Facebook’s New Page Layout 2014 – What Matters to You

facebook new page layout 2014

**UPDATED 03-14-2014

Today Facebook announced a new design for Facebook Pages, and it’s supposed to start rolling out this week! It’s the roll-out of the feed and changes first detailed about exactly one year ago!!  This time, it will actually launch.

According to Facebook, the redesign of the Facebook Page Timeline layout is intended to help admins “find the tools they use most”, which is a nice thing for Facebook to do, though I’m more interested in having a Page is optimized for fans and those visiting as opposed to my own ease!

Here are 5 takeaways for marketers related to the new Facebook Page layout that will be important to keep in mind!

  1. Page News Feed is One Column: No more bouncing back and forth to the right or left column to see posts.  Like the mobile app and mobile version, the Page feed is one column.  This simply makes sense from a user perspective.  It’s a helpful change!
  2. Page Timeline Similar to the Updated News Feed: Yes, your News Feed, where you spend the majority of your time on Facebook, is also getting a “face-lift”.  Read about that here: Updated News Feed.  It’s a path toward being simpler, uniform, and similar no matter what device or location you are on.
  3. Your Posts Matter: The vast majority of user time on Facebook, over 65%, is in the News Feed.  So your Page must post to reach your audience in the News Feed.  Use Insights to know when your fans are on Facebook and post well, post often (at least 3-5x a day) and post to engage!
  4. No more icons for tabs and photos: UPDATE!  Page icons DO APPEAR.  They are in the left side below the “About”.  Remember those tab app 111 x 74 images you created for your custom tabs?  You don’t have to worry about that any longer.  Tabs will be accessed in the “More” drop down menu.  Is that bad?  No, not really, read point #3 again.  (Your posts in the News Feed are what people see and what drives traffic to your tabs.)  Make your posts the cornerstone of your communication strategy on Facebook.
  5. Smart URL Becomes More Important: Following up on that last point, now that tab app images are not visible on the Timeline, you don’t want to count on the “More” drop down for discovery, so the solution is to create tab apps and then create Link Posts (On the Page or using our Buffer / Hootsuite / Sendible integrations) to develop dynamic and attraction oriented posts that include the Smart URL link in it.  This way, fans can be alerted to the tab by your posts and easily click through and access the tab no matter what device they are on!

BONUS:  Ads can be your friend.

Yes, I’m recommending you use Facebook Ads.  You don’t need to use lots, but for your key posts and for driving more sign-ups and promotion to contests on tabs, use Facebook Ads!  The Ad Manager is becoming simpler to use and by creating ads to drive clicks to the Smart URL you can drive very targeted traffic, traffic that you want, to your tabs many times for pennies per click!  Need help with Ads?  One resource I can recommend is the Go-at-your-Pace Facebook Ad Course by Andrea Vahl.

Did I mention that your posts on your Page matter and that you need to be using the Smart URL, (sometimes with Ads) to drive the most key traffic you can to your tab?  If not, I did now! 🙂

So what do you think?  Has your Page gotten the new layout yet?  Let me know!

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