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[Infographic] Facts About Google Every Marketer Should Know

Facts About Google Every Marketer Should Know - 315

Facts About Google Every Marketer Should Know - 315As the biggest search engine, Google gets a  whopping 83% of the search market share — worldwide! Because of it’s influence, here are facts about Google every marketer should know.

The top five search results on the first page gets 70% of the total clicks.

The bottom half of the first page and all the other pages get only 30%. Unless you have a huge budget, don’t waste time on highly competitive keywords. Choose more specific keywords to target a niche, and work on getting into the top search results for those terms.

More than 50% of Google searches are on mobile devices.

In line with this statistic, they announced a change its algorithm to factor in mobile usability. Update your website to be mobile-friendly so that it performs better on search results. Otherwise, don’t be shocked if it slips down in ranking.

Thanks to our friends at SocialMediaToday.com for this wonderful infographic.

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