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Linksys Facebook Sweepstakes Takeaways

Linksys is a well known provider of Wi-Fi routers.

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration they are running a Facebook promotion for fans as shown below.  We’ll outline a few keys that Linksys has done well related to running promotions on Facebook.

Keep these items in mind as you run your next Facebook promotion.


Linksys Success Points

1. Getting the word out well

Linksys is posting the Facebook promotion numerous times over the course of the week to alert users of the social promotion. Post on Facebook and also get the word out on your blog/website and other social sharing venues.

linksys-main2. Clean Visuals

Notice the image at right is clean, non-cluttered and focused on what action the user needs to take.  Keep it simple and clear!  The more clutter, the less follow-through by fans.

3. Use of a Like Gate

The image above is the initial view a non-fan sees when coming to the tab.  This is a simple and yet highly effectively Like Gate so that visitors must become a fan of the page.  This helps build the fan community and enable these visitors to get the posts of the fan page going forward.

4. Prize is Relevant to the Brand

Note that the prizes are part of their product offerings!  This (1) keeps entrants focused on their product and (2) discourages random entrants who are not interested in the company or products they offer.

5. Simple Form Capture

The form to enter is two fields.  This is helpful in getting fans to complete the entry.  Too many fields and the more users will click away.  It must be fast and simple to understand and enter.

6. Social Sharing tools

Linksys is allowing their fans to help spread the word.  This is great because with the Like Gate in place, any and all shares that lead others back to the tab help boost the potential community Linksys has on Facebook.

Social sharing buttons on the promotion

Social sharing buttons on the promotion

One recommendation we would have for Linksys is to use the Smart URL in their news feed posts to ensure that all users (mobile, tablet, and Desktop) can access the giveaway.  If a company posts the tab url they see in their desktop (like facebook.com/mypage/app_12345) then mobile users cannot access it!  Always use the Smart, mobile friendly URL.

There you have it, a number of key tips to maximize your promotion on Facebook!  Linksys is going to give away 25 different products to entrants.  This type of promotion is called a Sweepstakes.  It is where users enter and winners are drawn randomly.