Is Digital Marketing Worth the Effort?

Is-Digital-Marketing-Worth-the-Effort-700Digital marketing has become a key part of the marketing industry as internet access and social media engagement have grown into very widespread and highly used platforms. Two essential components of a successful digital marketing strategy are customer acquisition and customer optimization. These will help to answer the question: Is digital marketing worth the effort.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the practice of driving more visitors to a company’s website. By simply getting more visitors a company increases revenue by bringing in more potential customers. Thus increasing awareness of a company’s products or services. In general, the two best drivers of customer acquisition are SEO (search engine optimization) and email marketing. Both focus on potential customers interested in specific topics, products, or services. Additionally, who may be looking for a company to fit a specific need.

Customer Optimization

Customer Optimization is the practice of optimizing a website once a visitor arrives to turn said visitors into paying customers. It is focused on improving the consumer experience. The most effective methods of doing so are chiefly A/B testing and multivariate design.

A/B testing focuses on a website’s performance by comparing two different versions and seeing which one performs better with customers. Multivariate design, by comparison, takes the various design elements a website can use such as headlines, widgets, text layout, to determine which combination of these various elements yields the best results.

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