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How to Create Email Nurture Campaigns

How to Create Email Nurture Campaigns
Capturing leads is one thing, converting them is another ipqeubb. To go from capture to conversion, you need to nurture them until they become customers, and engage them after they purchase to keep them. An effective way to do this is via email nurture campaigns. These are a series of pre-prepared emails sent out according to a schedule that corresponds to the different stages of the purchase funnel. For the first 2 steps, here's what you need to do: Step 1 - Awareness Potential buyers Read more [...]

Tips for the Perfect Newsletter [Infographic]

Tips for the Perfect Newsletter
Thanks to our friends at GetApp for this informative infographic on the perfect newsletter. Take a look at these 6 elements of a perfect newsletter, and start making the most of this valuable marketing tool! Use an email address subscribers can reply to. Email is a two-way form of communication! Allowing subscribers to reply can be a great way to gain feedback and answer questions. Know Your Audience. Segment lists of subscribers to make sure that you are sending timely and relevant Read more [...]