Real Time Mobile Use [Infographic]

Real Time Mobile UseHave you ever wondered how your potential customers use their mobile devices? This information is essential to learning how to optimize your buyer journey, the type of marketing tactics that work best for your audience, and what you need to be doing on your mobile channel.

With real time mobile use data, you get to take a deep dive into the typical activities of your prospective customers. Here are a few interesting insights into what they’re doing on their smartphones and tablets.

Social Media

A lot happens in one minute in the mobile social media world. Here are a few eye-opening statistics:

  • Mobile users comment 18,205 times on Facebook
  • 279 Twitter statuses get posted
  • 175,057 photos get uploaded on Instagram
  • 289,891 people visit Linkedin
  • 14,004 users visit Google+

Mobile Searches

Smartphones are always on-hand, so it makes sense that you see a lot of search activity on this convenient device. Here are a few things that happen on search engines in one minute on a mobile device:

  • Google gets 436,477 searches
  • 87,295 voice searches on Google go through
  • People search 350,115 times on Bing
  • AOL gets 4,154  mobile search activity

Therefore, being mobile-friendly isn’t enough to succeed in the business world. Your social media marketing strategy has to have a lot of mobile optimization to keep you competitive.

This amazing infographic is from our friends at Click on the infographic to see more real time stats.

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