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Marketing For The Holiday Season



20% of retailers’ yearly profits occur between November and December, making the holiday season an important time to ensure your marketing is reaching the right audience.

As early as Thanksgiving, you should have your Christmas promotions ready to go to capitalize on the over 3 trillion dollar consumer spend.

Tips to effective holiday marketing include:

  • Know your audience, and cater to returning customers, not bargain hunters.
  • Dress your website for the holiday season by using effective photos and highlighting sales.
  • Make sure you have a mobile strategy.
  • Use social media effectively by hosting holiday themed giveaways and contests, branding your channels in holiday themes, and running paid ads that showcase discounts/exclusive offers.
  • Revisit your SEO, email marketing, and PPC campaigns. Make them holiday branded and targeted to the best possible audience for each campaign.
  • Measure this year’s data to maximize next year’s profits!

Kudo’s to Gryffin Media for this phenomenal infographic!


Sweepstakes Plus Engagement App offers the Power of Viral Sharing

Sweepstakes Plus by TabSiteIt’s all about Engagement.

The more your Facebook community engages, the more opportunity your business has to reach them and their friends.

How about a tool that helps your Facebook page by empowering fans to help you, which helps them?  (That’s a mouthful!)

Introducing Sweepstakes Plus from TabSite

Sweepstakes Plus is a powerful promotion app that is viral by nature. 

Setup a sweepstakes with form for fans to enter to win a prize.  The winner is chosen randomly but entrants that tweet get more entries! All of this is tracked for you.

Sweepstakes Plus by TabSite

The viral power is that a fan that enters gets a additional entry for sharing the sweepstakes via a Tweet!

Entrants can come back and share again with a different friend for another entry and so on!

Motivate fans to share and reap the rewards of more traffic and engagement on your fan page!  Includes export option for all entrants and the data on their sharing.

Start today by selecting Free 14 Day Trial!




1. Fans enter by completing form you have setup.  Add fields you need to capture, export of all entries available.

2. After entering fans are prompted to Tweet to receive another entry.  You control this message. If they share, they get another entry for their name.

Entrant can come back at any time, tweet again, and also see how many entries they have (tied to their Facebook profile) and can share again to gain additional entries. THERE IS NO LIMIT to the number of entries a fan can get.  The more a fan tweets, the more a Page can benefit.

6. TabSite has a tool in Export Manager to draw a random winner(s). This tool takes into account all the entries credited to each entrant.


To purchase go to TabSite Signup.

Linksys Facebook Sweepstakes Takeaways

Linksys is a well known provider of Wi-Fi routers.

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration they are running a Facebook promotion for fans as shown below.  We’ll outline a few keys that Linksys has done well related to running promotions on Facebook.

Keep these items in mind as you run your next Facebook promotion.


Linksys Success Points

1. Getting the word out well

Linksys is posting the Facebook promotion numerous times over the course of the week to alert users of the social promotion. Post on Facebook and also get the word out on your blog/website and other social sharing venues.

linksys-main2. Clean Visuals

Notice the image at right is clean, non-cluttered and focused on what action the user needs to take.  Keep it simple and clear!  The more clutter, the less follow-through by fans.

3. Use of a Like Gate

The image above is the initial view a non-fan sees when coming to the tab.  This is a simple and yet highly effectively Like Gate so that visitors must become a fan of the page.  This helps build the fan community and enable these visitors to get the posts of the fan page going forward.

4. Prize is Relevant to the Brand

Note that the prizes are part of their product offerings!  This (1) keeps entrants focused on their product and (2) discourages random entrants who are not interested in the company or products they offer.

5. Simple Form Capture

The form to enter is two fields.  This is helpful in getting fans to complete the entry.  Too many fields and the more users will click away.  It must be fast and simple to understand and enter.

6. Social Sharing tools

Linksys is allowing their fans to help spread the word.  This is great because with the Like Gate in place, any and all shares that lead others back to the tab help boost the potential community Linksys has on Facebook.

Social sharing buttons on the promotion

Social sharing buttons on the promotion

One recommendation we would have for Linksys is to use the Smart URL in their news feed posts to ensure that all users (mobile, tablet, and Desktop) can access the giveaway.  If a company posts the tab url they see in their desktop (like facebook.com/mypage/app_12345) then mobile users cannot access it!  Always use the Smart, mobile friendly URL.

There you have it, a number of key tips to maximize your promotion on Facebook!  Linksys is going to give away 25 different products to entrants.  This type of promotion is called a Sweepstakes.  It is where users enter and winners are drawn randomly.


Sweepstakes Template for Facebook Pages


A New Sweepstakes Template
Showcase your latest products on your facebook page and have fans enter your sweepstakes drawing!
Simply enter your large images using this TabSite template, add your name, and customize the sweepstakes settings and you’ve got a professional tab ready to go live!
Available for use at the TabSite Gold & Platinun Plan levels.




Source: tabsite.com via Mike on Pinterest

TabSite Platinum Data Capture and Export Features for Facebook Pages

TabSite Platinum – EXPORT MANAGER Features

The Platinum version of TabSite has an advanced set of tools for Contests, Sweepstakes, and Forms.  The features include ability to:

  • Capture and Export Contest entries, including photos. 
  • Build Editable Forms on tabs and have export capability of all form submission data.
  • Easy pick a random winner or winners from Sweepstakes Entries with 1 click.
  • Track the views of each Contest entry.
  • View the Total Votes and view a list of Voters.
  • Admins can select that Contest entries be Pre-Approved before they go live on the Facebook Page.

Video Overview:




Capture, View, Manage, & Export Entries 

TabSite Platinum allows users to capture, view, and export all entries to a contest or sweepstakes.

Data is stored for 6 months after the end of the contest or sweepstakes and can be viewed, managed/deleted, and exported during that time.  This includes the ability to export the YouTube and Vimeo video url’s per Video Contest entries, abilty to export the essay/content entries for Essay Contests, and ability to export a zipped file of all contest images from Photo Contests.  Sweepstakes users can export the data from each submission of their created Sweepstakes form.  When using the TabSite Form Builder, this data is also stored and available for export to csv file.

Note that for Gold Plan TabSite users, data is stored for 30 days from the end of the Contest or Sweepstakes, and for the life of the form widget.  Within the 30 day window, any Gold user can upgrade to Platinum and get access to export their data.

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