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Facebook Announces Timeline Updates

On March 13, 2013, Facebook quietly announced a BIG update:


Full news release accessible on Facebook Developer Blog.

The Timeline is the “home page” of any Facebook user.  This is where a person updates their Cover image, has links to their About information, Photos, and Friends, and most importantly where it lists their most recent Facebook status updates and activity.


Hard to say.  Last week Facebook held a press event to announce a revamp of the  News Feed and yet this roll-out hasn’t really been arrived for the majority of users.  However, the Timeline update was announced one day ago as “We are beginning to gradually roll out these new features to users and developers today.”  (emphasis added).

Current Timeline View:



Coming New Timeline View:

Key Differences:  About section in left displaying and two column equal width changed to 2 column with right width being much more substantial.  A 2/3 and 1/3 style.  Plus the image thumbnails below the cover image are gone and text tabs are now below the Timeline and include: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, and a More drop down.

Facebook says they are,  introducing better ways for apps to appear on timeline, improved controls for users, and streamlined tools for setting up Open Graph.”


According to Facebook, “Posts and life events now appear on the right side of timeline and the other things people care about appear on the left. We’re making content from apps more prominent by giving them sections in the left column of timeline and on the About tab.

Why is this good news for Facebook users?  More Control!

People can add things to the new books, music, movies, TV, and fitness sections manually or by choosing to include content from the apps they use. This is GREAT for users and GREAT for us Developers to create new features for users to personalize their Timeline with things that are important to them!


New app sections

People will be able to add an app as a stand-alone section on their timeline and About page.

For example, Instagram’s section displays a user’s photos and those they like.

Apps will now be displayed in app sections. Previously, only top-ranked Open Graph stories and aggregations would appear on timeline. Now, when someone adds an app section, it will appear in the same place until they edit the order or visibility.  

Ability to now control what app information is at the top of the Timeline for a user is HUGE!

As part of this update, Facebook is now giving people more control over which apps they want to show on their timeline.

According to Facebook, “To add your app as a section, people will need to install your app and click the “Add to Profile” button on their app section page. You should encourage your users to add your app by linking to it on web or invoking it on mobile.”

Do I mention this is great for users and also great for Developers?

More control for users and more opportunity for Developers to create tools for over 1 Billion people to customize their Timeline to show what’s important to them.  This is HUGE and is very interesting that they rolled out the news quietly.

Why would Facebook announce this quietly?

Are they afraid of user backlash?  Not sure at this point.  All I can say is that watch for it because it appears they are going to roll this out right away and watch for new features from developers coming shortly!

Do you have the new Timeline on your Profile yet?  Let us know what you think!




Facebook Timeline Cover Images are VITAL

TIMELINE COVER IMAGES ARE A MAJOR POINT OF FOCUS for visitors coming to a Facebook Page!  See the eye-tracking data report below.


111 x 74 CUSTOM TAB LOGO IMAGES that drive users to custom tab apps from the Timeline page (built with tools like TabSite) are the #2 MOST LIKELY VIEWED location after the Cover Image.  Are you adding custom images?

Update BOTH from within the TabSite Manager!


Recent research reported by Mashable involving eye-tracking software on Facebook Pages revealed that the new Facebook Timeline Cover Image is a very important piece of “real estate” as it is the key focal point for new visitors coming to a Facebook Fan Page.

Page Admins will want to be keenly aware of the value of their Timeline Cover image as it is the critical brand introduction to those coming to your Facebook Page.  Below is a eye-tracking map of the Dallas Cowboys Facebook Page Timeline Cover image.




TabSite already allows users to update the 111 x 74 custom tab app image in the TabSite Manager.  Now, TabSite has also integrated the ability to update your Facebook Page Timeline Cover Image as well.  We show you a thumbnail of your existing image in each case and allow you to upload a new image to replace it.

Making Facebook Marketing easy, that’s TabSite!  Use these Facebook Timeline tools to showcase images and use the eye-tracking key focus areas to your advantage!  Try the Free 14 Day Trial of TabSite today!



Below is further data from the Mashable report on the percentage of visitors who looked at each part of the Timeline Cover Page.  Note the significant percentages on the Cover image and the Large Custom App Tab images.  88% of the time users viewed the Tab icons versus 26% in the old Facebook layout.



TabSite current user?  Visit the TabSite Manager.  Ready to try TabSite and update your Timeline Page Cover image and custom tab app images? Try TabSite Today.



UPDATED Facebook Timeline Infographic with Profile Image New Size


We’ve create a Facebook Timeline Infographic to help you!  Includes the new Profile image size!

Here’s what sizes are covered:

  • Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
  • Page Profile Photo  (With the April 26, 2012 Update to 160 x 160 px)
  • Custom Large Tab Logo Image of 111 x 74
  • Shared Photo
  • Highlighted Photo
  • Custom Tab Pages width
  • TabSite incorporates ability to change the logo image and Timeline Cover image in the TabSite Manager.




    Timeline for Facebook

    facebook-shiny-icon.jpgTimeline for Facebook Pages is here!

    Tell Your Company Story and Utilize the Image Driven Timeline Tools to Boost Engagement

    Overwhelmed with the new shift to Timeline for Facebook Pages?  Here’s a resource from the team at TabSite to guide you through the changeover and to help you make the most of Timeline.


    Leverage Timeline’s unique features to build an engaging narrative for your visitors to help turn them into a engaged community.

    Cover Photo [851 x 315]
    Timeline’s cover photo allows you to create an eye-catching, descriptive visual of your company. Use the large real estate available (851 x 315 pixels), and change the image occasionally, in step with campaigns or other events relevant to your brand. Keep it clean, clear, and uncluttered. Be sure to adhere to Facebook policy as this area cannot include a call-to-action or phone number.

    Profile Image [180 x 180]
    This image represents your brand’s identity and should remain clear and succinct. It is the intro and nutshell message of who you are that helps guide visitors to dig deeper. You can include a url in this area.

    Feature Tabs [111 x 74]
    Timeline sets your Page Photo Album as the first large tab image to the right of the About area. You then get the opportunity to highlight up to 3 more visible custom tab images that link to custom tabs you have created. Additional tabs can be seen by clicking the drop down arrow next to the tab image furthest to the right.

    Best uses of the large tab images are:

    • Make them visually eye-catching

    • Be clear and concise, “Enter to Win!” is much better than “Click this tab to enter our Contest.”

    • Assign names to your tabs that clearly indicate to users the content the tabs are driving to.

    • Drive web and twitter traffic directly to tab urls with a Like Gate to help build your fan base.

    Pin Posts, Highlight [Star], and add Milestones 

    Timeline provides your brand with new options for self-expression! You can use milestones, pinning, and highlight stars to create a connected, distinctive narrative for your audience.

    Pin Posts
    Timeline allows you to pin a post to the top of your Timeline for 7 days at a time. This is a great way to curate your content and highlight important items so they are “top of mind” (and Page!) for visitors. Be sure to make the most out of this tool by:

    • Pinning key events and key posts, linking them to your custom TabSite tabs where they can get the full information.

    • When running a sweepstakes or contest, pin a post that calls attention to a particular phase of the promotion, again linking to the custom tab to drive visitors to it.

    Highlight [Star] 

    Highlight an important post on your brand’s Timeline by “starring” it. When you star a post, it will expand to the full width (doublewide) of your Timeline and always be visible. To star a post on your Timeline, simply hover over the post and click the star icon that appears. This is a great way to showcase product image photos and other important visuals. Note that Milestones cannot be starred.

    A milestone is a major event that is particularly relevant to your company, such as a product launch, store opening, or other moment in history that is significant to your brand’s growth and development. Be sure to add milestones for company start date and other key moments! You can make the most out of this feature by doing the following:

    • Use photos & videos

    • Customize the content to your industry

    • Ask open ended questions to prompt comments and engagement


    Timeline gives users the ability to send private, direct messages to brand pages. You should view this new capability as an enhanced customer support channel, and ensure that the messages your page receives are responded to or escalated in a timely manner.