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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Facebook Contest Results

Facebook Hashtag Contest Promotion Communication Facebook recently announced the incorporation of hashtags into their platform.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links. They can be used on your personal timeline, Facebook page, photos on Facebook and the list goes on. Facebook hashtags make it easy for users to easily follow conversations and even find topics or products they are interested in.

Check out this post which provides a good summary of the new Facebook hashtag feature and capabilities, “Hashtags on Facebook Arrive.

As marketers are starting to dig into the opportunities for using hashtags on Facebook to increase their marketing results one way that must not be overlooked is the ability to use Facebook hashtags for contests and promotions.

How to Use Facebook Hashtags in Contests and Promotions

1. Select a hashtag to represent your contest, promotion and/or brand. Make it simple and easy to remember.

2. Include the hashtag as part of the foundational communication for the contest or promotion. Include it in all communication such as email, tweets, Facebook posts, Facebook images and photos, Pinterest posts, and blog posts when announcing and inviting people to participate in the contest or promotion.

3. Give participants clear instructions on how to use and include hashtags as they participate in the contest and as they share with their friends and colleagues.

4. Monitor the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms as appropriate. Watch for conversations to engage, answer questions.

5. Leverage the hashtag in your metrics to measure the overall success of the campaign.  Facebook has not launched integrated hashtag measurement features for this yet. Efforts currently will need to be manual and leverage available tools, manual monitoring and tracking of conversations etc.

As with anything you do with social media and Facebook marketing, hashtags should not be used as a stand-alone strategy or tactic. Integrate hashtags into your marketing. Align them with key marketing initiatives, campaigns, and promotions. Take the time needed to learn and understand how they can help you achieve your goals and objectives, not just randomly throw them into your contest.

Check out our recent Facebook webinar for details on how to use hashtags in Facebook Promotions and Contests and much more. “How to Run a Successful Facebook Photo Contest.”


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10 Power Tips for your Facebook Page [Infographic]

What is the secret of successful Facebook Pages?

Answer:  People running the page must understand that Facebook is a new and different type of marketing and must have adjusted their strategy accordingly.

Facebook is different.  Facebook is unique.  You cannot bring over traditional marketing methods and expect success and positive ROI on Facebook.

Neither can you implement the same strategies used for Twitter on Facebook.  Facebook page managers must learn the “ways of Facebook” and adapt a marketing and community building plan accordingly.

Here are 10 Power Tips for Facebook Marketing that are important for Page Managers:


1. Focus on Engagement

“Likes, Shares, & Comments” are keys in growing your community and growing the reach of your community.  Keep posts concise and geared towards inviting these 3 types of engagement.

2. Create buzz with Deals & Contests

Incentivize and inspire participation – Deals and contests are ways to bring attention to your page.  They can help drive new visitors to your page where you can gain the “like” and they are ways to bring fans back to your page for further engagement.


3. Be Social!

(Don’t over sell) A general rule of thumb is to use the 80/20 principle.  Make 80% of yours posts about adding value to your fans, and 20% more direct marketing.  If you are too pushy with sales, you lose fans.

4. Be Visual!

Images and videos drive the most engagement.  We live in a visual world and social sites have only magnified the power of images.  Images capture attention and are the most popular type of post to drive engagement.


5. Be Human!

It’s a social network dude! It is important that your brand have some personality.  This is the new age created by social media, brands must be real and not robotic. Be real and personable in your posts. People love tips and helpful information. Give them useful nuggets and timely information via posts on the company page news feed.

Do NOT broadcast tweets from Twitter to your page or push out sales speak 5x a day.

6. Post at Best Times

Use Page Insights to learn when to post.  A general rule is to reach people in the morning, such as 7-9 a.m. local, then in the mid afternoon such as 2:30-4:30 p..m. and potentially in the evening such as 7-9 p.m.  Your best times depend on your audience!  When are your fans most likely to be on Facebook?

7. Use the “Scheduler”

Plan posts for outside the 9 to 5! It is a fact that people use Facebook alot on weekends and in the evenings!  So to be reaching them you must be posting outside normal work hours.  Fortunately Facebook itself offers a post planning tool and option to help you pre-schedule posts to go out at set times.

More Details >>

8. Pin a new post!

Use the pin function every 2-3 days.  Simply click the pencil icon at the top of any post and select  “Pin to Top”.  This will keep that post at the top left of your fan page Timeline so that visitors coming to the page are most likely to see it.  So ensure that your most important posts and updates are pinned!

9. Post the Smart Mobile URL

Use a app offering a mobile friendly URL, & post this URL to the News Feed.  TabSite offers this for any tab you create in the TabSite manager.  When used in posting to the fan page, this url detects if the user is on a mobile or desktop/pc and shows the tab correctly to the viewer.

More Details >>

10. Mix it up!

Mix posts between images, video, status, and links.  While images most often get the most engagement, text only posts are gaining in raw reach.  Video as well can be a powerful tool to capture viewer interest.  TabSite offers a VidMaker tool to enable pages to create and publish custom videos to the news feed.

Create Videos >>

TabSite is a web and Facebook Page software empowering fan engagement with promotion, contest, and deal apps.  Available as a monthly or yearly subscription service, anyone can try for 14 Days Free.

Find us on Facebook:   www.Facebook.com/TabSite



TabSite’s Facebook Friday Five – Key Tips for Facebook Marketers


TabSite’s Friday 5
5 Keys for Facebook Marketing

It’s Friday and we are offering you five tips that can help you take your Facebook Marketing to new levels of success!

1. I Need More Fans & Activity!

Overcome the Facebook Page Blahs!

Learn how to overcome common errors, stop being a robot and inspire interaction on your Facebook Page!  Review the 5 keys to an active fan page community!  

Click the image >

Be Human!

2. Don’t Miss a Post! Inform your fans…

Facebook allows any user to sign-up for Notifications for any fan page so that they can be sure to get EVERY post that page makes.    Have you told your fans this?  
Tell your fans how to get Notifications for your page so they never miss a post! (They win and you win, it’s a win-win!)   Details

3. Upcoming Webinar: Taking your Facebook Page to the Next Level – April 25th

You’ve built a Facebook fan page,  What now?
Join TabSite for a free webinar event specifically with strategies and tips to take your Page to the next level.The session will cover key tips and ways to use contests and promotions to add spice to your Page.  Details and Registration


Webinar Details and Registration


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4. Facebook Changes Cover Image Rules

Facebook has softened the stance and opened up new marketing opportunities for Facebook Page Cover Images!  Now you can list your website and have a call to action!  
Plus, we have a tool to help you check your page against the 20% rule.  Get the scoop –>  Details

5. Agency & Client easy collaboration 

Did you know TabSite has a feature enabling the TabSite Plan owner to add others to access the tabs in TabSite via their own Facebook login?  Yes, we do!
We make it easy to collaborate and access so all those who need to review, approve, and work on tabs can. It’s per fan page specific. –>  Details

Want to be featured?  Calling those in the Travel, Hotel, Hospitality Industry! 

We are working on some specific training materials for best uses of TabSite for hotels, travel, and hospitality industry.  
Have you had success?  We’d love to hear from you!  
Contact us with basics on your story! –>  Details
Powering your Facebook Marketing,



Facebook Marketing with TabSite – Taking Your Page to the Next Level

Trying to take your Facebook Page to the Next Level?  

Are you scratching your head and wondering how to get more active fans and a more vibrant Facebook community? Need ideas and direction?

TabSite Monkey

This is the webinar for you!

Join TabSite for an informative Facebook Marketing webinar that will empower you to maximize your organization’s Facebook marketing! You’ll be equipped with knowledge about choosing and running great promotions and contests on your Facebook Page.

Ready to dive into running a contest or promotion on your Facebook Page to boost engagement, reach, and activity? Needing guidance on how, when, and what to post?  We’ll cover that and more in this webinar!

Included in the webinar will be action points for:

– Types of Promotions companies can run on their Facebook Page
– How a Promotion can build activity and engagement on a Page
– Tools and Tips for Posting on Facebook
– Methods to give mobile users access to your promotions
– Best Practices for your Page and Promo




WHEN:  Thursday, April 25, 2013
TIME:     1:30 p.m. EDT (New York) / 10:30 a.m. PT / 6:30 p.m. London
COST:    Free online webinar event

The webinar will be 1 hour in length and will include approximately 35 minutes of input from the TabSite Team followed by a live Question & Answer time to answer attendee questions.


BONUS: 1 attendee will be randomly chosen to win a

Free for Life TabSite Gold Plan, a $150/year value.



Can’t attend the webinar live?  Register and you’ll be on the list to get a email with video replay link.

Need resources now?

Use Facebook Apps to Boost Page Engagement

How to Post your Promotion and Contest to Facebook News Feed – Best Practices

5 Keys for Facebook Page Contests and Promotions

Facebook Adds New REPLY Option to Comments

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for comments posted to a Timeline that allows for a reply to each specific comment.  Once activated, this means no more replying simply by “@ tagging” the user somewhere down the comment thread!

Why the Reply feature matters

The ability for Facebook Page Admins to now directly reply to a specific comment in a thread is a welcome and helpful addition. It allows for more precise and specific commenting back, i.e. replying, to a specific comment.  The value to Pages and to fans of pages is the ability to more easily have a conversation within a conversation and for it to be more orderly in tracking responses.


The feature needs to be enabled by Pages in the Page Admin settings.  Facebook is currently alerting some Pages but if a Page has not be alerted yet by the image below, they can still find and activate the “Reply” settings in within their Page.

Facebook Alert Rolling Out to Pages:

Some Page Managers are now getting an alert from Facebook to make them aware of this new “Reply” feature option.  It appears on the Page Timeline as shown:



How to Activate the “Reply” Setting for your Page:

If Facebook has not yet alerted you as Page Admin of the “Reply” feature for your Page, there is still a method to access and activate it.  First, go to your Page Timeline and in the “Edit Page” drop down menu, select “Manage Permissions” from the menu.



Next, in the Manage Permissions area of your Facebook Page, simply check the box next to “Replies” and select “Save Changes” to activate this feature.  Note that the feature is not retroactive for comments on posts prior to this feature being active and it also can take a bit of time for the feature to activate once turned on.  Ours was active within a few hours after we enabled it.  Once active it will be available on any new post when a comment is created.



Facebook continues to roll out additions that are helpful in creating a better user experience.  Both for fans viewing comments and replies, and for Page Admins replying, the new feature really is a “win-win”!

Have you activated “Replies” on your Page?