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Data-Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts [Infographic]

Data Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts-infographic-315
People are complicated creatures. Big Data analysis of their behavior on social media platforms makes their habits and tendencies easier to understand. These data-based insights, research by BuzzSumo, reveal several ways that you can alter your engagement on Facebook to improve your outreach. Write Shorter Posts In today's lightning-paced world, it comes as little surprise that posts with 50 words or fewer are the most shared. The digestible snippet is more effective than the lengthy monolog. Furthermore, Read more [...]

How To Use Facebook Live Video

How To Use Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live video is an exciting new way to promote your business. The concept is very basic, but the results are powerful. At the tap of your finger, you now have the ability to create live video content within a Facebook post on a Page, Group, or personal profile. Your audience will embrace the opportunity to engage with your brand in a new way. They'll share in the excitement created by spontaneous streaming content. It should also come as no surprise that Facebook is favoring live Read more [...]

Become an Instagram Guru

Become an Instagram Guru
This week's infographic is stuffed full of amazing tips and hints to get you Instagram account working to bring you leads and sales. Thanks to Infographicsposters.com for this great Instagram infographic. Did you know that Instagram has the youngest users? 90% of their users are under the age of 35. It’s become wildly popular since its release in 2010. Use Instagram to communicate your message visually. Showcase your products Establish your brand identity Use hashtags to create Read more [...]

Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth

visual content
When it comes to creating traffic, visual content has an edge over traditional text content. Video, infographics, and images are accessible and sharable and lend themselves well to social media. Visitors process and understand this type of content a thousand times faster than text. Visual content has the effect of: Simplifying content for consumers Building a business's brand Adding depth to other content Growing traffic faster Providing an easier way to get messages across With Read more [...]

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media
As those of us in the United States stop and celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be neat to have some of my friends and colleagues in social media contribute to a “Thanksgiving” post with a unique focus. Often we reflect on things we are thankful for in the realms of family and health. My question posed to this group was to reflect specifically on social media. Social Media was not an “industry” 7 years ago, and now is a central component of online marketing. Read more [...]

8 Stats For More Engagement On Facebook

facebook engagement stats
Some interesting Facebook stats in this infographic! Times change and things change on Facebook rapidly.  Like #7 below, this is no longer accurate but video getting the most engagement is indeed accurate....right now! Timing is key to engaging your audience Sunday is often a great day to post and results in more interaction. (watch your Page Insights for your best day) Post in the evening between 9-11 PM EST. Posts published within this time result in 88% more shares, comments, Read more [...]

Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior

understanding sonsumers local search behavior
Understanding consumers’ local search behavior is integral to sales. It helps to know that consumers search for products or services nearby, and that they search on every type device from phones and tablets to laptops and home computers. Take a quick look at some of the statistics surrounding consumers' local search behavior: 80% of the population uses search engines to find local products and services 88% use smartphones and 84% use tablets or computers 54% of consumers search Read more [...]

How to Post on Facebook

how to post on Facebook
I found this great infographic on DigitalInformationWorld.com. It describes how to post on Facebook by using their posting best practices. If you’re looking to grow your Facebook audience, it’s important to understand just who that audience is. Facebook is a place where people go to be part of a community, so you’ll need to become a part of that community, too, rather than a salesperson crashing the party. To build and engage your fan base, adopt these rules for your Facebook posting Read more [...]

Social Networking – The Dark Side

Social Networking’s Dark Side
  People jump on social media sites like Facebook to keep up with friends, family and fans. More often than not people find their experiences with social media pleasant. However, like the real world, social networking can have a darker side. Even though most users post relatively harmless items, some people post offensive or harmful items. Inappropriate sexual content, graphic content and illegal activities are all activities that are reported daily. When reported, these posts are Read more [...]

Why PPC and Content Marketing are now the same: The Viral Cycle explained.

Viral Cycly
We believe that PPC and content marketing are now the same thing. Whoever creates/gathers the content is best equipped to amplify it, as well as follow-up to create spin-off (derivative) content, interviews, community support, etc… The above diagram is the framework that drives social- This is why... Goals: Each business has a story. The founder, CEO, or President has a distinct vision that is shared throughout the company with its employees. This vision and story makes great content! By Read more [...]