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Marketing in the Age of Pandemic [Infographic]

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

The coronavirus(COVID-19)  has been an unexpected health crisis that has brought significant changes to the daily routines of both people and corporates. Restrictions aimed at flattening the curve have led to a temporary cessation of some businesses leading to reduced production and job loss. Marketing in the Age of Pandemic calls for shifts in strategy.

Companies seeking to continue their operations in the midst of the pandemic need to adopt new strategies in order to remain competitive in the “new normal”. In order to introduce a new product or maintain the relevance of the existing product to consumers, the following are some useful marketing strategies to adapt during the Age of Pandemic.

Increase presence on media platforms

With most people staying at home, there has been a surge in global consumption of media content. Reports show that in the US, the average consumer is spending an upward of 12 hours daily on various media platforms. Those platforms range from TV-linked devices to streaming services. Marketers can take advantage of these platforms and adjust their content to suit these platforms.

Re-examine brand messaging

Regardless of the product or service being marketed, adjust your marketing strategy. Relay a message on how the brand is impacting the community, especially during this Pandemic age. Check out new and creative approaches on how to engage targeted customers and get the messaging out in order for your brand to remain relevant and competitive amid the economic turmoil; good marketing strategies in the Age of Pandemic becomes indispensable.




Why your Business Needs Digital Marketing



Digital marketing has grown to become an integral part of what business reflects on its customers. It’s no longer practical to just have a website or un-focused Ads campaigns. Without proper integrated digital marketing strategies, your business will be losing on potential or even existing customers. Some of the reasons why your business needs digital marketing. Create a strategy to  include the following:

Direction and goals

When building a strategy, one has to learn the following things.  What to do. How to build a plan of action and then follow the plan.  And how to grow the business. Therefore, by building a strategy to run a digital marketing campaign, one is able to get direction and goals. With no specific goals, it becomes difficult for a person to know exactly what to campaign for online.

An interactive brand

With online video clips, businesses are able to attract their audiences’ attention. Content like client stories, images, infographics, and short videos keep audiences informed and engaged. Remarketing on social media also gives a constant reminder of a brand to existing and potential clients. By incorporating personalized Ad content, a business becomes interactive and encourages future purchases.

Consumers are going digital

Studies show that the majority of mobile phone users can’t be away from their smartphones or the internet for several hours. Therefore, it becomes difficult to ignore how digital marketing can shape up a product. If a seller doesn’t engage his/her brand with the right digital marketing strategies, then he/she may lose a potential customer.

To learn more about why your business needs digital marketing and how you can incorporate it, check out the infographic from Verdure Digital below.

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Statistics you need to know in 2020



For marketers, staying on top of trends is crucial to profitability and ultimately, the survival of the business. You must continuously keep an eye out for changes in your industry and adapt quickly. Otherwise, you risk losing ground and possibly even your competitive edge. So, perhaps you’re wondering what’s new in 2020. What are the digital marketing statistics, trending technologies, marketing methods, and strategies?

Infographic Website has rounded up several of these trends in their recent Digital Marketing Statistics 2020 post. Although the post doesn’t cover the latest technologies, it touches on vital areas of digital marketing such as the effectiveness of content marketing which is a common thorn in the flesh. Visual, mobile, and social media marketing trends are also captured.

Highlight Trends

One of the things you quickly realize is that consumers still trust organic results more than they do paid results (ads). Of those surveyed, up to 80% said that they only click on organic results. More interestingly, 72% of the people who search for products or services online will visit a local store within 24 hours.

It’s perhaps the biggest proof that digital marketing can indeed benefit your business. If you can optimize your site for local searches, you’re guaranteed massive traffic and a considerable jump in sales. Check out the rest of the findings to learn how else the landscape has changed.

Effectiveness Of Online Advertising – Statistics And Trends [Infographic]



How effective is digital advertising? It’s the million-dollar question for most businesses, how to start digital marketing. Business is built on profitability. How profitable is digital advertising?

Online Advertising

Invesp recently did in-depth research on this topic. From the findings, two things are apparent;

  • Digital advertising is very effective
  • A lot of people are doing it wrong

For those looking for evidence of the effectiveness of digital marketing, the report begins by pointing out Google’s revenues. In total, online advertising earned Google at least $134.81 billion in 2019 alone.

And it’s not just Google. Facebook, Amazon, Verizon, and American Express all generate enormous revenues from their digital ad campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are doing advertising right. It’s appalling, for instance, of the 1,700 ads sent to the average digital consumer every month only 50% are viewed. Worse still, only 0.01% (one in a thousand) ads in an ad campaign get a  click. It’s a grim situation, to say the least.

So, where do advertisers go wrong?

There are several issues, from targeting to inappropriate content, and fraud. Targeting, though, sticks out as the biggest problem area. On average, only 44% of all ads are in-target!

Check out the infographic report from Invesp to find out what you need to change to get your digital ad campaign back on track.


The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]


The-Beginner's-Guide-to-SMS-Marketing-700Guide to SMS marketing. The number of smartphone users in the world has reached 3.3 billion according to Statista, an online portal for statistics. It’s also expected to grow to 3.8 billion by 2021. That’s almost half of the global population. Given these figures, it’ll be a waste of good opportunity if businesses don’t maximize short message service (SMS) marketing.

Most people who own smartphones use these as their primary device. If you want to catch their attention, sending them text messages is a wise decision.

SMS Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing, an infographic from messaging software provider Trumpia can help you get started. One section shows a step-by-step process on how to start your own campaign. Of course, the important thing is to get your existing and potential customers to sign up. The law requires marketing programs to be opt-in, so before anyone can be added, they must provide their consent. On the bright side, you can take this chance to come up with enticing deals and exclusive promos that are too hard to say no to. You can also focus on growing your mobile database by promoting the campaign through your email subscriber list, advertising it on social media, etc.

If you’re wondering who else uses SMS marketing, rest assured that you’ll be in the company of various organizations from small local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates. People are familiar with SMS marketing, so they’ll welcome your campaign as long as it offers good value. You can even check out the list of the best sms text message marketing tools to learn more.

To learn more about SMS marketing, check out The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing.