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Effectiveness Of Online Advertising – Statistics And Trends [Infographic]



How effective is digital advertising? It’s the million-dollar question for most businesses, how to start digital marketing. Business is built on profitability. How profitable is digital advertising?

Online Advertising

Invesp recently did in-depth research on this topic. From the findings, two things are apparent;

  • Digital advertising is very effective
  • A lot of people are doing it wrong

For those looking for evidence of the effectiveness of digital marketing, the report begins by pointing out Google’s revenues. In total, online advertising earned Google at least $134.81 billion in 2019 alone.

And it’s not just Google. Facebook, Amazon, Verizon, and American Express all generate enormous revenues from their digital ad campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are doing advertising right. It’s appalling, for instance, of the 1,700 ads sent to the average digital consumer every month only 50% are viewed. Worse still, only 0.01% (one in a thousand) ads in an ad campaign get a  click. It’s a grim situation, to say the least.

So, where do advertisers go wrong?

There are several issues, from targeting to inappropriate content, and fraud. Targeting, though, sticks out as the biggest problem area. On average, only 44% of all ads are in-target!

Check out the infographic report from Invesp to find out what you need to change to get your digital ad campaign back on track.


Marketing Tips for Law Firms and Businesses


When you’re working hard to make your legal business or attorney’s office a success, you might not be paying much attention to the marketing side of the job. That’s understandable – after all, you’re a trained lawyer with plenty of irons in the fire and many clients to keep abreast of. But the truth is, if you want to truly make a success of a start-up, small or independent law firm, you need to engage in marketing. This article shows you how to do so without breaking the bank or spending too much time away from legal work. 

Understand Digital Marketing

Your first concern is to simply understand the world of digital marketing. Only then will you be able to plan a strategy to get your firm on the map, with higher visibility and engagement. Consider how the following might work for your business:

  • UX focussed web design, optimized for mobile as well as laptop
  • Multimedia blog posts that explain some of your toughest and best cases
  • Keyword used to help raise your website up the Google rankings
  • Partnerships and cross-promotional links to other local businesses in your area

All of these techniques will lead you to more visibility, more web traffic and more business for your law firm – but you need to understand what they’ll offer you before you crack on and create your strategy.

Outsource the Work

There are two ways to enact a marketing strategy for your law firm. The first is to hire at least two professionals to perform your marketing campaign in-house, and the second is to outsource this work to professionals. With the industry-specific marketing options in Just Legal Marketing, it would seem unwise not to choose the latter option. That way, you can sit back and allow people who know the industry inside out to help you draw up the perfect marketing campaign for the modern business world. 

Make Media Appearances

Law is a part of the world that many people don’t consider – it’s a layer of what makes the world go around that we’re all too often unaware of until we really need an attorney to look at our case. Recognizing how people interact with the concept of law, and with law firms specifically, will help you build a solid media strategy that’ll involve your appearing in the media to comment or commentate on some of the cases that are either making the news in your locale or around the world. Media appearances boost your visibility – and it’s well worth taking the time to do. 

Work Well

While most of your marketing strategy in the digital era should be built around how you look in the online space, there’s also something to be said for the ’old fashioned’ marketing strategy of working well for your clients and letting word of mouth take care of the rest. Make sure you’re putting your all into every case and every client in order to make sure you’re enjoying only good reviews in the community. 

These marketing tips should help any law firm get more business in the future. 

8 Ways to Boost Your Google Rank with Back Links [Infographic]

8 Ways to Boost Your Google Rank with Back Links

8 Ways to Boost Your Google Rank with Back LinksNot happy with your site’s Google rank? Boost it with backlinks! Here’s how:

Create content for others

Guest posting is an effective way to get quality inbound links. Contact high-authority sites within your niche and offer to write a post with a backlink to your site. Also, ask if they’re interested in a guest post exchange to return the favor.

Produce shareable infographics

Visual content is easy to consume and share, which is why infographics are popular. To take advantage of this, make an interesting infographic that people will love to discuss and repost. Whenever it gets shared, your site gets a backlink.

Conduct expert roundups

Creating content from expert roundups is time-consuming but worth the effort. It’s a good way to build relationships with influencers. Also, those who agree to participate are likely to share the content on their own sites, generating a backlink to yours.

Thanks to PageTrafficBuz for this informative infographic illustrating important tips to earn backlinks that improve your Google ranking.

8 Ways to Boost Your Google Rank with Back Links



[Infographic] 9 Email Tools That Can Help You Be More Efficient

[Infographic] 9 Email Tools That Can Help You Be More Efficient

[Infographic] 9 Email Tools That Can Help You Be More EfficientTechnology is great—until it’s not. Think about all the ways that email has changed your personal and professional life. You’re able to share news—both big and small—with friends, family, and clients. It’s instant contact and instant updates, particularly important in the fast-moving world of sales. But what happens when

But what happens when email gets the best of you and your work life? That can lead to unproductive days, lost sales, and unhappy clients. That’s why it’s important to manage and master tools that can make email work both harder and smarter for you.

Email Tools for Efficiency and Productivity

Fortunately, many social media platforms understand the importance and durability of email, and have created tools or extensions that help you maximize its use. LinkedIn, for example, has a free extension that gives you a user’s details from the site. So when you spend your time using email as a client contact, you already know information about that client—their likes, dislikes, and experiences.

Email is tricky, too, because it’s hard to parse all the details about what’s happening when someone opens and email (and what they do with it). Engagement tools can help you better understand all that data; Yesware, for example, provides details about who is clicking on what and what attachments may have been opened.

For many people, staying on top of an inbox is a tremendous struggle, especially if email volume increases. But many emails don’t have to be dealt with immediately, which is why tools like Boomerang are so useful. This Gmail tool archives emails, but reminds you or returning to them on a specified date—almost like email becomes your to-do list as well as a way to keep in touch with future and current clients.

How else can email work harder and smarter for you? Find out with the helpful tips and tools in this graphic.  Many thanks to our friends at Salesforce.com for this helpful infographic.

Simple Tools to Make Your Inbox More Efficient

Via Salesforce

[Infographic] How to Clean Your Email List

[Infographic] How to Clean Your Email List

[Infographic] How to Clean Your Email ListDon’t want your messages to end up in the Promotions tab or worse, in the spam folder? A clean email list will decrease your bounce rates and increase quality leads. Here are a few ways to clean your email list:

  • Remove unsubscribers

    You can try to change their minds with a few follow-up emails. But if you still get nothing after that, respect the unsubscribers’ decision to opt out. Otherwise, they can report you for spamming their inboxes. Most email service providers do this automatically for you.

  • Re-engage with inactive readers

    Interest can decrease but not necessarily go away for good. So try rekindling it while it’s there. The best way is to give an incentive that’ is too good to pass up.

  • Reconfirm subscriptions

    People who signed up awhile ago may no longer be interested in your newsletter topic. If they didn’t even bother unsubscribing their email address may be obsolete. The chances are that they won’t bother confirming either.

Thanks to our friends at Email Uplers  for this bright and informative infographic.

Email List Cleaning

Source : Email List Spring Cleaning