Why You Should Study Computer Science

Why You Should Study Computer Science

Computer science is all about problem-solving. If you have an analytical mind and a knack for solving problems, you might wonder if you should take the leap and apply for a computer science degree. There are plenty of reasons why you should. From the number of employers on the lookout for computer science majors to the lucrative salary it can provide, here is why you should study computer science.

The Flexible Study Options

A computer science degree isn’t the same for everyone. Some people learn online, some learn in a typical classroom-based setting, while others learn over a long period during a part-time degree. With this amount of variety, it means that your education can be as flexible as you need it to be, allowing time for family and other obligations (including a computer science-focused job on the side). If you only have time to study in the evenings, then applying for a computer science masters online will provide you with an in-depth education alongside the chance to study from home.

To Become a Better Problem Solver

Many careers require the act of problem-solving, even ones that don’t use computer science. By studying computer science and improving on this skill, then, you instantly become more employable. Not only that but problem-solving can help in other areas of life that do not revolve around your career, such as handling emergencies well.

The Chances of Finding Work is High

The projected growth for many computer science-related jobs is high, meaning you’re likely to find a job straight after graduation. When you’re putting in four years of hard work, it’s helpful to know that there’s a career at the end of it! To increase your chances of getting into a well-paid computer science job, though, you should also think about networking during your degree. The more people you make an impression on, the better.

You Could Work Anywhere

You don’t have to stick to city-centers to enjoy a career as a computer scientist; once you complete your degree, many opportunities await you all around the globe. Even smaller companies are now on the lookout for people who can work with their software, so you can take your skills anywhere. Some computer scientists even choose to work freelance on the road.

To Get Creative

You might be surprised to learn that computer science is a creative course as well as a logical one, but it is true. While it’s important to use logic while programming and coding, there is also a need for a more visionary outlook. Using both sides of your brain is good for developing your skills as well as providing satisfaction. Computer science may prove challenging at times, but it is never dull.

To Kickstart a Lucrative Career

A computer science degree sets you on a path toward a highly lucrative career. Whether you go into software engineering or data science, you have the chance to earn a six-figure salary before long. Of course, this depends on who you work for and how much you bring to the table. As long as you earn your degree, work hard, and apply for the best jobs, you are sure to earn a lucrative salary.

It is a Well-Respected Degree and Career Path

Unfortunately, some degrees simply aren’t as well respected as others. As a computer science major, though, you do not have to worry about that. No person with an understanding of technology ever hears of someone with a computer science degree and thinks ‘they could have chosen something a little more professional’. Even your non-techy grandparents will think computer science sounds intellectual and interesting!

Whether you are in the midst of a computer science degree or have already graduated, respect from others will come naturally once they hear your subject preference.

The Booming Digital Age

Technology is so ingrained in current society and culture that it seems silly not to pursue something that coincides with that, especially if you already have a logical or techy brain. Tech is not slowing down any time soon, and by doing a computer science degree, you get to hop on board and be at the forefront of new software developments.

To Specialize in an Area You Love

Most computer science degrees don’t just provide one path; often, you can choose a specialization down the road. That means you can decide whether you want to do data science, software engineering, or cybersecurity. This focus will help you land a role after graduation, as well as provide you with a sense of clear direction.

To Work for Excellent Companies

Some people assume a computer science degree only gets you noticed by tech companies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, almost every company out there requires some kind of computer science, whether that means software development or the use of AI. For this reason, you can pick from a large variety of companies, including some of the best. You don’t have to settle for a company that underpays its workers and provides little to no benefits!

On top of that, you can say no to companies that don’t align with your morals. For example, if you are passionate about being eco-friendly, you can look into how green the companies you’re applying to are. Work culture has a huge impact on your work-life, too, so you can also choose companies that best fit your routine.

The Chance to Improve the World

Computer science has a huge impact on people as a whole. From designing medical software to software that makes day-to-day life easier, as a computer scientist, you have the ability to improve life through your developments and problem-solving. It’s a path you can be truly proud of.

To Pursue Your Passion

One of the best reasons to study computer science is because you are passionate about technology, software development, and coding. After all, you won’t get far if you don’t genuinely enjoy the work. The work is hard, but if you’re willing to put in four years of effort, you can become an expert in computer science and reap all the benefits listed here.