Social Media Best Practices for Infographics


You know you need to use visuals.  You’ve created an infographic and published.
So you’re done right?

NO! You’re not done!

It’s time to OPTIMIZE how you share per social network!  This is critical.

Sharing your infographic that’s hosted on your website/blog is key to getting more traffic back to it.  As well, engaging the social sharing potential is key to maximizing the work you put in to creating the infographic!  The key is how you present the Infographic per social network!

Each social network has different image display requirements.

For example, tall infographics do not present well on Facebook! Facebook outlines horizontal images and a ratio of 1200 w x 627 h.  It’s unfortunate but a reality, you need to create some sharing images to drive social viewers to the main infographic.

The team at Lemonly put together a great infographic covering keys for social sharing on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Have a look and bookmark this for future reference!


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