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Boost Your Sales With Effective Lead Nurturing [Infographic]

Effective-Lead-Nurturing infographic.

Effective-Lead-Nurturing infographic.

Lead nurturing has become even more vital in recent years, and for a good reason. For one, very few customers buy at the first meeting. Furthermore,  most studies show that only 2% do. The others often need convincing, which can take days to months, depending on the industry and type of customer. Moreover, effective lead nurturing boosts customer loyalty and prolongs the life of customer relationships.

To this end, Grazitti Interactive has developed an insightful guide (presented as a beautiful infographic) to help you better appreciate the need for effective lead nurturing and get you started on a nurturing campaign.

 Key Takeaways

  • Nurturing guarantees increased purchases: If you’ve struggled to close purchases, nurturing can be extremely valuable. It increases purchases by up to 50%.
  • Multiply your sales opportunities: Do you struggle to find sales opportunities? Lead nurturing increases sales opportunities by up to 20 percent.
  •  Increase sales-ready leads: Sales-ready leads are contacts who are almost ready to purchase. Nurturing increases sales-ready leads by 50%.
  • Enjoy increased response rates: How often do you go without getting a response from leads? Nurturing increases response rates by 4x to 10x (400% to 1000%) at a 33% lower cost.

Check out the rest of the Grazitti Interactive guide to find out other advantages of effective lead nurturing and learn key strategies for effective nurturing.

What is a Buyer’s Journey? [Infographic]


What-is-a-Buyers-Journey-700Though impulse buying is a thing, most people tend to research and compare their options before making a purchase. This is especially easy with the use of smartphones and the internet; with just a few clicks, people can read check prices and read reviews. Thus, the typical buyer’s journey begins with getting their interest piqued and ends with recommending what they bought to other people. As a marketer, your goal is to take them from that first step to the last one by following that journey.

1: Awareness

Your goal is to make the buyer aware of a problem they didn’t know they have and of your brand they didn’t know exists. The buyer will realize they have a need that needs to be addressed. Focus more on their pain points and the corresponding solutions.

2: Consideration

Your goal is to get in the buyer’s short list. The buyer will be looking up more information about their choices. Present content they’ll find relevant, like white papers and industry reports.

3: Decision

Your goal is to be chosen with finality. The buyer will expect customer service, after-sales support, and other stuff depending on what they purchased. See it through until the end to ensure your buyer is satisfied.

For a more detailed look into the buyer’s journey, check out this infographic from the great folks at Salesforce that breaks down the process.