The Growing Importance of Mobile Communication [Infographic]

Woman using her mobile phone for communication.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, a growing number of consumers relied on their mobile devices to shop around, contact sellers directly, and even make purchases. However, the pandemic has caused even more consumers to jump on the mobile train, with nearly every smartphone owner now using their device to communicate with at least a few businesses.

Unfortunately, some businesses still don’t get it, with some studies showing that 1-in-3 customer messages go unanswered. Perhaps the following findings from Business2Community will force you to take mobile communication and commerce more seriously.

Mobile Communication and Commerce Key Stats 2020

At least 85% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages via text messages than email. Indeed, 55% of consumers ignore marketing emails because of inbox overload. Meanwhile, consumers open 98% of texts.

The trend remains the same for response rates. Whereas only 6% of emails are replied to, 45% of consumers respond to their text messages. The average response time is also far shorter for text messages (90 seconds) than email (90 minutes).

And, if you were worried about using AI to respond to some of those customer queries, you should know that most people don’t really care – they just want their messages answered! In fact, 27% say they can’t tell the difference.

Spare a minute to check the rest of the Business2Communcity infographic for other insightful mobile commerce stats.

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