Facebook’s New Page Layout 2014 – What Matters to You

facebook new page layout 2014

**UPDATED 03-14-2014

Today Facebook announced a new design for Facebook Pages, and it’s supposed to start rolling out this week! It’s the roll-out of the feed and changes first detailed about exactly one year ago!!  This time, it will actually launch.

According to Facebook, the redesign of the Facebook Page Timeline layout is intended to help admins “find the tools they use most”, which is a nice thing for Facebook to do, though I’m more interested in having a Page is optimized for fans and those visiting as opposed to my own ease!

Here are 5 takeaways for marketers related to the new Facebook Page layout that will be important to keep in mind!

  1. Page News Feed is One Column: No more bouncing back and forth to the right or left column to see posts.  Like the mobile app and mobile version, the Page feed is one column.  This simply makes sense from a user perspective.  It’s a helpful change!
  2. Page Timeline Similar to the Updated News Feed: Yes, your News Feed, where you spend the majority of your time on Facebook, is also getting a “face-lift”.  Read about that here: Updated News Feed.  It’s a path toward being simpler, uniform, and similar no matter what device or location you are on.
  3. Your Posts Matter: The vast majority of user time on Facebook, over 65%, is in the News Feed.  So your Page must post to reach your audience in the News Feed.  Use Insights to know when your fans are on Facebook and post well, post often (at least 3-5x a day) and post to engage!
  4. No more icons for tabs and photos: UPDATE!  Page icons DO APPEAR.  They are in the left side below the “About”.  Remember those tab app 111 x 74 images you created for your custom tabs?  You don’t have to worry about that any longer.  Tabs will be accessed in the “More” drop down menu.  Is that bad?  No, not really, read point #3 again.  (Your posts in the News Feed are what people see and what drives traffic to your tabs.)  Make your posts the cornerstone of your communication strategy on Facebook.
  5. Smart URL Becomes More Important: Following up on that last point, now that tab app images are not visible on the Timeline, you don’t want to count on the “More” drop down for discovery, so the solution is to create tab apps and then create Link Posts (On the Page or using our Buffer / Hootsuite / Sendible integrations) to develop dynamic and attraction oriented posts that include the Smart URL link in it.  This way, fans can be alerted to the tab by your posts and easily click through and access the tab no matter what device they are on!

BONUS:  Ads can be your friend.

Yes, I’m recommending you use Facebook Ads.  You don’t need to use lots, but for your key posts and for driving more sign-ups and promotion to contests on tabs, use Facebook Ads!  The Ad Manager is becoming simpler to use and by creating ads to drive clicks to the Smart URL you can drive very targeted traffic, traffic that you want, to your tabs many times for pennies per click!  Need help with Ads?  One resource I can recommend is the Go-at-your-Pace Facebook Ad Course by Andrea Vahl.

Did I mention that your posts on your Page matter and that you need to be using the Smart URL, (sometimes with Ads) to drive the most key traffic you can to your tab?  If not, I did now! 🙂

So what do you think?  Has your Page gotten the new layout yet?  Let me know!

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Mike Gingerich, President of Digital Hill & TabSite is a business blogger Marketer and Consultant. Part geek, part marketer, part strategist, total fitness and running junkie. Mike is an author and speaker, having presented at Social Media Week Lima, Social Media Camp (Canada) and more. Mike is a marketing, social media, and business startup enthusiast with 10+ years experience building apps, consulting, and training businesses with winning integrated strategies. Mike loves deploying tactics to increase awareness, sales, and maximize ROI in both B2B and B2C markets via digital media.

102 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Page Layout 2014 – What Matters to You

  1. Do you know if they are getting rid of that stupid 20% text rule? Could never understand that especially when paying for an ad. You should be able to put as much texts as you’d like.

  2. @kdonovan:disqus since the example they provided isn’t a type of page they want people to message, they are likely including this…this page just doesn’t have it turned on.

    Remember this is speculation until this is released.

  3. So what does that mean for the custom tabs we’ve set up in TabSite? They’re available but only if people click More? That’s definitely a negative: anyone who’s done click-tracking or heat maps knows that if people have to click to see it, they probably won’t get to it.

  4. It comes back to points 3 & 5 which have not changed. The vast majority of people coming to tabs come via a post, either on Facebook, email, tweets, etc. Our work with clients shows repeatedly that those who have the best results are those that posted, pinned posts, and drove traffic to tabs via the news feed. Studies beyond ours showed that the place people spend majority of time, like 70%, is in the news feed. Simple answer is you always want to focus on where the people are to intersect with them and bring them in to where you want them to be. So with that stat, the key for Facebook really is the News Feed for interacting and inviting those people to your tabs.

  5. Not sure I agree with your there, Christian. The rule only applies to images in ads and sponsored posts so it does not stop anyone from putting a ton of text in an image, like all the memes, as long as it’s an organic post. So, would people who are spending money actually be more inclined to create images with lots of text than they would for their organic posts? Doubtful. The people who would turn Facebook into MySpace can already do it if they want.

    The issue I have with the rule is that I can never post a screenshot of my designs and use those in a promoted post. I think it’s a silly rule and it’s serving no purpose, IMO.

  6. What isn’t readily obvious in the screenshot is where the “Posts by Others” box is. I’ve never liked the fact that a Page can’t choose to allow others to post on their Page and have those posts show up in the Timeline automatically. We have to allow the post on the Timeline manually, but if that box is gone how will anyone see what others have posted? Maybe it’s down the left side somewhere?

  7. That’s a good point Hugh! I’ve heard folks asking about the “Reviews” for local Pages as well. The “More” drop down could be a place for “Posts by Others” as well.

  8. How does TabSite factor into this new NewsFeed format? I’ve used it primarily for custom tabs, but since those will now have a diminished role, where does TabSite come in?

  9. I think little has changed with this new layout. The same rules that were critical remain critical. Pages need to attract and engage. Our apps help you have attraction and engagement promotions and tools. People spend time in the News Feed most, we give you a Smart URL to share your tab to the news feed. Keep focusing on attraction and engagement,and our tools do that.

  10. Oh, boy… thank you, Mike. I am extremely glad you posted this because I didn’t know about this upcoming change. (Probably because I’ve had no time lately to peruse many social media “advice columns”) I would have just opened my Page one day and received a nasty surprise. I opened the email because it was from you – thank you for Liking my Page, by the way (Millcreek Spreaders).

    Some of these changes aren’t half-bad, but I am not real happy about losing my custom tabs, including the one I JUST set up a week ago with you for our Sweepstakes. I have had enough trouble directing people to my tabs WITH them visible! Yes, I’ve been pushing the URL that leads directly to the TabSite Sweepstakes and I know that has helped…. but I also think people who wander onto the Page are never going to find them. Thanks a lot, Facebook. This is really discouraging.

    I will do as you recommend and continue getting that URL out there as much as I can. Running my Page has been a learn-as-I-go experience all along so I suppose I’m stuck with taking this latest update in stride, too.

  11. I was glad to visit and “Like” your Page! Nice job creating a sweepstakes! I think you’ll be OK! We’ve had some clients tracking their sweepstakes visits entry methods as best they can and it has been interesting to have them each note the traffic was from the news feed. Others ran “dark post” ads so that the post was only in the News Feed and not on the Page Timeline and they had great traffic to the tab (yes, they did pay to target) for only about $25 for a 8 day campaign. That cheap and a great way to get TARGET (not just general) traffic to your tab. My points 3, 5, and the Bonus are the keys in IMHO.

  12. @hughbriss:disqus, just a hunch.

    It is definitely a silly rule. Considering they do things at random, there likely isn’t a valid justifiable reason for the 20% rule. I feel your pain on not being able to promote your designs.

  13. Hi Mike, thank you very much for all the great info. I really appreciate it.
    I am still very new to Fb Marketing so this is extremely valuable to me.
    Keep it coming.

  14. I got a notification that all pages would switch on the 28th but so far – that doesn’t appear to be the case. Looks like Facebook is doing another slow roll out – have you seen any other details to indicate otherwise?

  15. Hey! Do you know how to “highlight” a post/picture from your fans? Now I dont see that option!

  16. I have got this timeline activated on my FB page but I want to get back to the old one. Is there any way out?

  17. Do you have to wait for Facebook to update your page or can you request for the new update somehow?

  18. Many Pages are getting a option and button in the Admin area inviting them to be added to the update list. This would make the process of moving to the new design faster, supposedly! I say “supposedly” because I have a page I submitted for the change and that was 3 weeks ago and nothing has changed.

  19. I changed over and I’m like the only page with this new layout. I feel left out. Will they be rolling this new layout to everyone eventually that runs a LIKE page?

  20. And wheres is that option in the Admin?? From South America and I have only seen one fan page with this new fan page… Please help!

  21. Again, that is at Facebook’s discretion to display or not. Best advice is to simply be patient and wait to see what they do. They have slowed the process.

  22. I can’t figure out why my business page hasn’t updated to the new layout yet. Do you know when facebook expects all pages to be converted? My competitor has a pretty new site and I want one, too! *pouts and whines like a child*

  23. So my Facebook business page changed and I totally dislike it. I’ve noticed that several other business friends of mine didn’t have the page change happen to their pages and i’m not sure why? Can I change the ‘type’ of page I have too have Facebook change the layout back?? I am currently under ‘artist’ though I know other photographers who are also listed on Facebook as artist and their pages didn’t change? Please help 😀 https://www.facebook.com/Sarah.Sharpe.Photography

  24. please help, how can I apply the new page layout to my own?

    my friend’s page has already been updated but mine has not and I find it a lot more practical. any info would be great-thank you!

  25. With the new page layout how can you read the reviews under the star ratings? My page is only showing 3 reviews and prior to the new layout we had many and were able to scroll down to read them.

  26. same problem with my page…cannot see all the reviews and ratings. Any solution to that?

  27. This is the biggest problem for me I have over 300 five star reviews and only three are visible .. if anyone can tell me how to access them all Id be grateful

  28. With the new page layout how can you read the reviews under the star ratings? My page is only showing 3 reviews and prior to the new layout we had many and were able to scroll down to read them.

  29. Donna, I also don’t see much flexibility for accessing more reviews. It seems like there are 3 now. Perhaps as Facebook makes small adjustments they will make this clearer.

  30. Think I shall spend some time screenshotting my reviews now before my customers lose sight of them .. thanks Mike x

  31. screen shot your reviews before your layout changes over so that you can publish them as pics x

  32. I have the new layout and am having trouble finding where I can switch over and use Facebook as the page itself. I’m pulling my hair out trying to find it. :/

  33. Hey, they did remove access from within the page. However, you can still access it from the top right of your Facebook account settings. (Next to your privacy settings). See image.

  34. A thousand thanks and blessings to you this fine day. I wasted too much time trying to find it on the page yesterday. I will be sure to let others in the field know. I had visited with others yesterday too, who didn’t know. Thank you!

  35. So I joined the waiting list and now apparently my pages have been approved and will publish on June 13th. It seems like there is no turning back to the older version page timeline. Is there a way that I can go back? I really dislike how any highlighted post dont appear “big” on the timeline once going into to this new layout. HELP! I wanna go back!

  36. David, if you published, there is no going back. Not sure what you mean by the “big”. Images are appearing big in the news feed of fan which is where they spend over 70% of their time and see your posts.

  37. I haven’t published yet as it is in sample. It says it will publish officially on June 13th. What I mean “big” is when for example when you highlight a video it will show in a larger appearance on your timeline. You can’t really do that with the new version… This is what I have saying to me right now before making it official:

    “What Other People See
    People who go to your Page will still see the old version until you publish your updated Page.”

    “What You See
    You’re previewing your new Page so you can make sure everything looks the way it should.”

    So does this mean that there could be a way back since its not officially published?

  38. I have to add that the reviews are showing old ones … at least I would expect
    the last 3 reviews to show, otherwise it may seem that we haven’t gotten
    a review in a year!

  39. My business page updated to the new layout a few days ago, and I am REALLY disliking the new message system. I’m not able to move any message conversations to or from the inbox to my ‘other’ folder, and when I click on a conversation, it’s only showing the last 2 or 3 messages; I have to keep clicking ‘read earlier messages’ to access older messages. And I cannot attach photos or documents to my messages like before; when I upload them now, they just automatically post in the message, they don’t attach and then send when I press send anymore. I’m extremely disappointed.

  40. @hughbriss:disqus, I had been opting to highlight some posts by others to pages manually, as you mention on Facebook pages (Highlight On Page). However, I’m noticing that those highlights/features are not staying featured on the Facebook Page timeline for pages converted.

    Interestingly enough, I’m seeing posts with no highlight at all stay in the stream as more important than those starred or flagged for feature previous to the Pages conversions. Hopefully this is something else that will be tweaked after all pages are converted. Lets see… 🙂

  41. Hello. Like anything with Facebook you typically need to wait a bit and allow for them to make adjustments and changes. I have not, however, experienced the inability to add attachments to post as you outline.

  42. where to find See Likes tab? cannot see who of friends already liked the page and who didnt

  43. How do you change the name of the tab now? You used to be able to edit it by the pencil icon but that is no longer there.

  44. Like details are accessed in the “Like” area below your cover image. It has changed but you can click in areas to see friends that liked the page. see image.

  45. Donna, update. I was on a page and click the reviews stars or review button and you go to a page with all the reviews on it. Appears they are sorted by a algorithm of hightest stars first and then socially relevant (if you are connected to a reviewer, it appears higher for you). So the box will have 3 on the timeline to keep it clean but they let you click to go see them all.

  46. Mike … update. I think I love you lol … this was my biggest concern, my reviews are everything to me. I actually don’t think I mind at all now if it switches. thanks for taking the time to let me know x

  47. Ha ha! Thanks Donna. If I’ve learned anything about Facebook, it’s that they push new updates fast, then catch up on the little details later on! (Like Reviews)

  48. Hy,Please Mike can I switch to my old version of my business page because these new version is not good for me,if i can please explain how? thanks Mike 🙂


  49. Hi. No, it just means Facebook is giving you a window to setup how you want the new layout to look for you before you go live with it or before the day they take it live for you! Yes, the videos are small on the Page but larger in the News Feed. Again, that is because over 80% of a fans interaction with your page is in the News Feed.

  50. Hi Mike
    In the new facebook page I cant find how to schedule a post?? have they taken that feature away?

  51. I can no longer see that bar on my page. – OK now I figured it out. Thank you!

    Another question:

    When I am on a page I manage how do I get back to my newsfeed?

  52. Hey Mike is there anyway that I can view all the people that have liked my page? Or message them directly?

  53. Hi, do you have tutorials for creating Page Tabs/App? I was able to make working Page Tab before using the URL I made in Google Sites Page. Now I can’t make it work, though the Page Tab/App is still created and shown in my Facebook Page.

  54. The one column layout is so annoying. It takes longer to scroll down to parts of my page and I haven’t found out how to specifically search a word that I know is on my page but would take too long to scroll down to. I’ve done a google search and I don’t see what they say I am supposed to see. Even before the timeline change, I couldn’t search a word that was far down the page unless I scrolled down far enough. I want to find the word without spending half an hour scrolling down.

  55. I, like an earlier poster, cannot add photo attachments to a message. I CAN on my personal page but CANNOT on my business page. It’s a crucial part of my business and have been doing it for years. I go to a conversation, click on the camera icon, upload my image and then the photo box is ‘empty’ and when I click REPLY no message/photo shows up. The sender is not getting it at all. Then there seems to be this new thing (never saw it before)…Press Enter to send and a check box. I’ve tried to check that and click ENTER on my keyboard – nothing. When I DO check that box, the ‘REPLY is greyed out. I’d GREATLY appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you so much.

  56. HELP!!! With the June 2014 update – Facebook Business pages NO LONGER HAVE THE ABILITY to add/upload an attachment with a message. This is completely ridiculous. I have a business, I have a Facebook business page – I use the message (AND IMAGE attachment feature) 100% to communicate with my customers. I cannot believe Facebook removed this feature from their ‘BUSINESS PAGES!”. I’m trying desperately to find a work around – – any ideas!? Thank you

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