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Growing Leads Anywhere – TabSite 3.0


We’ve always been about helping you build engagement, leads, and ultimately sales.

We’re really excited that we can help you do that at a whole ‘nother level!

TabSite version 3, a complete rebuild from the ground-up is launching very soon!  All current users will get email information with more details.  The bottom line for current users is that you get more features for the same price.

Key additions in the new TabSite:

  • Faster Service – Build a contest in minutes, we even give you default images to start! Upgrades to our server environment mean speed is yours! Save time.  Build fast. Deploy great stuff.
  • Web Embed – Run any app on your website or blog as well as Facebook!  Any plan comes with the ability to run the app on both 1 Facebook Page and 1 Domain.  You can even run web only campaigns if you wish!
  • Analytics – Much more robust analytics on what is happening with your app including Facebook views, mobile views, web views to help you know where your community is viewing your app, and graphs to show you sign-ups, deals accesses, etc that are specific to each app.
  • More Mobile Features – For example, Contests are now mobile responsive!  So viewers can see all entries (no squinting) and can add mobile specific images to provide the best experiences to your users no matter what device they are on!
  • Redesigned Admin Area – We make it easy to upgrade, transfer plans to another fan page, or deploy on a different website.  Manage Admins to each plan for team sharing and allowing your designer or agency to manage tabs for your business.  Lots of options you control to make it easy!
  • New Sweepstakes Layouts – You wanted more layouts, but wanted to build your app quickly, and we listened!  The Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes PLUS apps give you ability to now have your form on the right, on the left, or at the bottom (and the tabs are mobile responsive!)  Easily add to your website and suddenly you have a great landing page with powerful lead capture potential!
  • New Apps like Instagram Video Contests – We have a lot of new features in store!  From a revamped Coupon App to the launch of an app enabling your business to host a Instagram Video Contest, we’ve got tools to help you engage!  Instagram use is skyrocketing and your business can take advantage with a Instagram Photo and now also Video contest!  Allows users to tag their instagram video with your requested entry tag and we bring it in as a entry for fan voting.

Video Overview:

Watch for the news here really soon as we prepare to transition to the new TabSite to help you engage your visitors and community, and grow leads that convert to sales!

Manager View:

add app area


3 Ways to Use Facebook to Grow your Business Instagram Followers

As we all well know, Instagram is Facebook’s “billion dollar baby.”


It’s the darling mobile phone photo app that is very popular with young people, celebrities, and increasingly with more and more businesses.  (Since the adding of video, business use on Instagram is growing rapidly).  In fact, everyday people are now starting hugely successful businesses on Instagram by promoting offers for products/services that relate to them in some way. They do this through the vehicle of affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks like AWIN, Shareasale and Commission Junction allow people to connect with businesses to promote quality goods on platforms like Instagram.

Since being purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has added over 30 million users to now have over 130 million. The Instagram concept has been simple: upload, customize, and share photos (and now short videos) via the mobile app.  It also enables easy sharing to other social networks , along with the ability to follow and comment on images of other Instagram users.

With photos and media being a natural and popular means of sharing and communicating in online, digital media, Instagram is a “go-to” app for mobile users wanting to customize and share photos.

Businesses on Instagram continue to see it as a new method to connect, interact with, and visually get their company brand in front of potential customers (see Business Ideas for Instagram).  However, if your audience doesn’t know you are on Instagram, how can you grow your follower base?



A company Facebook page can be used strategically to help increase awareness and followers on a company Instagram account by implementing these three ideas.

1. Add a Instagram Tab to your Facebook Page

Make your Facebook fans aware of your instagram account by adding a tab to your Facebook page that pulls in your Instagram Posts or a specific hashtag relevant to you.  The on occasion create posts for your Facebook page that links to this tab.

More details on Instagram Tab Options >>


2. Share Instagram Pics and Videos on Facebook


Another way to increase awareness to your Facebook fans is to post your Instagram pics or videos to your Facebook Page.

While there is no automatic methods to post or sync Instagram photos to a specific Facebook page there are pretty simple methods.

One way is to post to Instagram and in the mobile app select the “…” to enable sharing options and then select “Copy Share URL”.

This can then be taken to your Facebook Page in the Pages app or regular Facebook mobile app, pasted, add a space, and the image is pulled in!

On Facebook it becomes a nice link post as shown below.


3. Run a Instagram Contest on Facebook

This is a interactive way to make your Facebook community aware of and interact with your company on instagram.  By promoting a contest that is hosted on your Facebook Page tab where fans enter by going to Instagram and “@ tagging” your username as well as adding a #hashtag you specify, they are entered and the contest pulls in all images with that specific hashtag that have been added on Instagram time!

 Learn more about Instagram Contest Options >>


These three simple methods offer companies a way to leverage their Facebook Page and help build their following on Instagram.

What about your company?  Are you creatively leveraging your Facebook Page to grow fans or followers on other social networks your company uses?

Showcase your Event on Facebook and Empower Fans to Share

PROBLEM:  Awareness

You want people to be aware of your next Event.  Your budget is limited but you want to maximize exposure.  Can Social Media help?

SOLUTION: Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM)


Empower your fans to share when they view information on your event.

By making it easy to share, Facebook users are more inclined to pass it on.

Example Event on Facebook Using Friend Share App


Steps to Word-of-Mouth Marketing

1. Setup the free Friend Share tab on your company Facebook page.

Upon signing up or clicking “Add New Tab” (for existing TabSite users) in the manager, you will go through a few quick steps to setup your tab.

Step 1: Name Your Tab – simply enter the text for the name as it is to appear on your Facebook fan page.

Step 2: Choose your 111 x 74 Tab image (or upload your own).  This is the image on your fan Page Timeline below the cover image that directs visitors to your tab.  Make them specific and attention getting!  To upload your own, simply click the “select/upload one of your own” button to load your own image.


Step 3:  Choose Tab Type – This is an important area where you select the Engagement Apps (simple to build, simple to deploy) tab type.


When the Engagement App options open, select the “Friend Share” App:


This will load the Friend Share App on your TabSite Manager and you will see the Setup Form to complete.  Page Admins control the title and description of the shared message that fans will share. 

 2. Use the social sharing tools in the tab itself to share via your social networks

After the tab is on your company Facebook page, use the social sharing buttons to share the news about your event.

3. Use a Photo post on your Facebook page to get the word out to your fan community.

Post a Photo to your News Feed with a call to action and a Smart URL in the description field.

Why a Photo?  Facebook, in its own research, found that the most successful posts for capturing the attention of users and inspiring action are visual. Since 40 percent of a Facebook user’s time is spent in the News feed, capturing attention to inspire a “Like,” comment or share by using images is critical.

Quick Guide for posting your Event Tab to Facebook.  

This works for posting to your Facebook Page or a Facebook personal profile.

A. Go to your Timeline on Facebook and select “Photo / Video” for your new message.


B. Next Select “Attach Photo / Video”


C. Choose the image

Choose the image you want to post, add a text description to inform viewers of the event (this is the call-to-action that fans will see in their News Feed when the image catches their eye!), and include a Smart URL to the tab in the description so that desktop and mobile viewers can access the tab.


Then simply publish the post or schedule it to go out at a specific later time.

4. Rinse and Repeat

By “rinse” we mean review the engagement your post is getting.  Consider changing your wording and making the call to action stronger.

By “repeat” we mean that you will need to post about your event regularly in the days leading up to it.  Post at different times of the day and with different messages to capture the attention of your community and encourage their sharing.  Another item to consider to extend reach further is to use Facebook Promoted Post option per post to “Boost” the reach of the post to more friends of fans.

Following this procedure gives you the best visual means to sharing information about your event and drawing in fans to participate.