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Tips for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests

Tips for Last Minute Valentine's Day Facebook Contests
Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready? This Valentine's day sales are expected to reach $18.9 billion, second only to Christmas (National Retail Federation). The NRF is projecting the average amount spent per person on Valentine's gifts will be an average of $142.31. And with this Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday, restaurants will be standing room only. It's estimated that $3.6 billion will be spent on restaurants and movies. Here're some surprising facts that may Read more [...]

TabSite / Salesforce Integration Has Arrived!

landing page app
Are you a Salesforce user? Do you also run Facebook campaigns with TabSite? Things just got easier. TabSite is now in the App Exchange Market of Salesforce! How do you access the TabSite integration with Salesforce? In Salesforce, the TabSite integration is in the marketplace area. Here's a direct link to TabSite in the App Exchange. So, what is the cost? Free, Gratis, Zilcho! The app is available free to Salesforce users, giving them easy access to their TabSite account within Salesforce. The Read more [...]

Facebook Contests ROI: How a Contest Helped an Insurance Firm

How a Facebook Contest for a non-sexy business (insurance) achieved great success! I've heard it many times before and in many variations but usually it goes something like this, "Our business doesn't lend itself well to contests. We're not sexy, we're a service." Well, here's a case study on a business that could have said that but didn't! Stolly Insurance serves central Ohio with insurance services.  The standard types, personal, commercial, health, life, and more. THE CHALLENGE: Insurance Read more [...]

How to Market your Business on Facebook [Infographic]

Want a simple road map to market your business on Facebook? Facebook offers businesses of all sizes and industries a great way to connect with their ideal audience and to move the awareness and interest dial closer and closer towards the "raving customer" zone! The fast facts:  Facebook has the biggest audience, the most active (by time spent per visit), and the greatest breadth of all audience demographics. This animated infographic (perfect for Pinterest 🙂 ) outlines 7 keys for the Read more [...]

Run Facebook Contests in 2014

Gearing up your Digital Marketing for 2014 and have Facebook Contests as a key part of that mix? You're in the right place! It's a new year and many of us are busy digging into the year ahead. If you're like me you've been reflecting on last year....what worked well....what you didn't accomplish....and  what didn't work so well.  With that backdrop you've set some goals and a course of action for the year ahead, and one of those goals was to be more active on Facebook.  Am I right? Are Read more [...]

[Infographic] Breakdown of Advantages of both Timeline Contest and Tab Contests

Advantages of timeline contest and tab contests - a guide to deciding which to use
So how can you decide which to use, a Facebook Timeline Contest or a Tab Contest?  Let us help!  Your company wants to increase fans, Likes, Comments, and Leads on your Facebook Page and you know that a contest can help…..so which one do you go with? Each has strengths and each has some potential weaknesses.  The key is your end goal! Here’s a INFOGRAPHIC guide to deciding between: a Timeline Contest, a App Contest on a tab, or both! Timeline Contest is best if: If you want Read more [...]

Guide to Deciding What Type of Facebook Contest (Timeline or App) to Use

The options have increased!  The decisions are now a bit more difficult to make. Your company wants to increase fans, Likes, Comments, and Leads on your Facebook Page and you know that a contest can help..... But now, there are more options since Facebook loosened up the promotion policy and allows contests on both the Timeline via a post, and via apps on tabs. So how can you decide which to use?  Let us help!  Here's a guide to deciding between using a Timeline Contest, a App Contest Read more [...]

Facebook Announces Changes to Contest Promotion Policy

The Facebook Contest Promotion Policy Change: Running a Facebook promotion giveaway can now be as simple as asking for a Like, comment, or message on post. Here's the key update from Facebook: We’ve updated our Pages Terms in order to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to create and administer promotions on Facebook. Here’s what Page administrators need to know: We’ve removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administered through apps... Now, promotions may Read more [...]

4 Facebook Contest Promotion Types for Increasing Traffic and Fans

Boost Engagement with Facebook Promotions How to select the Right Type for your Facebook Page Facebook Engagement — the “Holy Grail” for companies on Facebook. Companies that achieve engagement have pages with an active, positive, and involved community.  This type of social community responds to Facebook posts, is committed to the brand, and helps to further extend the reach of the Page through their sharing and comments.  When broken down into tangible factors, increased engagement Read more [...]

Facebook Marketing Resources June 2013

It's time for our weekly list of value!  Facebook marketing resources... How to Embed a Web Page on Facebook in 10 Minutes! Why read this post?  Because "Time is money"! The word "time" is one precious word to business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers of any kind. The days seem to be getting shorter and shorter with the invention of social media. It has changed the way we communicate, share information, eat, play and work. Finding ways to integrate and leverage work between Read more [...]