Updated Cheatsheet For Facebook Image size and Dimensions 2019

The need for a strong social media presence has towered in 2019. This makes it vital for the business to get up-to-date with social media platforms. Facebook is an incredible way to reach the target audience and getting the right image size to represent you is an essential part of optimization.

Whether it’s brand promotion, video, news update or even a meme, visual content rules. So naturally, there are too many eyes on your content. Potential is high here, especially with varying algorithms favoring engagement and sharing. Making good use of the visual nature of Facebook can surely show a vast improvement in any social media marketing!

If you are unaware of the image sizes and dimensions, chances are you might pixelate your image or even affect the text, making it look worse. Image sizes on Ads are equally important as the right image size for your Ad placement improves the accuracy for targeting your audience. To avoid that, it is important you keep yourself up to date.

Since Facebook’s image size and formats keep varying quite frequently, it may seem complicated and exhausting to keep up to it! But don’t worry, The latest version of  Facebook image dimensions cheat sheet (updated 2019) developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency takes you through every image dimensions you need to know.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions cheatsheet
As we have mentioned, Facebook Image dimensions change regularly.

This data will be extremely valuable for users who are plagued with perfectionism and want to make every image in the appropriate size. Current updates include the embodiment of videos and catalogs, along with the variations in the image and dimensions and aspect ratios of several ads.

If you have noticed any changes since our update, Feel free for the heads up!

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