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Influencer Marketing: 6 Types of Influencers


Influencer-Marketing--6-Types-of-Influencers-700Social media influencers have become a very important part of online marketing and consumer outreach. With audiences often numbering in the six figures and beyond powerful social media influences can drive a large amount of traffic to a company’s website. However, not all social media influencers are the same. Furthermore, a company can’t expect each influencers’ audience to react in the same way. Here is a brief profile of two types of influencers a company may encounter.

The Expert

The Expert favors both video and written content where they can go into detail about their favorite topic. They use of personal expertise and in many cases industry connections to create material that backed by facts and details. They’re considered respectable by their fans and noted as experts in their area of interest. Experts focus on a variety of topics from lifestyle to technology. No matter the topic they’ll approach it with a transparency of facts. As well as a focus on various material items, be it cars, cell phones, or fashion.

The Entertainer

An entertainer favors videos and pictures on their platform. Entertainers are there to entertain with a focus on personal daily activities. Thus their topics typically include pop culture, their personal lives, video games, personal views, and entertainment. As well as other trends as common sources of content. Very individualistic and funny types Entertainers often inspire very loyal fanbases.

Check out this infographic from tobbesocial.de to learn about the different types of influencers.


Inbound Marketing Infographic: A Guide to Inbound Marketing


Inbound-Marketing-Infographic--A-Guide-to-Inbound-Marketing-315For an online marketing strategy to be successful a company has to attract the attention of internet users. Inbound marketing refers to the ability to bring interested customers to a company’s website or online storefront. Two of the most successful methods of drawing in potential customers is through social media and blogging.

Social Media

Has become a very valuable tool in consumer outreach. By engaging in the various social media platforms companies can promote their products, share important news, show off interesting pictures, and connect with visitors. With 72% of internet users making use of social media a strong social media presence is highly valuable. In addition to news sharing and promotion, a company can also engage with customers directly offering advice, answering questions, and solving problems. This helps further improve company-client relationships and can bring in more customers.


Covers a wide range of different topics a company can write about. Blogging can increase customer leads by 97% and increases positive ROI by nearly 13 times. What makes blogging particularly effective is it allows a company to establish themselves as industry experts. By writing articles about industry news, advancements, product releases, general advice, and opinion columns a company can show customers why they should do business with them. Blogs are also effective in building consumer trust.

Thanks to our friends at sevenatoms.com for this interesting infographic on inbound marketing!

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights [Infographic]


For small business owners like you, Facebook Insights is a powerful tool for tracking user interaction on fan pages. It offers statistics on likes, views, reach, and actions on the page. It also helps you track posts, fans, and messages — all in one easy-to-use interface. Planning out a successful strategy for social media marketing has become more streamlined and convenient.

But first, let’s cover likes, the lifeblood of Facebook and one of the best ways to measure the success of the posts on your page. On Insights, you’ll see the total page likes as of today, how the number changed over the last month, and the net likes (gained likes minus unlikes).

To review the data for other times, you can select a date or range of dates. You can also see where your page likes happened — on your page, from page suggestions, or through search, and whether a mobile device or desktop computer was used.

Next is post reach. You want to know if your content is reaching a wide audience, and Insights lets you do so by showing how many people have seen your posts, including people who are not fans of your page. You’ll also get a chart showing when people have recommended your page in posts and comments.

Insights are where you’ll get a lot of relevant data, so better maximize it now!

Thanks, ImpactBND.com for this impactful infographic.



Best Days to Post on Facebook [Infographic]



The question “When is the best time to post on Facebook” is one many digital marketers continue to grapple with even today. Is it Mondays? Tuesdays? Saturdays? What about the time of the day? Should you post in the morning as soon as you arrive in the office? Do you wait until noon when your target audience is taking a lunch break? Or, do you publish your posts later in the day when everyone is back from work?

Well, it all depends on your industry. Here is how to proceed.

Facebook Posting: Best Days and Times by Industry

  • For advertising & consulting, posts published on weekends draw the most engagement. The same applies for automotive, entertainment, finance, travel & leisure, sports, publishing, and nonprofit industries.
  • For consumer packaged goods and food & beverage industries, weekends will again bring you the highest open rates. But, Wednesdays and Fridays are also good days to post.
  • As for clothing and fashion, Thursday is the best day to publish your posts. Posts published on Thursday in this industry receive on average 13% higher open rates.
    If you’re in technology and general retail, Mondays experience the highest open rates.
  • Finally, businesses in health & beauty and telecommunications should look to Sundays and Mondays.

Concerning the time of day, posts published between 8 pm and 7 am receive 14% higher interaction compared to those published between 8 am and 7 pm.

Thanks to LinchpinSEO for this helpful infographic.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Web Leads



A fun and innovative way to drive traffic to your website is Instagram Stories. First introduced in 2016, what makes Instagram Stories unique is that the videos and pictures disappear after 24 hours.

Appearing at the very top of an Instagram account stories are highlighted to drive viewership. Unlike the majority of internet content, these posts aren’t meant to last forever and make a unique marketing tool.

Why Use Instagram Stories To Generate Leads?

Many companies already use Instagram as part of their larger online marketing strategy. With some companies posting over a dozen stories per month it’s clear that many marketing professionals see the value in Instagram stories. Here are three reasons why.

  • Versatility
    Unlike some other image sharing platforms, Instagram has a lot of options. Users can add stickers, draw on their pictures, add text, and add links. Be sure to add links as that can drive users directly to a website.
  • A Good Hook
    Lead conversion requires reader interest. Instagram Stories draw high interest due to their visual content and temporary nature. People like reading them and don’t just close the post and go on to something else.
  • A Growing Platform
    A higher visitor count is a good thing. Instagram is a fast-growing platform with a lot of visitors. Snapchat has seen a decrease in its daily users while Instagram continues to grow. A key part of any good marketing campaign is going where the viewers are.

Lead Generation

Instagram is a versatile platform with a lot of different ways to drive leads, pull in viewers, and generate interest. Here are some of the most useful methods.

Direct Links

While a simple concept, direct links are one of the most important parts of online marketing. If you want customers to find you they have to know where to go once you have their attention.

Now on Instagram, there are a few rules to adding links; you need a business account and at least 10,000 followers. Once a company account meets these requirements it’s all a matter of placing an easy to see call to action to tell customers to swipe up to activate the link.

Also, always make sure the photos tie into the linked webpage’s imagery and content. This consistency helps drive your leads by building around a common idea or theme.


When first starting out a smaller business is not going to have 10,000 followers. So without direct links (at first), you have to be innovative in your thinking. Tag yourself in your own posts. By adding your own username a clickable link is added that goes to a profile.

A profile is a marketing tool in its own right to add professional website links, email, and a phone number. A well-written profile will drive leads on its own and makes it easy for customers to contact you.

Instagram Stories Highlights

Are a permanent collection of your best stories. These are prominently displayed and easy for visitors to find. Consider grouping your most recent posts, seasonal groupings, promotions, discounts, or those moments telling visitors what you’re all about. Some images and moments are too good not to remember and share with others.


An influencer is someone with a large audience that is responsive to their posts. It doesn’t matter why their famous just that they are and in turn, they have a large audience that listens to what they say.

By having your posts shared by an influencer whose audience matches your target market a lot of leads can be generated. Consider a paid partnership as Instagram recently added this option.

Instagram Ads

Like many other platforms, Instagram has ad space for sale. Introduced in March 2017 these ads can drive traffic, views, installation of mobile apps, and increase conversions.

Ads can serve as direct website links adding another lead driver. Creativity is key as customers judge ads sternly and convincing them to click the ad link is the most important part.

Getting Started

These tips should be implemented into your Instagram marketing approach if possible. Remember you don’t have to start all at once and building a successful marketing approach takes time.

You’ll see positive results and more leads but don’t be afraid to take a measured step by step approach. Careful planning will pay off in the long term.