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What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media
As those of us in the United States stop and celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be neat to have some of my friends and colleagues in social media contribute to a “Thanksgiving” post with a unique focus. Often we reflect on things we are thankful for in the realms of family and health. My question posed to this group was to reflect specifically on social media. Social Media was not an “industry” 7 years ago, and now is a central component of online marketing. Read more [...]

How to Generate Income on Pinterest

How to Generate Revenue on Pinterest
Thanks to our friend, Neil Patel over at QuickSprout.com for this excellent infographic on how to maximize Pinterest for profits! This is good stuff you want to scan through! For many people, social media is one a great place to meet new consumers and gain followers. One of the most popular and overlooked social media sites is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online bulletin board that lets users save photos and pictures. Users have multiple boards and can favorite and follow photos, boards, Read more [...]

TabSite’s Friday 5 – April 26

5 Tips for your Facebook Marketing - April 26 edition Here's our latest 5 tips that you can review and use to take your Facebook page to the next level! 1. Overcome the Facebook Mobile User Issue! Facebook mobile as well as Android and iPhone Apps do not give access to tabs.  HOWEVER, TabSite has a solution.  Use this and any contest tab can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers! Facebook Mobile Solution >> 2. Facebook Marketing Read more [...]

Pinning to Pinterest Big Time via Pin Deal on Facebook

1,968 Pins from Facebook to Pinterest and counting.. The Ribbon Retreat has been using the TabSite Pin Deal Engagement App with great success on their Facebook Page.  With our 1,900 pins in less than 30 days, this company has found a method within their niche to drive more and more traffic to their Facebook Page and ultimately to their e-commerce website. What is Pin Deal? The concept of Pin Deal is simple, setup a tab on the company Facebook Page with a promotion.  To access the offer, Read more [...]

Pinterest + Facebook combined for Pin Deal Promo Tool for Pages from TabSite

Pin Deal: The Power of Pinterest referral traffic integrated with your Facebook Page in a Promotion Powerhouse from TabSite! The Lowdown on Pin Deal:   In order to "unlock" a special promotion deal on your Facebook Page, the fan must re-pin the image you specify on Pinterest!  After the fan pins the image, they get access to your deal on your Facebook Page tab. The "Pin Deal" App from TabSite is a great tool for offering a special discount, an e-book download, a savings code, or other Read more [...]

Pinterest comes to TabSite

  Display your Pinterest Pins or a specific Pinterest Board with TabSite! Now available in the TabSite Manager! Easily add your Pinterest user and display the pins you have posted to Pinterest. Additionally, there is the option to only display the Pins from a specific board. Social sharing tools are integrated to make it easy for users to Like, Share, +1, and Tweet your tab! As well, fans can follow you on Pinterest right from the tab. The full, resized image is displayed for viewers to see Read more [...]

Sweepstakes Template for Facebook Pages

  ​​ ​​​​ A New Sweepstakes Template Showcase your latest products on your facebook page and have fans enter your sweepstakes drawing! Simply enter your large images using this TabSite template, add your name, and customize the sweepstakes settings and you've got a professional tab ready to go live! Available for use at the TabSite Gold & Platinun Plan levels.   Pinterest:   Source: tabsite.com via Mike on Pinterest Read more [...]