Personal Branding: How to Make Your Mark [Infographic]

7 ways to make your mark- personal branding.
Should you market yourself? Competition is tough in most industries, so you’ll need personal branding to stand out.

Personal branding refers to how you market your skills and experience to the world. It’s not too far off from promoting a product or service. The only difference is that you’re advertising yourself. It can help fill gaps in your resume, stand out from competitors and manage how others perceive you.

7 Tips for Marketing yourself

1. Find your Niche

To develop a personal brand, start with finding your niche. Where do you excel? What topics are you an authority on? What is your expertise? Your brand should start with something you are good at or qualified to give advice on.

2. Choose a Target Audience

Next, who do you want to appeal to? A product or service has a specific audience. You have one, too. Don’t try to cater to a wide audience. Determine who your target audience is.

3. Build a Brand Personality

When you know your strengths and your audience, it’s time to build your brand personality. However, you choose to present yourself, be authentic. You are your brand.

4. Create Relevant Content

On the heels of your brand personality is your brand equity, which refers to the worth of your brand. To cultivate brand equity, create relevant and interesting content. You have a variety of channels to choose from. You can write blog posts, publish newsletters, design infographics, shoot videos, and host podcasts. Also, share content from other key players in your specific niche.

Check out this infographic below to learn about tips 5,6, and 7 along with tips for success from moguls like Elon Musk and Rhianna.