[Infographic] How Social Video Is Transforming the Consumer Experience in 2021

[Infographic] How Social Video Is Transforming the Consumer Experience in 2021.

If you have noticed that video ads are popping up everywhere these days, you’re not wrong. You may have even noticed that the average length of a video ad has increased over the recent past. This is also true.

According to Statista, advertisers spent over $37.97 billion on video ads in 2020; a figure projected to reach $43.1 billion in 2023. Not only are brands creating more videos, but they are also putting in more money to make higher quality videos and purchase more “airplay.”

“But, why?” one would ask.

Because video works! In fact, among digital marketing tools, video ads are currently considered the most effective. At least 88% of marketers say that video ads have a positive ROI, compared to only 33% in 2015.

Social Video Ads Transform the User Experience

Animoto recently conducted a survey to determine why consumers would rather watch a video ads on social media on YouTube, Instagram, or the other major social media networks than checking out a static banner ad on the web. The results weren’t surprising.

  • The majority (93%) of respondents say they depend on videos to discover and learn more about new products.
  • Consumers say that video is their #1 favorite content type on social media, ahead of plain images, gifs, and text.

Check out the rest of the Animoto report to find out other ways video is transforming the customer experience on social media. The report also suggests tips to help you develop a better video advertising strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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