How to Make Your Website More User-Friendly? [Infographic]

How to make your website more user-friendly.Make sure your website is user-friendly. User experience affects whether or not visitors will stay long enough to explore a website. Bells and whistles won’t cut it. Ease of use does.

To ensure your website is user-friendly, refer to the evaluation criteria below:

1) Simple homepage

Many users will opt to leave a website when they feel overwhelmed. Given that, display only the main tabs on the homepage. If your website has a lot of sections, put them together as sub-groups under the main tabs.

2) Appropriate font size

When a font is too big, users will have to scroll from side to side to read a sentence. If it’s too small, users can get eye strain. Stick to a font size from 16px to 25px and line-height of 1.5px for the best readability level.

3) Relevant image alt tags

When the internet connection is slow, alt text will show up in place of images. Thus, ensure alt tags are self-explanatory. Others users such as the visually impaired relying on screen readers will also benefit from this.

4) Smooth mobile compatibility

Most people use their phones to go online, so your website should be usable both on desktop and mobile. Use Google’s mobile-friendly test to check how your website fares.

For the rest of the evaluation criteria, refer to How to Make Your Website More User-Friendly, an infographic from Grazitti Interactive.


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