How to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Sites

How to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Sites 1We could all use a little help with gaining more traffic to our website. More website traffic means more sales leads. Here from the land down-under, SushiDigital brings us this colorful infographic with 7 ways to increase traffic to your social media sites.

1. Post regular updates to your social media channels. Updates don’t have to be your own blog posts. They can be curated content like, industry news about your product or service, local events, jokes, positive quotes anything which would capture your audience’s attention.

2. Develop a style. Create a style guideline and have everyone posting to your social media network follow the style guideline. You want to use the same tone with all of your social media posts on each channel, even if you have more than one person posting on that channel.

3. Comment on other people’s posts and updates. Reply to comments on your own posts. Everyone wants to know they are being listened to and heard.

4. Give likes freely and praise generously. Acknowledge peer’s accomplishments.

5. Be helpful. Share information, recipes, job listings, tips and hints.

6. Connect with relevant pages and contacts. Connect with like-minded people and pages, businesses in industries whose customers have similar demographics to yours, and complementary businesses and pages.

7. Be bold. Be visible. Be public. Make sure your privacy settings are all set to public so that potential customers can see you on the search engines.

Using these 7 tips, you will be able to raise your social media traffic, website traffic and get more leads for your business.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Sites 2

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