4 Mobile Apps That Let You Earn While You Shop

4 Mobile Apps That Let You Earn While You Shop

E-commerce is driving the American economy and that of the rest of the world. It made possible the rise of such titans as Jeff Bezos, the first centibillionaire on the planet. And we totally understand that. These days mobile apps are core to e-commerce business.

At a time when the virus is still roaming at large, people prefer to shop online. What many do not realize is mobile shopping is at the center of online sales. As over 306 million Americans are stuck indoors and adversely affected by the virus, 72% of these consumers use their smartphones to shop online.

That certainly speaks of convenience. And as you shop in-store using your mobile device, there’s that bygone conclusion the relegates mobile shopping as a money-eating machine. You’re bound to wonder if there are ways your smartphone or any mobile device for that matter, can earn you cash. And save you some.

You’re in luck. As much as mobile shopping has become the next big thing in America, a slew of apps has made it their goal to give you a better shopping experience. This actually means you can earn some dollars using them. Or save some.


Have you ever had that feeling when you see something you want but don’t know where to get it? Well, that problem right there is what CamFind is all about. And the solution is visual search. Indeed, this recognition technology is changing the way we shop. Small wonder it’s making waves online.

It’s one of the top mobile apps that is simple. CamFind makes shopping a cinch. You can get vital information on a product just by taking a picture of it. Not only will the app identify the product, but also, and perhaps most importantly, it will show you where to buy one.

Even better, you get price comparisons. That way you can buy a product at the best deal possible. You just have to take a picture of your desired product and voila, you get results. 

If you’re thinking CamFind, available free both on iOS and Android, is only good for consumer items, think again. You can also use it for real estate. It can provide key information with regard to houses and properties. By doing so, you get the price, address, and history of the house. But that’s no all. You even get pictures of the interior.

In a way, this can help lessen your burden when you want to zero in on a property. Also, it is a great tool so you can process your home loan from the best mortgage companies. In effect, buying a house becomes a breeze.


 And now for one of the top cash-earning mobile apps. Unlike CamFind, ShopSavvy relies on bar codes. So to get the best deals, you just have to scan a bar code of a product. And voila the app will show you which retailer can give you the best price. We’re talking about a bazillion products from over 40,000 stores, Amazon and Walmart including.

But that’s not all there is to it. You can also earn as much as 20% cashback when you buy through the app. Though not a regular feature, this scheme is deployed by some stores now and then. Additionally, you can also track the price of your favorite product. You can arrange an email to be sent to you every time a good deal comes. So you can buy the product at the best price.


If you want to enjoy some money back when you shop, then theIbottaapp is for you. The good news is this app is free for both Android and iOS. This app also works with top retailers in the country.

To get some cash, just scan your receipts. You can also save deals. Or better yet, access app-specific deals so you can save some. With Ibotta, you can scan your receipt so you can get bonus money back for featured offers. Take note that Ibotta can give you cents back for specific items. Instead of pictures or scan codes, you scan receipts here. A scanned receipt confirms your purchase. After which balance will be added to your buyer account (set it up). You get to cash out when the amount reaches $20.


Wouldn’t you want to be notified when a prized item goes on sale? Of course. You would choose to be the first to know if you can, right? That’s what this app does.

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