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How Facebook Page Media Exposure Affects Purchasing Behavior – Study Results


A new report from comScore and Facebook takes a look at how social media marketing works and offers some very good insights and tips for businesses related to maximizing the use of their Facebook Pages!

It’s a 21-page report.  Here are some key points we found interesting:

  •  For many companies, their Facebook Page is becoming their brand hub, even over their website!  
    • In March 2012, Skittles website had 23,000 unique U.S. visitors.  During that same time period, the Skittles Facebook Page had 320,00 visitors!



The report notes that Facebook Pages are not necessarily the primary means of engagement on Facebook, however.  That location is the News Feed

The brand exposures in the News Feed are exponentially higher.

Does this mean you should dump the company site and throw all of your resources into your Facebook Page?

Of course not; it’s a shift in behavior but as the report notes, websites are still important, especially for verticals that focus on lead capture and transactions.



  • The Number of Facebook Fans isn’t a key metric.  The keys are:
    • Page Messages reaching Fans in News Feed
    • Engagement – how much they interact (comment, like, share, etc.)
    • Amplification – extent to which friends of fans are reached.  (This can be boosted by Ads and is related to engagement.)
  • ComScore and Facebook found that Fans of Amazon’s Page spent more than twice as much shopping at Amazon than the average consumer. Friends of Fans spent 8 percent more!
  • There was an increasing cumulative lift in purchase behavior among exposed Starbucks Fans and Friends of Fans compared to a control group of non-Facebook exposed purchasers.  This provides strong evidence of a latent branding impact of earned media exposure.

For the full report, access it here: The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works

What does it all mean?

Yes, fans are valuable, not just because of their number but because of their influence over their friends.

Second, engagement is critical because it leads to amplificiation.  In short, the more you can be seen in the News Feed of a fan, the better.  And better yet is getting a fan to engage so that your reach extends to their friends!

Ways TabSite helps boost Page engagement:  Our tools for social sharing including Facebook Plugins (Comment box, Like, Share, Send, etc.), Sweepstakes, and Contests are key tools that can help boost engagement because they draw fans in to sign-up and interact, and then offer social sharing to extend the reach to their network, which in turn drives more visits back to the Facebook Page.  We also offer the “Save & Post” option per tab, which sends an update to your Timeline News Feed and fans can get that in their own News Feed.  Using this feature also is mobile friendly!

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