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How Can You Connect With Industry Influencers?

connect with influential people 2

connect with influential people 2

Have you heard of influencer marketing?

It’s a trend that many companies and individuals are using to grow business.

What is it?  It’s finding individuals that have influence over potential buyers in an industry. Then marketing activities are centered around the influencers.  Awesome, huh!? You have an industry authority that recommends a product or service to the industry. (Think Guy Kawasaki and Canva.)  Because of the authority and trust of that person, hundreds if not thousands have confidence to try the new product/service. Sounds like a slam dunk to me!

But how do you connect to people you don’t know, but have clout in your industry?

In this infographic by TwelveSkip, 23 industry influencers give tips and hints on how to connect and build a relationship with influencers.

#2 is me! Mike Gingerich. I’m privileged to have Pauline Cabrera include me! Here’s my advice … “Give. Give. Give. Give big time of yourself before you even consider an ask.”

#7 is our friend Kim Garst of KimGarst.com  She says to “Be Valuable.” Help an influencer promote their own content with tweets, shares and blog comments. Attend their events and purchase their books and products. Influencers look for mutually beneficial relationships.

#11 is Donna Moritz of SociallySorted.com. Donna suggests “Focus on helping. Don’t forget about the emerging influencers and those in your circles. Write genuinely good content about them. ”

#15 is Aaron Lee of PostPlanner.com. “Be as human as you can.” says Aaron Lee “Instead of thinking business, think human as possible.”

influential people

View the full details from each person on Twelveskip >>

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