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Mike Gingerich, President of Digital Hill & TabSite is a business blogger Marketer and Consultant. Part geek, part marketer, part strategist, total fitness and running junkie. Mike is an author and speaker, having presented at Social Media Week Lima, Social Media Camp (Canada) and more. Mike is a marketing, social media, and business startup enthusiast with 10+ years experience building apps, consulting, and training businesses with winning integrated strategies. Mike loves deploying tactics to increase awareness, sales, and maximize ROI in both B2B and B2C markets via digital media.

How To Promote Your Blog if You’re Super Busy

Promote your blog infographic hero image.

Promote your blog infographic hero image.We all understand the benefits of blog promotion. Not only does promotion put you in front of the right eyeballs, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to enter new markets. Additionally, when you promote your blog it allows you to drive more traffic and leads.

So, how can you promote your blog and handle everything else (business promotion, accounting, sales, marketing) simultaneously? How do you do it when the average small business owner is rarely free? The Quuu blog has a few wonderful ideas.

Consider paid advertising

The easiest way to promote your blog when you’re busy is to let pay-per-click advertisers do it on your behalf. Pay-per-click advertising is quick, reliable, cost-effective, and above all, measurable and trackable.

Leverage SEO for organic advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful way to market organically. It’s easy to set up, gives you a global audience, guarantees plenty of traffic, and is highly economical.

Build a thriving community

One thing all successful digital businesses have in common is community-backing. You need to build an excited community behind your blog to help you spread the message.

Use content promotion tools for social shared

Check out the Quuu blog to learn several other ways to promote your blog if you’re busy. The detailed infographic is complete with stats, insights, and examples.

Is your brand on the path to social commerce success?

social commerce success

social commerce success

Social commerce success has come on massively in the last few years. Millions of people purchase items directly from social media posts. For instance, a new report by e-Marketer shows that nearly half of US consumers bought a product on Facebook or Instagram in the past 12 months.

As a result, more businesses are putting more money into social commerce investments. For instance, 83% of US brands already have one or more social shops. has gathered valuable statistics and industry insights to help you take greater control of your social commerce campaign to drive greater value.

Stats on Social Commerce Success

  • Only 30% of brands have the tools to optimize social commerce across key social media networks. Even worse, only 26% have the tools to capture the next generation of customers.
  • The two biggest challenges for brands getting into social commerce are inventory and engagement. At least 52% of brands cannot manage/optimize their inventories across social channels, while 47% struggle to convert followers into customers.
  • About 57% believe that better customer service/support is the key to better social commerce outcomes. Meanwhile, 59% believe the solution lies in better visibility across social shops.

Check out the rest of the report to learn other key challenges for brands rolling out social commerce and how to overcome these challenges.


social commerce success infographic

10 Web Design Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond


Web-Design-Trends2022 will be a big year for web design. For one, the sustained shift to a digital economy means we will see many more sites to add to the existing 1.9+ billion. Similarly, expect a sharp rise in site visits, on average. Unfortunately, this also means more competition. Experts predict that it will take even more effort to get the attention of new users.

One way to get ahead of the competition and appeal to new traffic is to stay on top of web design trends. The good news is you don’t need to break new ground here as Red Web Design has compiled a list of the biggest trends for 2022.

Web Design Trends for 2022

  • Dynamic content: Dynamic content shows visitors information that matters to them based on their personal needs, job roles, and stage in the marketing funnel.
  • Voice search optimization: At least 70% of consumers will use voice search to shop in 2022. In fact, 30% of all searches could be screenless by the end of the year.
  • Accessible web design: Making your website easily accessible for physically challenged users allows you to enter a new market segment with incredible potential.

Check out the Red Website Design guide to learn other top web design trends for 2022. The list is complete with practical examples and pro tips that you can implement right away.

The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews [Infographic]


he-Importance-Of-Online-Customer-Reviews.You likely hear about it a lot. But, just how important are online customer reviews for your business? What’s the impact of these reviews on the average business, and how much would you theoretically lose without reviews?

Fortunately, INVESP has the answer. A recent study whose findings are now available on INVESP shows that customer reviews can make or break your business. The value of every review becomes apparent once you read the report.

Online Customer Reviews  Study Takeaways

  • Up to 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business: This means you’re completely out of the equation for 9-out-of-10 online shoppers if you don’t have at least a few customer reviews.
  • Customers spend 31% more on businesses with positive reviews: This makes sense, given that shoppers are more likely to trust you with their money if previous customers constantly rave about your exceptional services.
  • About 92% of users will use a local business with at least a 4-star rating: Many people prefer perfect businesses, i.e., those with a 5-star rating. However, you’ll still do well with a 4-star rating. Unfortunately, trust levels drop massively at 3-star ratings or lower.

Check out the rest of the report to find out more reasons why customer reviews are critical to your business. Also learn how many stars you need to earn the trust of local customers.

Boost Your Sales With Effective Lead Nurturing [Infographic]

Effective-Lead-Nurturing infographic.

Effective-Lead-Nurturing infographic.

Lead nurturing has become even more vital in recent years, and for a good reason. For one, very few customers buy at the first meeting. Furthermore,  most studies show that only 2% do. The others often need convincing, which can take days to months, depending on the industry and type of customer. Moreover, effective lead nurturing boosts customer loyalty and prolongs the life of customer relationships.

To this end, Grazitti Interactive has developed an insightful guide (presented as a beautiful infographic) to help you better appreciate the need for effective lead nurturing and get you started on a nurturing campaign.

 Key Takeaways

  • Nurturing guarantees increased purchases: If you’ve struggled to close purchases, nurturing can be extremely valuable. It increases purchases by up to 50%.
  • Multiply your sales opportunities: Do you struggle to find sales opportunities? Lead nurturing increases sales opportunities by up to 20 percent.
  •  Increase sales-ready leads: Sales-ready leads are contacts who are almost ready to purchase. Nurturing increases sales-ready leads by 50%.
  • Enjoy increased response rates: How often do you go without getting a response from leads? Nurturing increases response rates by 4x to 10x (400% to 1000%) at a 33% lower cost.

Check out the rest of the Grazitti Interactive guide to find out other advantages of effective lead nurturing and learn key strategies for effective nurturing.