3 Ways to Improve Your Company Website

Unless you’ve recently been running your business from beneath a rock, you will know just how important it is to have a fully-functioning company website. You need it to boost your online presence, you need it to attract customers, and you need it to provide customers with information pertaining to the products and services that you offer. As you are no doubt aware, without a company website at your disposal, you would quickly find yourself falling behind the pace in your market.

Having a site is only the beginning, though. In order to transform your online endeavors, you need your company website to be as informative, institutive, and engaging as it can be. Quite simply, a poorly looked after website would be just as bad as not having one at all.

To find three ways you can improve your company website, make sure to read on.

Speed things up

If there’s one thing that will be sure to hold your company website back from reaching its full potential, its slow loading and buffering times. It’s quite simple: customers hate slow websites. If yours takes more than three seconds to load, then, unfortunately, you’ll find yourself losing more traffic than you gain.

To ensure that slow-loading isn’t a plight that your website has to contend with, you need a VPS hosting system in place. This kind of system, which is offered expertly by Krystal, will improve the speed of your site’s day-to-day performance no end. With servers that have 100% SSDs in place, your connection times will be optimized, and your redundancy will be increased. The end result? Your site’s pages will be sure to load faster than ever before.

Give your home page a spruce up

Your home page is, of course, the first thing most audience members will see when they access your website. Giving this page a bit of a spruce up should, then, be a no-brainer. Change the images found on it, shorted the text written on it, give it a fresh lick of color scheme, and ensure that the content stored on it is current.

When redesigning your homepage, ALT Agency recommends that you focus on only having the core elements above the fold…Above the fold means what a user can see on their screen without the need to scroll.
Keep key things there such as headlines that compel and draw visitors in and use a maximum of two call to action buttons to get your website visitors to your core pages, whether hat be services or checkout with minimal fuss – This will reduce bounce rates, reduce confusion and increase the number of pages a visitor visits during their visit to your website. When sitting down with your website designer, this is one of the key things that you should be planning out – What are the key elements of your website and what can you take away to make it more engaging – Use split tests to provide evidence and back up your ideas.

Better your content

No matter what you do to better your website, everything always comes back to content. You could take all of the above advice, but without quality content, your website will still feel like it lacks something. It is essential, then, that you take some time to evaluate the text, images, and videos that you’ve uploaded in the past and, if needs be, that you then set about updating them.

When it comes to bettering your content, the first thing you should do is look into ways you can provide future content that feels fresh. This will stop your website from garnering a stale feel and/or reputation, which will then help you in your bid to keep your site feeling current and befitting of the day. To freshen up your content, you have two options:

  • Change the subject matter of your content;
  • Offer different forms of content (infographics, perhaps).

Improving your company website is one of the most important tasks you face as a business owner. Take the above advice, then, and set about it right away. Another way to improve your company website is to go through a web hosting technique like Hosting Foundry that offers such services in different countries.