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How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Facebook Contest Results

As marketers are starting to dig into the opportunities for using hashtags on Facebook to increase their marketing results one way that must not be overlooked is the ability to use Facebook hashtags for contests and promotions. Read more [...]

20 Ideas to Rock Your Facebook Business Page With Tabsite Website Resizer

facebook website resizer ideas to rock facebook page
One of the top questions we receive from customers of all kinds is "what do I put on a Facebook tab?" The answer is easy if you know the right answers to a few of the most important questions to be successful online, offline and in business. How you use Facebook and what information you put on your tabs for your audience to devour depends on your audience, their needs and your business goals. What you need to know: Your audience. Who are they? Your audience's needs. What keeps them up at night? What Read more [...]

Countdown Widget Added to Promote Events, Promotions, Contests

  Tabsite offers a wide array of widgets and tools to enable powerful and easy customization of Facebook fan page tabs! With Drag N Build tabs you can drag and drop to build a completely custom design To use widgets, you must select to add a "Drag N Build" tab when creating a new Tab. This then creates the tab and gives you the menu below. Simply click on widgets and drag the desired widget to your tab work area.  One of the widgets is the Countdown Widget.   The Countdown widget Read more [...]

Add Instagram Feed to Brand Facebook Page with TabSite

  Instagram App for Facebook Pages TabSite makes it easy to leverage the power of Instagram on your Facebook Page by creating a tab to display a brand's Instagram account photos or photos from a specific #hashtag. With user account photos, you can display your brand images from Instagram on a tab, and with hashtags you can empower fans to load their own images with the hashtag you identify and thereby pull in user generated Instagram photos. Page Admins have access to hide images from display Read more [...]

Social Power! Sendible Integration into TabSite for Posting

  TabSite is pleased to announce the integration of Sendible into all TabSite Engagement Apps. Now every TabSite and Sendible user can easily market their Facebook promotion tabs across multiple social networks! Since the launch of Timeline by Facebook, posting, post visibility, and engagement have taken on new urgency and much higher priority.  Easily getting posts that link to custom tabs on the Facebook Timeline is a priority to bring attention and draw fans to the promotion tab. TabSite Read more [...]

Updated Design Layout for Mobile Facebook Tabs

  We've updated the mobile layout to more closely resemble the Facebook look.   TabSite users do not need to make any changes, it's automatically applied.   TabSite offers users the ability to create a Smart, mobile friendly URL per tab so that users on mobile devices can access your Facebook Page tabs.   This Smart, mobile friendly url, when used in a Timeline posts, tweets, on your website or blog detects the browser as a mobile or PC and then takes the viewer to the correct Read more [...]

Static HTML Facebook Page Tab by TabSite

TECHNICAL UPDATE: (Non-Techy Summary:  Facebook to remove all FBML Apps from Pages on December 5, 2012.  This only applies to tabs using FBML.  This DOES NOT impact any TabSite users.  This is simply an update for those not using TabSite to be aware they may want to move to TabSite since we are complaint with current Facebook iframe tab functionality and we offer a Static HTML Faceook Page Tab with our Gold and Platinum Plans). In July of this year, Facebook removed FBML functions Read more [...]

Pinterest comes to TabSite

  Display your Pinterest Pins or a specific Pinterest Board with TabSite! Now available in the TabSite Manager! Easily add your Pinterest user and display the pins you have posted to Pinterest. Additionally, there is the option to only display the Pins from a specific board. Social sharing tools are integrated to make it easy for users to Like, Share, +1, and Tweet your tab! As well, fans can follow you on Pinterest right from the tab. The full, resized image is displayed for viewers to see Read more [...]

Boost your Facebook Page with TabSite Engagement Apps

Engagement Apps are unique, individual, powerful Facebook Page tabs by TabSite with a simple focus: Build it Fast, and Boost Fan Engagement. These new TabSite apps are different than the original TabSite Drag N Build Tabs in that you do not add multiple widgets to your tab and move all pieces around where you want as with Drag N Build, but rather with this new suite of tools, Admins simply select the type of Engagement App they want to use, then fill out the form to create their tab content Read more [...]

New Gallery Engagement App from Tabsite

The Gallery App is part of the new Engagement App suite from TabSite for Facebook fan page tabs.   Engagement apps are fast-setup, single fan page tabs with social boosting tools to help draw visitors in, empower them to share, and boost engagement on your fan page. The Gallery Engagement App allows you to add a image slideshow with image thumbnail row below each image to a tab on your fan page. Create a full slideshow of images to give viewers a great presentation on your products, services, Read more [...]