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Facebook mobile use continues to grow.  It’s a fact.

However, Facebook’s iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, as well as the Facebook mobile site do not display any custom tabs that pages may have on their fan page.

This is a problem for hundreds of thousands of company Facebook pages.

In fact, not only do the apps and mobile Facebook site not include tab apps in the menu, if a news feed post contains a standard custom tab url (see image below), then mobile users get a “Page Not Found” message and have a bad user experience.

The Facebook Link to this Tab will not work for Mobile Users

The Facebook Link to this Tab will not work for Mobile Users

mobile-fail-facebookMobile users are shown a “The page you requested was not found” message with the only option being to return to the page they had been on.  This means that if pages post a link like this below about their deal or contest and the fan sees the post while on their mobile device and clicks the link, they cannot access the contest or promotion!



A URL that is SMART!  It detects the type of device the user is on and displays a version that the user can see!

TabSite offers users the ability to create a Smart, mobile friendly URL per tab so that users on ANY devices can access your Facebook Page tabs.

This Smart, mobile friendly URL, when used in a news feed post, tweets, on your website or blog detects the browser type the visitor is using and then takes the viewer to the correct view, PC or mobile, for the tab.  Using this feature gives ALL users trying to access your tab app access to it.

Simply generate the Smart URL in the TabSite Manager and then post using the Smart, mobile friendly URL.  This is available to all TabSite users in the TabSite Manager.  When used, TabSite does all the work of showing the tab!

Instructions on generating a Smart URL in TabSite.

Desktop visitors continue to have the same experience of viewing the custom tab on Facebook when they click on the Smart URL.

Find out more about TabSite & sign-up for a FREE 14 Day Trial >>  TabSite Plans



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  • Graham Chapman

    The solution destination is blank too.

  • Mike Gingerich

    @graham_chapman:disqus thanks for the alert. Looks like the solution tab was taken down by our team. I revised the Smart URL link so you can test again.

  • James Petty

    Will Facebook treat this as an external URL? Or will it still treat it as an internal url on facebook?

  • Mike Gingerich

    Hi. Please give more detail or outline an example you are thinking of so we can answer best.

  • James Petty

    What I am asking is if this link would be treated as ‘staying within facebook’ vs directing them to a landing page on my site for example. I’ve heard from numerous sources that you are charged less CPM when you keep the user in facebook as opposed to taking them to your own website.

  • Mike Gingerich

    @JamesPetty:disqus, Facebook treats it as a external URL. (outside of Facebook).

  • Jitendra:

    The url does not work.. Can you give more details step by steps. I have created facebook tab using developer apps but it does not work on the mobile 😉

  • Mike Gingerich

    Hi. You did not outline if you are a TabSite user. Our Smart URL works on TabSite apps, created and deployed via our system. If you are a TabSite user and want us to review your tab, identify it to us via a support request so we can look-up your account. Do this at

  • Mike Macey

    Tried multiple times with your QR code using my S3 scanner and could get to the app but no cigar. Clicked and clicked the Like button and the ‘Like This Page’ fangate but nothing works.

  • Mike Gingerich

    Looks like I may need to update the QR code. The Smart URL link outlined in the post is active, try it here:

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  • Adi

    What if accessing through Facebook Mobile App. Will it work in the Facebook mobile app also?

  • Mike Gingerich

    Yes, if you use the smart url in the Facebook mobile app it will open in the Facebook app browser.

  • Tomas Quintana

    so I created tab and on PC it shows the additional pages as tabs on top. on mobile however, it only shows the dafault page. how can i show other tabs?

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  • בת שבע סיידר

    Cost to use the app?

  • Amy Hall

    Hi there! You can find all the pricing at