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Updated Design Layout for Mobile Facebook Tabs


We’ve updated the mobile layout to more closely resemble the Facebook look.  

TabSite users do not need to make any changes, it’s automatically applied.


TabSite offers users the ability to create a Smart, mobile friendly URL per tab so that users on mobile devices can access your Facebook Page tabs.  

This Smart, mobile friendly url, when used in a Timeline posts, tweets, on your website or blog detects the browser as a mobile or PC and then takes the viewer to the correct view, PC or mobile for the tab.  There is no need to design two different tabs, simply use the Smart, mobile friendly URL offered to all users in the TabSite Manager and we do the work of showing the appropriate view for your tab!

Desktop viewers continue to have the same experience of viewing the custom tab on Facebook when they click on the Smart, mobile friendly url.

Since Facebook’s iPhone and Android Apps, as well as their mobile version do not incorporate custom tabs into the Page navigation nor show the custom tab content if a wall feed post containing a standard custom tab url is clicked, then mobile users (which account for over 45% of daily Facebook traffic [and growing] would normally be left out and have a bad user experience (Page not found).

HOWEVER, with TabSite this is not so!  All TabSite users have access per tab and sub-page to generate a mobile friendly Smart url that can be used to direct traffic to the custom tab.



Find out more about TabSite & sign-up for a FREE 14 Day Trial >>  TabSite Plans





iOS 6 for iPhone makes Photo Contest Entry Easy

It’s here!  Today the iPhone 5 launched.  Are you getting one?  

Even if you aren’t getting one today, or haven’t decided yet, one thing you can do and should do is upgrade your current iPhone to iOS 6.

iOS 6 is the latest operating system software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  It’s got a lot of new and great features but the simplest reason to update is to increase the functionality of Safari.

Previously, Safari for mobile devices like iPhones had one significant limitation.  You could not upload photos on a web page.  This meant that Photo Contests, iPhone users could not easily upload their Photo entry to a Contest.  

Now, however, with iOS 6, that barrier is gone!

The new iOS 6 operating system from Apple makes it simple and easy to enter a photo contest from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or IPad!

Here is a Facebook Page contest using TabSite viewed on a iPhone 4S with iOS 6.  TabSite offers a mobile friendly version of Facebook Page tabs to enable mobile users to easily view custom tabs.  



iOS 6 software can be added to iPhone 3GS and above!  

iOS 6 users simple click the “Drag / Click to Browse” button on the Contest tab and your iPhone prompts you with the selection below.

Users can either take a photo or select “Choose Existing” to make a photo selection from their iPhone.



So don’t delay!  Upgrade your Apple device to iOS 6 today!

For more information on TabSite contests, please view Contest blog posts.

For more information on how TabSite enables mobile users to view Facebook Page tabs on a mobile device, please see smart mobile URLs.

For more information on TabSite Plans and features visit: www.TabSite.com/compare.

Facebook Ads Research- Sponsored Stories Work – New Mobile Ads

Can Facebook Ads work for your business?

What type works best for your Facebook Page?

The answer is…  it depends!


Results and key findings from Recent Studies:

  • Facebook Sponsored Stories and Post Ads perform significantly better than Social or Web Ads when measured by click-through rate (CTR), according toJune 2012 research from Kenshoo Social and Resolution Media
The complete report, entitled Social Media Insights Part 1: Metrics That Matter, can be downloaded at www.Kenshoo.com/SocialMediaInsights or www.ResolutionMedia.com/white-papers/SocialMediaInsights.
  • Sponsored Stories Most Effective for Reach

The Kenshoo report identifies a new metric – ad exposure rate – which measures what percentage of the entire desired target audience a brand is actually reaching and exposing to its message. Sponsored Stories lead by a wide margin, with a 35.99% exposure rate. No other ad type has an exposure rate greater than 1.5%. (image below from Kenshoo report)


  • Sponsored Stories promoting page (0.07%) or post (0.09%) likes generate higher CTRs than those promoting application activity (0.02-0.05%)
  • Mobile Sponsored Stories are getting over 13 times the click-through rates and earn 11.2 times the money per impression (eCPM) on mobile compared to all of Facebook’s desktop ads, and 1.93 times the CTR and 2.65 times the eCPM of Sponsored Stories on the web in the two weeks since Facebook began selling them separate from web ads. (via TechCrunch).  Data from research done by  TBG DigitalAdParlor,Nanigans, and Spruce Media, three of Facebook’s biggest Ads API partners.


  • Mobile news feed Sponsored Stories (the only ads Facebook shows on mobile) have a stunning click-through rate of 1.14% at a $0.86 CPC


So what does it all mean??

Facebook Ads may certainly have a place in your marketing budget to drive users to your Facebook Page.  A key is to know how many users are accessing your content via mobile device.

A second key to be aware of is the need to create good content.  Good content is what Sponsored Stories are created from!

Mobile news feed ads are in their infancy, but are clearly something to watch as the early results are strong and the fact that Facebook mobile user growth continues to grow and expand.



TabSite offers mobile solution for Facebook Page Custom Tabs.

Facebook Page Mobile Solution as Facebook User Increase Mobile Access of site.





Facebook Tabs for Mobile

Facebook recently revealed that more than half of their active users access the platform from mobile devices.

If you’re not offering your Facebook Page fans a mobile experience, you’re missing a big opportunity!

TabSite’s Facebook tab apps are mobile-ready, so your users can view and participate in campaigns from their mobile devices.

To get mobile support, just make sure to share our Mobile smart URL when linking to your Facebook TabSite tabs.

mobile2-photo.PNGHere’s how to access your TabSite Mobile URL smartlinks:

1. Log into the TabSite Facebook manager.

2. Open the Tab you want to share.

3. To post to your Timeline, go to the “Save” menu and click “Save and Post”.

4. To post on Twitter, on your website, or via e-mail select “Get Mobile URL” from the Save drop down menu and copy the URL given.


Mobile continues to gain more and more use globally and so it is important for TabSite users to utilitze the mobile tools that TabSite offers to boost engagement on your Facebook Page.

Mobile Access to Custom Facebook Page Tabs with TabSite

TabSite announces a further upgrade in mobile friendly tab urls.


As many have experienced, the Facebook mobile site and mobile apps for Android and iPhone do not offer a simple ability to access custom tabs on a fan page. 

Facebook limits you in the mobile version to the Wall, Info, Photos, and Activity.  For most Facebook Page Admins, this means your custom tabs are hidden from viewers accessing the tab on their mobile device.

However, with TabSite this doesn’t have to be the case!  

NEW! Checkout the TabSite Mobile Infographic below!




Full Details available in our TabSite Help Desk.