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Sell on Facebook – Add Your Ecommerce Site to a Facebook Page Tab

One of the top questions we receive from users is “can I sell my products with a Facebook tab?

The answer is easy, “YES!”


The next question these users ask is, “will it cost a lot?

The answer is NO! How about $30 bucks?

For those that have spent 1,000’s of dollars on their ecommerce website and fear what it would take to rebuild that for use on a Facebook, the beauty of our TabSite solution is that you don’t have to rebuild anything! Simply use what you got.

Add your ecommerce website or a specific product page to your Facebook Page in minutes. All you need is the Tabsite Website ReSizer app to bring your complete web ecommerce store to Facebook.

We recently launched an innovative solution for Facebook Pages that takes away the pain that companies had with basic iframe apps for tabs. Those basic solutions allowed you to drop your website into a tab but left you with massive scroll bars because the website was 1000 pixels wide and the Facebook tab was 810 pixels wide. This was gaudy, unwieldy and gave fans a bad experience leading to low sales on Facebook. DON’T SETTLE FOR THIS!


The new Facebook Website Resizer app solves this issue.

You can check it out here ->> Tabsite Website Resizer Application Announcement.

In summary it enables you to very quickly grab a web page from your existing website and embed it into Facebook in a matter of minutes. Check out this guest blog post and video tutorial from Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz, where she shows you how easily this can be done in 10 minutes! The key is that you can RESIZE the web page to fit nicely in the 810 width of tab!

View the video below for example uses and setup demonstration

WebSite ReSizer eliminates the need for companies to spend more money on custom programming to replicate things they have on their website. Now, simply add your website to your Facebook page, and resize to fit the 810 pixel width maximum that Facebook offers.

View Step-by-step setup Instructions.


Below is what Zero Skateboards has on their Facebook page for skateboard sales:


So the barriers to e-commerce on Facebook have been taken down! Simply use what you got on your website for bringing ability to purchase right on Facebook to your page. Plus, adding a Like Gate is a bonus to grow your fan community.

Once added, simply post updates to your fan page and link to the tab via a Smart URL (mobile friendly) to take visitors direct to the tab!

As a wise friend always says to, “Leverage what you got!” This accomplishes that, making it easy for your to reach people where they are.

Try free for 14 days with the TabSite Platinum Plan Trial!

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The Week’s Top Tips on Social Media Marketing

Hope you had a great week!  Here’s your latest resource list of tips and tools…

Easy Facebook Cover Image Template

We make it easy!  Download this PowerPoint template and we guide you through a quick process to enable you to create custom Timeline Cover images for your fan page.

Simple and easy, get the template >>


Website ReSizer App for Facebook Pages

Any website.  Any web page, now added to your fan page.  A perfect fit!


No more gaudy iframe scroll bars! Now you can add your shopping cart, product page, reservation page, music download, blogany website, to a Facebook tab and use the TabSite ReSizer app to make it fit the tab!

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Website ReSizer – the Total Web Solution for Facebook Pages

Website ReSizer App

New Engagement App for Fan Pages from TabSite

This is BIG!

TabSite (http://www.tabsite.com), the industry leader in Facebook fan page management, offers a custom social engagement application, Website ReSizer, available to businesses and organizations of all sizes to bring in perfectly sized web pages to a Facebook tab.

It’s a solution for every company that spent money investing in their website and then mikeg-smexaminer-postwished they had the same functionality on their Facebook page.

Now you can!  Simply add the website to your fan page tab, resize to your liking so it all fits nicely, and publish!

No more gaudy iframe scroll bars! Most websites are at least 1000 pixels wide while Facebook tabs maximum width is 810 pixels.  This difference led to iframed sites in tabs that had bad scroll bars and poor user experience.  NO MORE!  Now, add any web page, shopping cart, landing page, blog, etc. to a Facebook tab and use the TabSite Website ReSizer app to make it fit!  Allow fans to shop from your website right on Facebook! Wow!

Website RESIZER - Select Platinum Plan

Here’s a real example of Mike’s Social Media Examiner post embedded into a Tab on Facebook.  (Like Gate added for fan gating.)

TabSite Website ReSizer Demo

Website ReSizer is available at the Platinum Plan TabSite level.  Think of the powerful uses:

  • Add e-commerce to your Facebook page tab easily
  • Create specific Product pages on tabs for purchase/download of one product from your website
  • Grow your Facebook fan community by adding your site and directing fans to the Like Gated tab
  • Replicated your ebook download, private logins and more from your website to your fan page with no extra coding or development. Simply drop in the URL, size to your desire and publish tab to your Page!
  • Restaurants and Hotels can add their Reservations web page easily to a tab on their fan page!
  • Website Event Registrations on your website can be added to your fan page
  • ANYTHING on your website, blog, or a page where you sell products (Amazon, eBay, PayPal, etc.) can be added!
NOTE: To ensure the page shows in ALL browsers, add a SSL secure certificate and input the URL in the WebSite ReSizer with the https: secure URL!  Read more.
SSL Options: Secure SSL and  Cheap SSL options.

 WebSite ReSizer eliminates the need for companies to spend more money on custom programming to replicate things they have on their website.  Now, simply add your website to your Facebook page, and resize to fit the 810 pixel width maximum that Facebook offers.

About TabSite

Founded in 2010, TabSite was established to meet the growing demands of digital marketers seeking to leverage Facebook. The company’s suite of custom content solutions and social engagement applications inspire fan participation, drive traffic and increase business exposure among thousands of businesses, agencies and partner affiliates worldwide. For more information on TabSite, please visit http://www.tabsite.com.

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tools via TabSite

Some top tips and tool information from TabSite from the past week.  Our Friday 5, May 31, 2013 edition.

Here’s your end of week resource list…

Website ReSizer

This is BIG! We’re just sharing it today with existing TabSite users!  It’s live in the manager.
No more gaudy iframe scroll bars! Add any web page, shopping cart, landing page, blog, etc. to a Facebook tab and use our ReSizer to make it fit!  Allow fans to shop from your website right on Facebook! Wow!
View the video below

Webinar Video

Running a Success Sweepstakes on Facebook

This video covers the setup, deployment, and best practices for promoting a Facebook Sweepstakes. Includes a demonstration of the new Sweepstakes PLUS app with it’s viral share tools that give entrants bonus entries for sharing will be the main topic of this webinar.

Webinar Video from May 30


Use Word-of-Mouth for your Event Sharing

Here’s a “How To” quick guide tutorial on setting up a free Friend Share tab on Facebook to showcase your upcoming event and offer fans a way to spread the news!

Running a Sweepstakes Quick Guide

Downloadable Slides, tips on best practices, a guide to posting during the life-cycle of a promotion from pre-launch, to live, during, and after.  Your guide to success!