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How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business [Infographic]

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business.

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business.There has been a lot of misconception that LinkedIn is purposely used for job searching. That would have been the case when the site was launched years ago, but that’s no longer the case. Currently, people are using LinkedIn for business-related purposes. For example, creating relationships with like-minded professionals, being up-to-date with evolving industry trends, and discovering new leads who could turn up as potential customers.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than half a billion users across the globe. With each passing time, LinkedIn is becoming a sales and marketing tool in addition to a hiring platform.

How to effectively use LinkedIn to grow your small business

Ability to highly target customers and connections

Small businesses can target an exact industry, job role, and company size that they are sure will typically purchase their products. For example, a company selling customer support software to small businesses can set ad campaigns to only show to businesses having under 100 employees. Furthermore within this grouping, only to executives with customer-support titles.

Use sponsored updates

This feature provides demographics that are similar to other social media platforms such as gender, age, and location. However, one key difference is the ability to customize based on company name, title, job functions, groups, and skills. This enables users to target particular industries without competing against spam of other irrelevant messages and companies.

The effective use of LinkedIn will no doubt help in the growth of any business. Try it now and look forward to positive changes in your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels Infographic.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels Infographic.

In 2017, the fast-growing social media platform, Instagram, launched the carousel feature. This allows users to add up to 10 videos or photos in a post. Studies have found that carousels are the most engaging post format on Instagram, having an average of almost 2% engagement per post.

Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels

Use templates for consistency

Using templates helps in a smoother process as well as building consistency among clients. It’s always a good idea to come up with a few predefined templates as they can be easily accessed and also help to create a carousel faster.

Get inspiration

Great ideas usually go as faster as they come. This makes it important to note down any inspirational idea that crosses the mind. One can also try to get inspiration from personal past experiences or from friends.


Strive on finding exciting ideas by researching on what is giving competitors an edge. One can also get interesting creations by going through the comments under a post and get ideas from followers. Also, research on keywords to find out what buzzing topics people are excited about.

Whether a person is already a skilled content creator or just starting out, Instagram carousel is a great medium that is as efficient as any other, or even more. For more about creating engaging Instagram carousels check out the infographic below and then try it out to boost engagement with your users.

Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging

Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging.

Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging.

Facebook, through its creative research team, has been able to find out that it’s the little things that matter. They recently published a new collection of key points that advertisers can use in order to maximize their engagement with their brand messaging. Facebook has states that considerations that are usually are minute such as an aspect ratio of a video or phrasing of a title can have a significant impact. Capable of driving up engagement and concrete business results.

This has been found to be true especially when considering the modern complex landscape; as advertisers look to tailor their approaches to link up with consumers across a wide range of formats and platforms.

Some of the tips that Facebook has provided to improve the creativity of Facebook campaigns include the following:

  • Design for sound off: adding a caption to a video ad increases its view duration by an average of 12%.
  • Ask questions in the text copy: doing this correlates with a higher conversion lift. One can experiment with ways that make text copy engaging for target audiences.
  • Highlight the brand early and clearly: highlight your brand in the first three seconds. This association correlates positively with a higher conversion lift. It’s advisable to show recognizable brand elements from the very beginning.

For more on how to boost Facebook campaigns for effective brand messaging, check out the infographic below from SocialMediaToday.

The Increasing Role of Social Media in Successful SEO

The increasing role of social media in successful SEO

The increasing role of social media in successful SEO
Speak to almost any webmaster or blogger, and you’ll likely hear the same complaint over and over. No matter how hard they try, or how good their content is, they still can’t seem to generate significant traffic to their site.

While the adage, “Content is king,” is truer today than ever, good material alone won’t be enough to drive visitors to your pages. Of course, quality content will help. But, alone, it’s unlikely to be enough to find and engage new users. So, the question remains, how can domain owners increase footfall to their website?

Step forward Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and, increasingly, social media as a way to embolden your website’s online profile and encourage new visits.

What is Search Engine Optimization

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a range of techniques and methods used to make a website appear higher in search engine results.

Search powers the internet and is the only we humans can decipher and make sense of the vast array of data available online. When most people search for information online, the first port of call will be a search on Google. Appearing on the first page of these results is one of the main ways you can drive traffic to your site.

However, with so many sites already online (the amount of web pages now outnumbers people in the world), it’s becoming increasingly difficult to break into the top rankings.

As a site owner, you have several options open to you – the most successful of which is to enlist the services of a successful SEO company like Click Intelligence. SEO specialists have many years of experience promoting companies online and can help you reap the benefits of online marketing far quicker than you’ll ever be able to yourself.

Nonetheless, there is still one part of online marketing you can start right now – namely, promoting your site on social media.

The importance of a strong social presence

In a relatively short space of time, the major social sites have become the primary way we source and share information. Services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube have almost become search engines in their own right (YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine). Consequently, you should prioritize having a strong social presence as an integral part of your marketing mix. Especially in regards to successful SEO performance.

Moreover, with their share and like functions, social media allows users to share information with a massive audience at the click of a button.  Social media also gave birth to a new online phenomenon, “Going viral,” where the sharing of a post reaches such critical levels that it acts almost like a virus, spreading from one user to the next.

While the search engines all work slightly differently from one another, the mathematics behind viral posts remains mostly the same. To illustrate it, let’s take the example of Facebook.

The average Facebook user has 250 friends. If just one user shares your post, it has the potential to be seen by each of their 250 friends. Then if only one of them then re-shares the same post, it will reach another 250 of their friends. And so, begins the endless spiral of viral marketing. A strong social media presence and relevant, informative posts can skyrocket your website in ways otherwise unimaginable, tapping into otherwise unreachable audiences.

Social media and Page Rank

When founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page first started work Google back in 1995, the pair aimed to revolutionize and improve how search results were generated, using an algorithm based on their proprietary Page Rank system.

In essence, Page Rank determined a site’s importance by evaluating the number of external sites linking to it. While the underlying algorithm has become increasingly complex over the years, the same fundamental prioritization still powers much of Google search, even today.

Of course, getting an external site to link to you was (and remains) quite tricky. However, it’s possible to set up a social media page in seconds. Adding social accounts for your website establishes a direct inward link, giving the search engines yet another hook with which to find your site.

Better yet, if you generate followers to your site’s social pages, you’ll also be able to broadcast and share your latest posts to a potentially massive audience.

In summary

If you run your own site, it can be challenging to keep your eye on generating quality content and looking after your promotions. However, it’s important to remember, the content you make is of little use if no-one’s seeing it or using it, so try never to lose focus on your online promotion. Successful SEO and social media promotion work hand in hand to generate traffic to your site. They should both be used as part of your overall development strategy.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic [Infographic]

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

The coronavirus(COVID-19)  has been an unexpected health crisis that has brought significant changes to the daily routines of both people and corporates. Restrictions aimed at flattening the curve have led to a temporary cessation of some businesses leading to reduced production and job loss. Marketing in the Age of Pandemic calls for shifts in strategy.

Companies seeking to continue their operations in the midst of the pandemic need to adopt new strategies in order to remain competitive in the “new normal”. In order to introduce a new product or maintain the relevance of the existing product to consumers, the following are some useful marketing strategies to adapt during the Age of Pandemic.

Increase presence on media platforms

With most people staying at home, there has been a surge in global consumption of media content. Reports show that in the US, the average consumer is spending an upward of 12 hours daily on various media platforms. Those platforms range from TV-linked devices to streaming services. Marketers can take advantage of these platforms and adjust their content to suit these platforms.

Re-examine brand messaging

Regardless of the product or service being marketed, adjust your marketing strategy. Relay a message on how the brand is impacting the community, especially during this Pandemic age. Check out new and creative approaches on how to engage targeted customers and get the messaging out in order for your brand to remain relevant and competitive amid the economic turmoil; good marketing strategies in the Age of Pandemic becomes indispensable.