How to Generate Income on Pinterest

How to Generate Revenue on Pinterest

Thanks to our friend, Neil Patel over at for this excellent infographic on how to maximize Pinterest for profits!

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For many people, social media is one a great place to meet new consumers and gain followers. One of the most popular and overlooked social media sites is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online bulletin board that lets users save photos and pictures. Users have multiple boards and can favorite and follow photos, boards, and users. Users see newly updated pins on their stream as people, and boards they follow are updated. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your products and help you generate income on Pinterest.

Why take Pinterest seriously?

Here are a few reasons:


Most Pinterest users are female. 1/3 of US women are on Pinterest, and male users are steadily increasing. Overall, 20% of adults in the US use Pinterest. But most importantly, consumers who find their items on Pinterest spend more money vs any other social media site including Facebook.

Ease of Use

Pinterest is easy to use. Once a post is up, it can go viral quickly. Over 2/3 of brand engagement is generated by users, not businesses. Most of the pinning that goes on in Pinterest is emotionally motivated. Users often go from a very undefined need to knowing exactly what they want in a short amount of time.

So how do you take advantage of this money generating site?

Getting more engagement isn’t difficult. By following a few guidelines, you’ll see your engagement skyrocket.

  • Use multiple colors in your pins
  • Avoid human faces- concentrate on the product
  • Pins should have as little background as possible
  • Certain colors such as red, orange and brown are pinned more often
  • Desaturate your colors
  • Taller, vertical images are pinned more often
  • Follow other pinners
  • Pin in the afternoon between 2-4pm and in the evening from 8 pm to 1 am

By following these guidelines and interacting with other users, your business will see more shares which leads to more promotions and eventually more sales.

How to Generate Revenue on Pinterest


First appears on “How to Turn Pinterest into a Revenue Generating Channel”.


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