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4 Things to Do Before You Run a Facebook Ad

If you want to drive paid traffic to a blog post or landing page you should use Facebook ads because they are very affordable. As this chart clearly indicates it costs only $0.25 to reach a 1000 people, cheaper than any other paid advertising method. But to get the highest ROI for your investment you need to optimize the ad for clicks and you need to optimize your site for conversions. Many people fail with ads because they do not get the basics rights first. Therefore, to help you get the most Read more [...]

How to Integrate Facebook Ads with Lead Capture

Landing pages don't have a lot of content because they're not meant to attract target audiences -- they're meant to convert them. You have to direct visitors to your landing page if you want to capture leads and make conversions. Waiting for the landing page to rank on search engines isn't going to happen. Turn to Facebook Ads How will you direct visitors to your landing page? One of the most efficient is via Facebook Ads. With more than 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s Read more [...]

Facebook Ads Text Rules

Facebook Ads Text Rules - 315
Finally, Facebook has done something about its restrictive ad rules! The 20% rule – which limited the amount of text accompanying an ad to just 20% of the overall surface area of a 5 x 5 grid – was really starting to grind on marketers’ nerves. Logos counted toward the text limit, text on a t-shirt someone was wearing counted, etc. The rejection process was an automatic algorithm based on the grid. So there was no option to explain the text was a part of the image. Understandably, Read more [...]

Facebook Ad Targeting [Infographic]

Facebook Ad Targeting [Infographic] - 315
Facebook Ad Targeting uses the social media site's extensive information about their users to allow you to set detailed and unique profiles for your client demographic. The number of fields is expansive and includes: Age Location Gender Race Religion Education Level Financial Factors (Income, Home Type and Value) Political Leaning Interests, Activities, and Hobbies Purchase of Your Products and Services Each of these can be configured to be inclusive or exclusive, Read more [...]

How to Get More Engagement Using Facebook Ads

How to Get More Engagement Using Facebook Ads - 315
With the instant access to the Internet and the millions of people on social media daily, Facebook is the leading social platform to advertise on. Well-planned Facebook ad campaigns are reasonably priced, and can be very effective at increasing website traffic, engaging visitors, and ultimately, generating greater sales. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a Facebook ad campaign. Know the Target Audience When you know who your target audience is, and write specifically for them, you’ll Read more [...]

How to Get the Maximum Facebook Ad Results with Minimal Ad Management

Maximum Facebook Ad Results with Minimal Ad Management 315
Not everyone has vast resources to spend when it comes to social media marketing. One has to balance quality with cost. Quality content creation, strategic paid media support, and community management are all examples of the resources that make a difference in the performance of your social media effort. Yet, those resources are costly. For the business struggling to decide how to proceed with limitations, there are better ways to run efficient social media campaigns while maximizing ROI. Read more [...]

[Infographic] Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram

Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram
Webpage FX created “The Latest Ad Specs for Facebook, Instagram (Infographic)” examining objectives for both social networks, providing immediately actionable steps to increase social media engagement. For example, there are 3 ways to encourage Clicks to Website: In a Facebook Ad, show one 1200 x 628 image with 20% text. In an Instagram Ad, show one 1080 x 1080 image with a link that has no more than 20 text characters. In a Facebook Ad, use the Facebook Carousel option which allows Read more [...]

5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

This is a rewrite of an article that I wrote for MaximizeSocialBusiness.com Are you a small business owner or marketing manager for a medium sized business? If you are, and you're successful, you're probably using social media channels, like Facebook, to market your business. These powerful tools have tremendous reach and active user bases. If you want to maximize your digital marketing efforts, review these 5 common Facebook marketing mistakes and learn how to fix them! 1. Mistakes with an Read more [...]

Ways to Overcome the 20% Text Rule for Facebook Ads

Facebook can be a powerful tool for your business, even though its organic reach not quite what it used to be. Facebook advertising gives you the ability to target to your exact customer and reach many more people than traditional advertising. There's one huge complaint about Facebook’s ad rules, the 20% Text Rule. Facebook wants all ads to be high-quality ads, so that means some pretty ridiculous rules that don’t always make sense. In this case, your ad image can't contain more than Read more [...]