave to Attract More Web Traffic
Some pieces of content become viral while others fade into obscurity. What differentiates content we crave from content we forget? Content that elicits emotions -- Content that makes people feel (whether positively or negatively) is memorable because it touches the core of who we are. Content that makes us think -- Does the content challenge our assumptions or offer a fresh perspective? People consume content to be entertained and educated. Content that motivates us -- Motivation makes Read more [...]

Infographic: Search Engine Optimization Checklist

search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process and tasks involved in pushing a website up to #1 on the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Understand the Details of the Business For your site to be successful in the search engines, you have to understand the details of the business. It's easy when you deconstruct the business model to get into the business details. The more you understand your customers POV, the better your site will communicate a message that engages and inspires your potential Read more [...]

7 Ways to Use Facebook Search to Improve Your Page

Facebook's search bar, called Graph Search, can be an awesome tool to get results for your business if you know how to use it properly. Graph Search is unique because it delivers search results driven by social relevance and interest data. This social data can be very useful; businesses get to know their audiences better. Read on for 7 ways to use Facebook Graph Search to gain knowledge about your audience and improve your page. Find Similar Interests Graph Search helps narrow your search to Read more [...]

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Shared on Facebook

Writing for your blog -- whether you do it yourself or hire someone else -- takes time, effort, and money. You should treat it as an investment and expect good returns. Luckily, effective blogging does pay. Original, relevant content helps build your brand and establish your business as an authority in its industry. People usually turn to Google for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, reviews for products, and suggestions for plans. Blatant marketing such as pop-up ads Read more [...]