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The PR Metrics That Matter

PR Metrics That Matter

PR Metrics That Matter

PR is a subject that we don’t talk a lot about here or on DigitalHill.com, so I wanted to share this helpful infographic with you. PR and content are very similar, and some people may think they’re the same thing, but this infographic gives us a clear description of PR and how to measure its impact on your bottom line.

Just like content marketing the 2 main reasons for PR are:

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Visibility

PR is “earned media”. Earned media is information that comes from a trusted source. It doesn’t come from you. Why is earned media so important? 92% of buyer trust earned media more than any other type of advertising! What type of posts/information make up earned media? Ratings, reviews, recommendations and  stories about the customers experience with the company.

How do you measure your PR efforts and successes? What are your PR metrics?

  1. Determine your goals. – What is your endgame? More leads, more engagement from your customers or build your list?
  2. Develop campaigns that support these goals. – Your campaign may include press releases, expert opinions about your product or service and news about the company.
  3. Monitor your campaigns. –  Use technology to track mentions and interactions with your brand or service.
  4. Measure your results. – Collect the data and put it into a form that you can look at and see the changes over time. This is the step that most small businesses miss. They commit the results to memory and can sometimes miss small victories.

What should you measure?

This infographic is brilliant. It gives you specific items to measure and how to track the items. By following the steps on the infographic, you’ll quickly build a PR measurement system you can use to track your new referral links, increased website traffic and new signups or leads.  You’ll be able to track your ROI.

PR Metrics That MatterThanks to OnBoardly.com for this awesome and informative infographic.