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Tips for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests

Tips for Last Minute Valentine's Day Facebook Contests
Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready? This Valentine's day sales are expected to reach $18.9 billion, second only to Christmas (National Retail Federation). The NRF is projecting the average amount spent per person on Valentine's gifts will be an average of $142.31. And with this Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday, restaurants will be standing room only. It's estimated that $3.6 billion will be spent on restaurants and movies. Here're some surprising facts that may Read more [...]

Facebook Contests ROI: How a Contest Helped an Insurance Firm

How a Facebook Contest for a non-sexy business (insurance) achieved great success! I've heard it many times before and in many variations but usually it goes something like this, "Our business doesn't lend itself well to contests. We're not sexy, we're a service." Well, here's a case study on a business that could have said that but didn't! Stolly Insurance serves central Ohio with insurance services.  The standard types, personal, commercial, health, life, and more. THE CHALLENGE: Insurance Read more [...]

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Campaign for a Tab Coupon

With over 1.2 billion users and spanning all important demographics, you've heard me say before that Facebook is a key location where businesses can connect with their ideal audience. This post lays out how you can do that! We'll review an overview of how a business can create a Facebook Marketing campaign to drive users to a tab where they can access a coupon or deal offer. The Who: A key first step in any business campaign, but even more so when creating a online and social media campaign, Read more [...]

Easily Run Contests in the News Feed on Facebook with the Timeline Contest App

Contests on Facebook can be run in multiple ways!  Companies can run contests on tabs with tools like the TabSite Photo Contest App. As well, Facebook recently loosened these rules to allow for more contest options and TabSite has responded to help Pages manage and run these additional options as well. So with TabSite, Page Admins can run Promotions on tabs (for greater design control, features, and lead capture) or deploy quick and simple contests in the News Feed.  Let's look at the Read more [...]

6 Ways Restaurants Can Best Use Facebook

Facebook offers EVERY restaurant a great way to stay in touch with their customers and find new ones. The key is in providing timely information and great value. By offering regular, fun, social information and timely updates via Facebook posts, a page has started well! By then making sure you offer easy access to information, deals, and more RIGHT ON Facebook to would-be customers, restaurants can really benefit. This provides easy, fast, and immediate access and removes barriers of potentially Read more [...]

TabSite Friday 5 Weekly Wrap-up on Top Articles

The TabSite Friday 5 is our weekly list of articles in the Facebook and Social Media marketing world.  This short list offers you a quick guide to quality tips, ideas, and content to share! Week Ending July 12, 2013: 1. 12 Point Facebook Page Check-up List for Page Admins »» mikegingerich.com How long has it been since you REALLY stopped and reviewed your Facebook Page? Facebook makes changes often! It’s critical that Facebook Page Admins take time to regularly audit their Page Read more [...]

4 Facebook Contest Promotion Types for Increasing Traffic and Fans

Boost Engagement with Facebook Promotions How to select the Right Type for your Facebook Page Facebook Engagement — the “Holy Grail” for companies on Facebook. Companies that achieve engagement have pages with an active, positive, and involved community.  This type of social community responds to Facebook posts, is committed to the brand, and helps to further extend the reach of the Page through their sharing and comments.  When broken down into tangible factors, increased engagement Read more [...]

20 Ideas to Rock Your Facebook Business Page With Tabsite Website Resizer

facebook website resizer ideas to rock facebook page
One of the top questions we receive from customers of all kinds is "what do I put on a Facebook tab?" The answer is easy if you know the right answers to a few of the most important questions to be successful online, offline and in business. How you use Facebook and what information you put on your tabs for your audience to devour depends on your audience, their needs and your business goals. What you need to know: Your audience. Who are they? Your audience's needs. What keeps them up at night? What Read more [...]

Website ReSizer – the Total Web Solution for Facebook Pages

Website ReSizer App New Engagement App for Fan Pages from TabSite This is BIG! TabSite (http://www.tabsite.com), the industry leader in Facebook fan page management, offers a custom social engagement application, Website ReSizer, available to businesses and organizations of all sizes to bring in perfectly sized web pages to a Facebook tab. It's a solution for every company that spent money investing in their website and then wished they had the same functionality on their Facebook Read more [...]

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tools via TabSite

Some top tips and tool information from TabSite from the past week.  Our Friday 5, May 31, 2013 edition. Here's your end of week resource list... Website ReSizer This is BIG! We're just sharing it today with existing TabSite users!  It's live in the manager. No more gaudy iframe scroll bars! Add any web page, shopping cart, landing page, blog, etc. to a Facebook tab and use our ReSizer to make it fit!  Allow fans to shop from your website right on Facebook! Wow! View Read more [...]