10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing [Infographic]

10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing

As the biggest social media site with 1.79 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an online marketer’s dream. Your audience is already there waiting — all you have to do is to reach out to them. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Ride on trends

The Trending section of Facebook shows a list of topics and hashtags that are currently popular on the site at any given time.

To draw some of that interest to your own page, piggyback on a hot topic by making a post about it while it’s still relevant. Just make sure the topic you’ve chosen can be related to your own brand so that your post won’t seem random.

Mention other pages

Facebook lets you mention people or pages in your posts. When you do this, your posts are visible not only to your fans but to that page’s fans as well. So to widen your reach, mention pages in updates whenever it’s relevant. For example, if you attended a conference, you can give a shout out to the organizer and other participants.

Use hashtags strategically

Hashtags let people outside your fan base find you through keyword search. But don’t overdo your hashtags! Use too many of these is something people find annoying. A couple of short, catchy hashtags should be enough to widen your posts’ reach.

Post photos

Text and video content gather their fair share of clicks and views, but photos still take the top prize when it comes to engagement. Aside from being quick and easy to digest, a photo leaves an instant impact on the viewer after just one glance, especially if it’s compelling and interesting, to begin with.

Customize calls to action (CTA)

Through the Power Editor, you can now add your own CTAs to link posts. This means you have the option to go for strong CTAs like “Subscribe now” or “Sign up for free access.” You can also tailor them to mention a specific product or service you’re offering to make them stand out among usual CTAs.

These are just some of the things you can do on Facebook to enhance your online marketing campaigns. There’s still so much the site can offer, so take the time to explore the different tools available to you as a business owner.

Infographic made with Visme

10 Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing Infographic

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