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TabSite Integrates GoToMeeting Webinar Forms for Fast, Simple Sign-Ups



TabSite integrates GoToWebinar form registration!

Engaging with an online community has become the primary method of marketing for all growing Internet-based businesses. But online community management is an art form, so TabSite works hard to make the process as accessible and effective as possible while significantly reducing the user’s digital leg work.

One powerful way to grow an audience and leads with an online community is to make use of webinar tools like those offered by GoToMeeting. As well, it’s important not to risk losing an audience on your website by sending them off-site. So with our new TabSite integration, we’ve developed a great way to integrate GoToWebinar with TabSite forms, keeping the audience on-site, submitting lead forms, and enhancing the webinar experience.

Why Use Webinars?

Webinars are one of the most effective lead generation tools available to online marketers today.

Running webinars helps to…

  • Engage with an audience that’s already interested in the company and its products
  • Demonstrate expertise in a given field
  • Offer the audience a high-perceived value experience

The difficulty is getting people signed up in the first place. This is where TabSite comes in, as it’s already helping people connect with new and existing markets in a very personal, productive and social manner. Now users can leverage the power of the webinar suite provided by GoToMeeting directly within their TabSite apps.

Enhanced Registration Forms

If someone is running any of the following apps they’re already on the path to effective webinar integration:

TabSite has put together a guide on how to match existing form fields to those of a GoToWebinar event in the app setup, so users can begin collecting sign-ups for their webinars direct from their own website, or Facebook Page right away.

2 for 1 Webinar Bonus!

Because TabSite makes this registration method for online events entirely seamless, the user gains more benefits than if they made use of TabSite, GoToMeeting and other tools separately.

For example, integrating GoToWebinar sign-ups into TabSite forms and enabling the MailChimp integration at the same time also builds a MailChimp list, a 2-for-1 deal, allowing a business to easily re-engage with a community next time they’re running a webinar or have other email nurture sequences to build trust and loyalty.

Harnessing TabSite and GoToMeeting together in this new integration ensures no business will ever miss growing leads again!

Have questions? Ask in the comments below!

Grow Leads with TabSite Landing Pages: Webinar Event

TabSite Landing Page App

What if you could capture leads and sign-ups on your Facebook Page app but also have the same app as a web page?

You can with the TabSite Landing Pages App!

TabSite Landing Page App

A Landing Page is used to get visitors to sign-up for your email opt-in, deals, special offer coupons or events. It is a one page website that is focused with customized sales copy and a call to action that you want visitors to take such as:

– Registering
– Signing up
– Buying

Now with TabSite you can build and use any of the apps we offer and launch them on your own unique Landing Page!  The webinar is past but you can view the video replay here:


TabSite Webinar Video:

mike gingerichTrying to take your Online Marketing to the Next Level? 

Wanting to boost your Facebook activity and Lead Capture?   You need a integrated digital marketing strategy!

Discover how to use the new TabSite Landing Page App feature for registrations, email list building, and event sign-ups as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Gain tips and more as Mike explores TabSite’s Landing Page App, Lead Capture strategies, and covers TabSite integrations with MailChimp, Aweber, GotoWebinar and more! 

Access the free webinar video replay!



This is a FREE Webinar event.  It will cover the new Landing Page App within TabSite.  Mike will also cover marketing tips for why and how to use Landing Pages in your online marketing strategies.

You already use TabSite for contests, deals and other uses, so now you can simply use it as well for Landing Pages instead of investing in another service and cost for your business!

TabSite Landing Page App allows you to:

  • Customize your content for your audience.
  • Create a landing page in minutes. – No need to learn any code.
  • Mobile responsive landing pages.
  • Integrate with MailChimp, Infustionsoft, Aweber and Sendy.
  • Easily integrate Facebook Ad pixels for website retargeting and conversions.

It’s all included in your TabSite plan subscription!

Tabsite Landing Page App

TabSite Landing Page App

Have a product, service or event you want to sell? A landing page may be just what you need to gather leads.

TabSite Landing Page App

A Landing Page is used to get visitors to purchase your services, products or events. The page is focused with customized sales copy and a call to action that you want visitors to take such as:

– Registering
– Signing up
– Buying

Landing pages have tracking mechanisms so you can see where your buyers come from and how many complete the action noted. A key feature of landing pages is that they are singularly focused. In a typical web page there are multiple options and navigation menus to go deeper on the site into other pages. This is not so with a landing page, as these option could distract the viewer. Rather, the focus is totally on the one goal of the page that the owner wishes to have the visitor take action on such as register or purchase.

Why a TabSite Landing Page?

landing page app

You already use TabSite for contests, deals and other uses, so now you can simply use it as well for Landing Pages instead of investing in another service and cost for your business!

TabSite Landing Page App allows you to:

  • Customize your content for your audience.
  • Create a landing page in minutes. – No need to learn any code.
  • Mobile responsive landing pages.
  • Integrate with MailChimp, Infustionsoft, Aweber and Sendy.
  • Easily integrate Facebook Ad pixels for website retargeting and conversions.

It’s all included in your TabSite plan subscription!

Learn More about the Landing Page setup:

How to build a landing page 

Instructions for building a landing page

See another landing page in action

Get the TabSite Landing Page App today!


TabSite / Salesforce Integration Has Arrived!

landing page app

Are you a Salesforce user?

Do you also run Facebook campaigns with TabSite?

Things just got easier. TabSite is now in the App Exchange Market of Salesforce!

How do you access the TabSite integration with Salesforce?

In Salesforce, the TabSite integration is in the marketplace area. Here’s a direct link to TabSite in the App Exchange.

So, what is the cost?

Free, Gratis, Zilcho! The app is available free to Salesforce users, giving them easy access to their TabSite account within Salesforce.

The POWER Of the TabSite / Salesforce Integration

During this busy season, you don’t just want people to like your Facebook page … you want to capture their information so you can market to them in the future (NOW). Using TabSite to facilitate your holiday sweepstakes and contest can give you new followers and new customers if you work it right.

salesforce integration with tabsite

Example of a Tabsite Lead Generation email subscription form.

Using TabSite as a lead development tool

  1. It’s easy and quick to develop a social media or website app with TabSite. You can do it yourself and save the cost or time of using a web developer or Facebook manager.
  2. Connect locally with a community photo contest. People naturally want to show off their creations, and they want to win. Your contest entrants with share their entry on their own Facebook profile and will ask all their friends to go to your page to vote for their entry. This is a great way to increase your local base and influence and especially good if you’re a brick and mortar business that relies on foot traffic.
  3. Grow your email marketing list. A sweepstakes is the way to go. The entry? A valid and verified email address. 

The beauty of TabSite with Salesforce

  • Integrate with existing email management systems: Send your lead right to your email management system like AWeber, MailChimp, and more (many of which also have Salesforce Apps to make it all work together!).
  • Showcase your social media accounts: Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram on Facebook or
  • Embed any app on your website for a 1-2 combo of Facebook and web that really works!

Isn’t It Time To “Next Level” Your Business With Social Media and TabSite?

If you aren’t using social media, you are leaving business on the table. Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, have the power to explode the lead generation ability of a company. However, there is no point to taking the trouble to establish a social media presence without investing in the tools to do it right. For full social media, lead development and social sales integration, use TabSite within Salesforce.

Infusionsoft Marketing integration comes to TabSite

Marketing automation infusionsoft with TabSite

Marketing automation infusionsoft with TabSite

Growing leads and nurturing those leads to become customers is what’s it’s all about for businesses!

For our team at TabSite, our goal is to give you tools like contests, coupons, and forms/surveys for your Facebook Page, website, or Landing pages so that you can build more engagement and capture leads.

Today we are pleased to announce our new Infusionsoft Integration, enabing users to complete the Digital Marketing pipeline so that captured leads can be pushed directly to your Infusionsoft CRM for further email nurture and marketing automation.

Any app form in TabSite (Form/Survey, Contests, Sweepstakes, Coupons, Form Gate, etc.) can be used with this integration, giving TabSite and Infusionsoft users a great, complete life-cycle marketing automation system!

Infusionsoft Integration in TabSite:

TabSite offers a easy Infusionsoft integration for each of our form apps. Including apps you use often:

  • Photo Contest
  • Sweepstakes
  • Form and Survey App
  • Sweepstakes Plus
  • Friend Share Deal Reveal & Download
  • Coupon App
  • Essay and Video Apps

The Infusionsoft integration is within any app that offers a form (except Drag N Build).

Simply go to the Integrations section (in left menu) when setting up any app.

Then select “Enable” on the Infusionsoft option.  This opens a input box.

Infusionsoft integration in TabSite

Click the “Get API key” button in step 1.  An Infusionsoft window will open for you to login to Infusionsoft.  Upon login it generates your API Key for Step 2.  Then simply map the form fields in their app to the proper fields in Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Uses in TabSite:

  • Enable contest entries to be added to a Infusionsoft Campaign
  • Allows users completing a TabSite form or survey to be added to a nurture campaign in Infusionsoft
  • Drive fans on Facebook to a app via a Page Post, then when they complete the form (coupon/deal/sweepstakes) they are added to Infusionsoft automatically

The key in your online marketing is for it to be cohesive!  Don’t just focus on one channel or one method.  Your website is your home base and your marketing should center on your site, using other channels (social media, PPC & Facebook Ads, landing pages, email marketing) to form a cohesive online strategy.

TabSite with Infusionsoft can help!  Drive leads via social media to apps by TabSite on Facebook or your website, then convert them to leads that are nurtured with email campaigns in Infusionsoft.

That’s the idea, are you excited to do it?

Canva Designs come to TabSite


Recently, Canva announced the launch of the “Canva Button” that allows the Canva design manager to be accessed within your favorite tools.

Our TabSite software for contests and growing leads is thrilled to be one of the early release partners!

What is the Canva Button?

In short, Canva access and power within web-tools like TabSite!

Instead of just offering an ‘Upload’ button and expecting users to figure out the rest, the Canva Button enables a website’s users to easily create graphics without leaving their webpage.

Canva notes, “We want this to be accessible to everyone so the Button is free and can be implemented with just a few lines of code.”  

Within TabSite, for example, users can create custom images for their contests, sweepstakes, and more, starting with pre-built templates designed by Canva for TabSite users.

Canva lets users create their own graphics via a simple drag and drop process of several elements, using a database of professional stock images, fonts and design layouts.

How Does it Work?

Here’s the TabSite integration available in each app.  


The key is that Canva has pre-built a series of templates (and is adding more all the time) just for specific uses like a TabSite Sweepstakes.


Clicking the Canva button launches the Canva designer right in TabSite so the user experience is great.  Users never leave the page.  They simply customize an image and save and that image is integrated into the location in TabSite they had selected.


Once Canva loads within the TabSite App setup, there are a number of 810 x 610 templates ready to customize and use!

canva Facebook templates

So what do you think of the new Canva integration in TabSite?

Does it sound like a great way to build custom images for your contests and promotions?

Go for it with a free trial of TabSite today!


Guide to Deciding What Type of Facebook Contest (Timeline or App) to Use

The options have increased!  The decisions are now a bit more difficult to make.

Your company wants to increase fans, Likes, Comments, and Leads on your Facebook Page and you know that a contest can help…..

But now, there are more options since Facebook loosened up the promotion policy and allows contests on both the Timeline via a post, and via apps on tabs.

So how can you decide which to use?  Let us help! 

Here’s a guide to deciding between using a Timeline Contest, a App Contest on a tab, or both!


Guide to Deciding: Timeline Contest or Tab App Contest:

Here’s the quick overview:

Timeline Contest is best if:
  • If you want to launch right away (like today!)
  • If you want fast engagement (like’s and comments on a post)
  • If you have no budget at all

Facebook timeline contest will give you fast engagement and can be deployed quickly.

App Contest hosted on your Facebook page Tab is best if:
  • You want to grow Page likes.  (Offers Like Gate to ensure fans like the Page to access the contest)
  • You want to capture lead information such as email addresses for future marketing
  • You want more design control
  • You want advanced features

Facebook contest on a tab will give you greater control and better lead capture.

That’s the quick overview.  Yes, TabSite offers both types;

– TabSite’s Timeline Contest app

– TabSite’s Tab app Contest tools

Want more information?  Continue on..

Advantages of a Timeline Contest

  • Quick and easy to setup, simply create a post!
  • Fun way to engage fans & visitors
  • Free to run
  • Runs totally in News Feed where users spend the most time
  • Offers way to increase your Reach and Engagement
  • The more Reach and Engagement, the more potential to grow your community

Disadvantages of a Timeline Contest

  • Cannot collect email addresses
  • Cannot have a Like Gate to ensure entrant Likes your Page
  • The Page cannot re-share the post easily to tell people about the contest multiple times
  • Need to post or link to full rules and the required release of Facebook’s responsibility for the contest, which can be cumbersome to do in a post
  • Without email address, it can be harder to notify the winner

Advantages of a Facebook Tab App Contest

  • As noted, gathering email addresses is significant for future marketing
  • More design and branding control for the contest
  • Can ensure Like Gate is in place so entrants/voters become fans of the page
  • Contest has a “home” on Facebook so it is easy to share and link to for promoting
  • Rules and Terms have simple way to be displayed, viewed, and accessed
  • Great user experience of seeing all entries, voting, and sharing a entry you like
  • Can be accessed on Facebook or also off of Facebook on a web page
  • Can integrate other tools such as a Instagram Image contest

Disadvantages of a Tab App Contest

  • Requires entrants to click from a post to go to the tab
  • Takes more time to setup, add graphics, and customize to deploy
  • Typically is going to cost at least $19-$30+ dollars to run
  • Requires use of the Smart URL to overcome Facebook mobile limitations

That ‘s the low down!  

The TabSite Timeline Contest is a free tool to use.  The  Contest Engagement App  offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

Want a step-by-step guide? Get our FREE eBook!


Easily Run Contests in the News Feed on Facebook with the Timeline Contest App


Contests on Facebook can be run in multiple ways!  Companies can run contests on tabs with tools like the TabSite Photo Contest App.

As well, Facebook recently loosened these rules to allow for more contest options and TabSite has responded to help Pages manage and run these additional options as well.

So with TabSite, Page Admins can run Promotions on tabs (for greater design control, features, and lead capture) or deploy quick and simple contests in the News Feed.  Let’s look at the News Feed Timeline Contest tool below.

TabSite makes it easy with tools for management and deployment!

With the new Timeline Contest app, businesses can launch a quick & simple Facebook contest that is in the news feed using a normal post by the Page.

That means you can run a Timeline Contest that asks fans to enter the contest by:

  • liking the post
  • leaving a comment
  • posting a photo
  • etc.

trivia timeline contest for Facebook

TabSite’s Timeline Contest app does the work of sorting entries and picking winners for you.  The tool allows pages to export the post data (likes/comments, etc) and randomly select winners according to the criteria you select.  As well, at the Platinum plan level, TabSite users can run Photo Contests in the News Feed and easily get a export of all comments and photos on the photo contest post!

Quickly Create New Contest Posts

Additionally, TabSite users can create, customize, and launch their contest post from ready-made samples in the TabSite manager, making it easy to deploy, manage, and select winners via a timeline contest!

Post types ready to deploy in the manager include:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Trivia (visitors must comment with correct answer)
  • Photo Contests

Available at the Free Plan and up! Any plan can use the Timeline Contest App.  At the Platinum and Enterprise Agency levels there are more features including:

  • Option to have multiple winners selected
  • Ability to Export Photo Comments on a Post (for photo contests)
  • Ability to Filter comments by a keyword (for trivia contests)
  • Ability to store up to 5 contest exports for future access


Once in the manager, select the Page (if more than one Page is managed in TabSite) from the drop down at the top of the page, then in the left menu click on the “Timeline Contest” button.



To select a winner from posts already on your Facebook page, simply  (1) click “Select a Post” which connects to your Page posts and pulls them in for viewing.


Each post shows the post excerpt, created date, and number of Likes and Comments it received.  Simply Click on the Post that you are using for the contest, Identify what criteria you were running your contest by,  such as by Likes, Comments, Likes and Comments, and photos posted as a comment.
The “Allow Duplicates” can be checked or unchecked.  If duplicates are allowed, then in a “Like or Comment” contest where the user Likes (1 entry) and comments (a different entry), that user has 2 entries.
Same for Commenting.  If “Allow Duplicates” is on for a Comment contest, then one user can comment 26 times and have 26 entries.  If the box is unchecked, that user with 26 comments gets 1 entry.

Enabling selection of Multiple Winners, Downloading photos, and rejecting comments without photos are features available at the Platinum level.

Then Download the csv file. 

For non-Platinum Plans, we store the most recent download only.  For Platinum plans we store up to the most recent 5.  At any time, simply delete the existing download to make room for a new download.


Options for Creating New Timeline Contest Posts

Need help creating a post?  We’ve got you covered.

Click the “Create Post” tab to be given options to easily modify for:

• Sweepstakes (giveaways where a random winner is selected)

• Trivia (give users options and they must comment with correct answer to be eligible to win)

• Photo Contests (fans enter by adding a Photo Comment)

Simply select the type of post contest you want to run.  Click the “Show More” button to see options.  Then customize text and use our supplied image or click/drag to upload your own image and publish!.

 That’s it!  We supply sample disclaimer text for you.  For full setup instructions and details click to view our Help Guide.

Again, available at FREE plans on up in TabSite!

To sign-up your Facebook Page for the Timeline Cost App, simply go here:


Read Facebook’s full promotion guidelines.

What do you think?  Are you ready to run a news feed contest giveaway?

Want to learn more about running successful Facebook Timeline Contests? Get our eBook!

Facebook Timeline Contest eBook Guide


Facebook Mobile Traffic Grows – View New TabSite Stats Breakdown

71percentFacebook mobile use continues to grow.  In fact, Facebook recently announced that over 71% of users are accessing Facebook on a mobile device!

As we’ve said before, since Facebook does not include any companies tabs in their mobile apps, it very important to use our mobile ready Smart URL solution.  This enables mobile users and any user to click on the link and access the tab.

We made a recent enhancement to our stats to help TabSite users get a better picture of their tab traffic. We have broken down your tab traffic so you can see how many are coming to the tab on a desktop/notebook computer via Facebook; how many are accessing the tab via mobile; and how many via your published microsite.

This helps you see in greater detail the traffic on a tab.  We also added a feature to let you see the traffic to your tab in the last 24 hours.

Available now in the manager per tab!

For Engagement App tabs, click the Insights tab.


For Drag N Build Tabs:  Click the My Sub-Pages Drop down and select Sub-Page Insights.





 We will be adding a “last 30 days” view as well in the weeks ahead.

As we always note, use the Smart URL in all posting to Facebook, Twitter, your Newsletters, etc.  This enables any user on any device to access the tab.  We detect what type of browser they are on and display the  correct version for them.