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How Brands Can Create Content That Resonates With Gen Z



Many marketers are struggling to connect with Generation Z. According to a recent article on Market Week, “communicating with these teenagers is a minefield, leaving in its wake a cemetery” of misplaced content, ill-judged products, and, overall, rejected marketing. Here’s how brands can create content that resonates with Gen Z.

It all makes sense because the Generation Z cohort is different. For one, they’re already so familiar with tech that nothing “awes” them. So, you need to get to the point right away or risk rejection. Moreover, their early exposure to the internet means they often know more than you do, making marketing even harder.

Fortunately, Tequia Burt, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, has a few ideas on creating content that connects with your Gen Z targets.

For example;

Be authentic

The first step is to focus on authentic marketing, as regurgitated content is a big turnoff among this demographic. They’ve likely seen or heard about if someone has already published it. So, you need to give them something different, or you’ve just lost their attention.

Show ambition

Generation Zs favor growth. They have a  “can’t miss” attitude that drives them towards big goals. As such, they tend to lean more towards ambitious brands that challenge previously held standards and norms.

Check out Burt’s LinkedIn post to learn other clever ways to create content that resonates with Gen Z.

Why is Web Design Important? 6 Benefits of Good Website Design



Professional web design may seem expensive or even unnecessary when you consider the advent of DIY web builders that let anyone create a basic website with zero coding knowledge. But is it? Many small businesses and other DIYers have found out the opposite after painful experiences. Here’s how good website design can benefit your business.

Indeed, most small businesses that start with DIY site builders give up midway to seek the help of professional designers.

Red Web Design enumerates six perks of professional web design that will change your mind if you’re still on the fence.

A professional website sets the first impression

According to CXL, it takes just 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion of your site, meaning you have about 0.05 seconds to impress your visitors. Now, think about it again. Can you impress your visitors so quickly with a DIY website? It’s impossible. You can only do so with a professional website.

Professional web design aids SEO

Many people think that SEO is only about writing beautiful content and publishing fresh posts regularly. Not even close. Although content quality is critical to favorable ranking, you also need to score highly in technical aspects of SEO, many of which have to do with the quality of web design, to consistently rank highly.

Check out the rest of the Red Website Design post to learn other benefits of professional web design so you can make an informed decision.

How to Invest in Yourself for the New Year [Infographic]

Invest in yourself infographic

Invest in yourself infographicWith the new year finally upon us, many people are looking for new resolution ideas to stick to in 2022. Make 2022 the year that you set yourself up for financial, career, and personal success by starting to invest in yourself. The earlier you begin to invest, the more you will benefit later on. Investing early helps you be prepared for the future and stay adaptable in case of the unexpected. Find some prime examples of how to start investing so that you can change your life this year.

Invest In Retirement Early and Become a Millionaire

Did you know that if you invest $10,500 in a 401(k) account by the age of 25, with consistent contributions it’s possible to become a millionaire by the age of 65? By investing what you can afford early, you can reap the rewards of compound interest. Furthermore, this allows your money to grow over time even if you start with something small. It’s important to try to max out any contributions you make to your 401(k) or IRA accounts every year so that you give yourself the best opportunity to increase your wealth over time.

Find Additional Ways to Invest

If you already max out your retirement contributions, you’ll need to channel your hard-earned money into other avenues that can grow your wealth. For some people, investing in the stock market can seem daunting and also comes with a relative amount of risk.

Explore taking out a whole life insurance policy because it not only provides a safety net for your loved ones but also gives you the opportunity to invest in a cash value account that grows over time. This money will be available to you if you need to borrow funds. Moreover,  it will be protected from the volatility of the stock market.

Cultivate Your Network

A surefire way to invest in your career success is to work on creating a vast network of connections. You can do this by updating your social profile on LinkedIn and focusing on your activity. One key way to really invest in your network is to engage with others and the content they put out. Like, share, and comment in a meaningful way to cultivate a personal connection with others.

Your engaged networking will pay off if you ever need to pick someone’s brain or ask for an introduction later on in your career because your contacts will remember your previous interactions. That like or comment may just be the first step toward a more fulfilling career or higher salary.

Investing isn’t just about your career or finances though. For more inspiration on how to invest in other areas of your life like your brain, body, and family, check out this infographic from The Zebra.


10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors for Google Success in 2022

On-Page-SEO-Factors-for-Google-Success Infographic

On-Page-SEO-Factors-for-Google-Success InfographicFavorable search engine performance remains critical to successful online marketing. A good SEO ranking boosts your business’ findability, improves reach, and increases overall conversion rates. But, more importantly, good SEO increases time spent on the site, boosts customer retention, and enhances ROI. For these reasons, every forward-thinking digital marketer is already thinking about how to improve their SEO performance in 2022. Notably, the Red Website Design team’s recent report enumerates ten essential on-page SEO factors to ensure success in the new year.

On-Page SEO Factors for Google Success

  • Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT): These three have been Google’s most important ranking factors for a long time, and nothing is about to change. If you can EAT well, you’ll rank well.
  • Title tags: The title tag is the clickable title displayed in blue on search engines, the one searchers click to visit your site. Moreover, It’s the ultimate decider (along with the meta description), that determines whether the user visits your site.
  • Meta descriptions: Meta content is the content underneath the title tag in search engine result pages. Additionally, is also very important content. It directly impacts your click-through rate and indirectly impacts conversion.

Check out the Red Website Design report (it’s a beautiful infographic). The complete guide to learning ways to improve your SEO as we head into the new year.

Google’s Page Experience Update 2021: A Quick Guide

Googles-Page-Experience-Update-2021 - infographic.

Googles-Page-Experience-Update-2021 - infographic.

Google’s Page Experience update rollout is finally, as the search giant’s Search Central Twitter account announced on September 3. Surprisingly, there’s not been much buzz about the update. Even the Twitter update only has a few engagements to date.

Nevertheless, this is a major update that SEOs must take seriously as it will have significant consequences down the line. Fortunately, Attrock Digital Marketing has broken down the 2021 updates so that you can implement the requirements with ease.

The following is a summary of the main points;

  • New Core Web Vitals: Google Page Experience has announced three new ranking signals. They are Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Longest Contentful Paint (LCP), and First Input Delay (FID).
  • Mobile usability update: The 2021 update says that Google will henceforth check if your web pages are functional on mobile devices. A website qualifies as mobile-friendly if it doesn’t have mobile usability errors.
  • HTTS requirements: Google will henceforth also monitor overall HTTP/HTTPS ratios of all websites. If you have more HTTP than HTTPS URLs, you’ll see a warning banner on your site.
  • Intrusive interstitials: From now, Google will consistently check and rate websites based on advertising techniques and punish sites with distracting or interruptive ads.

Check out the Attrock blog to find out what else the Google Page Experience 2021 update covers and what you must do to retain your good rankings and stay out of trouble.